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The Passive Protector of Panama 

How The Free Nations Of The Americas Have Been Pushed Left and Armed BY THE USA

Is the first-ever lady protector of the critical Panama Canal a closet communist? As the head of the US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), General Laura Richardson said all the right things last week at FIU about resisting Chinese threats in the region. She is the sworn gatekeeper supposedly protecting US interests and slamming the door on the communists. As the critical nation of Panama is on the verge of collapse, the general's own words and associations manifest she has done the opposite. Military crackdowns have followed stolen elections in Chile, Honduras, Colombia, and Brazil, and General Richardson has strengthened and trained those militaries to oppose the will of their citizens. She has not only mined the nine nations in the SOUTHCOM AOR of their Russian military equipment for the Ukraine, but provided brand-new US-made weapons to replace them (in nations that are now China-centric and undemocratic). Above all, General Richardson met with the most notorious communist in the hemisphere, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. The Panamanian gate of the Americas has not just been left unguarded, but like the iron floodgates in Trump's border wall, it has been welded open.
This is how the game goes:
  1. Leftist faction "wins" an election in a surprising upset, Biden congratulates the "winner".
  2. US military "trains" the national military to "support police" in maintaining "order" instead of focusing on the defense of that nation & the American continent. (This is ILLEGAL in the USA.)
  3. As the military is purged pf opposition, all their old Soviet weapons (including armor & aircraft) are gathered and sent to the Ukraine.
  4. NEW US-made weapons are sent to that country in "trade", probably avoiding congressional oversight, State Department approval, perhaps even arms embargoes. 
General Richardson is running this whole operation, fabricating entrenched Leftist nations allied to China armed with new US weapons instead of rallying free democracies to stand for themselves and our free hemisphere against China.  
In 2000, then Lt. Colonel Richardson served as a military aide at the White House to rabid environmentalist Vice President Al Gore. In 2023, environmentalism is the ostensible shared goal between the general and the ideologically un-American president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro. Colombia is the only South American nation that borders Panama, making it a critical security and anti-trafficking partner. General Richardson led an April delegation including DHS Secretary Mayorkas and former UN-Ambassador now USAID Director Samantha Power to the isthmus, signing a trilateral agreement between the USA, Colombia, and Panama. In the implementation, the general stated that even though there were “23,500 Colombian military involved, the entire army, navy, and air force”, the effort was directed at traffickers rather than stopping migrants...but was effective curbing illegal mining and logging
In Panama, protests and labor strikes are paralyzing the whole nation and are centered around mining and foreign exploitation of mineral resources. These are not small operations run by narco-gangs, but enormous strip mines operating under government concessions found to be unconstitutional. Panamanians are concerned that they no longer live in a democracy—that there is no rule of law and they have lost all voice in the affairs of their nation—that the mines and Chinese commercial interests have become their overlords. The general herself has made clear that Chinese mining interests, port development projects, and commercial installations (some of which border the Panama Canal) are dual-use facilities that can be quickly flipped to serve military purposes. Similar facilities in Argentina and Chile could be used by China to control the Drake Passage and Magellan Strait, cutting off even the much longer and more dangerous routes between the Atlantic and Pacific, as well as access to Antarctica.
General Richardson recently used the same statistic as her Trump-appointed predecessor, that 28 out of 31 nations in the AOR are democracies. Since 2019, the following nations have made a hard pivot left through suspect elections: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, and Honduras. Leftist-run Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua are on the verge of collapse. Haiti, a rare Taiwan ally, is already collapsed. Ecuador and Peru, democratic nations that were stable during the Trump years, targeted by migrant hordes and criminal syndicates, are on the edge of collapse also. General Richardson's strategy is to train and equip the armies of the toppled nations to “support” the police to oppress the very voters that were likely defied and defrauded. While Trump was in the White House, President Martin Vizcarra of Peru (who had entered the presidency by divine intervention) boldly stood up at the United nations and suggested a multinational military intervention into Venezuela based on the OAS InterAmerican Letter of 2001. This binding agreement states that a “rupture of democracy” in any member state is a threat to the region and authorizes military force to “restore democracy”. Support at the time was nearly unanimous. In just a few short years and stolen elections later, the meaning of the word “democracy” has reversed completely. Gustavo Petro brought up the letter this April, suggesting it be “remade” around indigenous and women's rights and climate change to unite the hemisphere against the few holdout nations not yet under communist control! 
Women's advancement is such a favored cause of General Richardson that she cannot contain her glee in meeting a lady president like Xiomara Castro de Zelaya of Honduras. This nation is an excellent example of SOUTHCOM overhauling the military of a recently free nation to build an inescapable, socialist police state. Richardson recently made the shocking assertion that China is not the central or “pacing” threat in the Americas, but “transnational criminal organizations are”. Under this pretext, in a very suspicious “election” Castro assumed the presidency and her husband, ex-president and close Hillary Clinton associate Manuel Zelaya, became First Gentleman and Secretary of National Defense. The former president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, was soon arrested and extradited to the USA on drug charges. This much-loved Christian president, a close friend and security ally of Donald Trump, had sent 24 drug kingpins to the USA for prosecution. These same convicted criminals later testified falsely against Hernandez, incarcerating the leader once honored to cut the ribbon at the opening of his country's Israeli embassy—only the fourth nation to move to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. Castro also abandoned Taiwan, switching allegiance to Red China, a demoralizing blow to American values and a key Western ally. Even if the people of Honduras were to rise up against this tyrannical and illegitimate government non-representative of their values, they would have to fight their own police and the military remanufactured to resist them by General Laura Richardson. 
The vice president of a nation would rarely host the head of SOUTHCOM, but General Richardson had to meet the woman who seems to be a heroine to her, the first elected female president of Argentina and one of the first in the West, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (CFK). Also a kindred soul and close friend of Hillary Clinton, CFK was the wife and first lady to President Nestor Kirchner, the son of German “immigrants” and head of Argentina's Peronist (literally Nazi) political movement. Beyond the Hezbollah-linked 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish Center that killed 85 people, CFK has been implicated in crimes too numerous and diverse to summarize, escaping prosecution through loopholes and favors. While Trump ally Macri was president, she avoided prosecution through immunity as a sitting senator in a fraud case that topped a billion dollars. CFK attained the vice presidency in a 2019 election called blatantly fraudulent by Sidney Powell, who named Dominion Voting Machines and the Venezuelan intelligence apparatus as culpable. Again CFK escaped prosecution, this time through using the power of her office to influence the courts. She escaped assassination too, when a young Argentine stuck a pistol in her face and pulled the trigger. Some diabolical twist of fate caused the loaded weapon to malfunction. It was this charmed lady leader that General Richardson simply had to consort with after meeting with Argentina's military leaders at Army Headquarters. In the US congress, General Richardson warned of the Chinese space installation on the Patagonian Plain, PRC properties near the Strait of Magellan, and vastly accelerating Chinese lithium mining interests. In Argentina, she sat with CFK (photo), the very enemy of all American and Western values, planning to strengthen her socialist government and enemy military as if they were US partners. More nations will similarly fall, and vital Panama looks to be the next in line...because General Laura Richardson has been purposefully derelict in her duty to protect it.

Hear General Richardson say all this on Week 62 of my radio show, Living By The Sword With Pastor Sam & The GospelGunslingers (scroll down to play or download audio). THE POWER TO THE WRMI TRANSMITTERS WAS STRANGELY CUT DURING THIS REBROADCAST ON NOV. 21!

CSIS Interview with General Laura Richardson Transcript and Video August 4, 2023.
Living By The Sword Wk 62 2023.11.13.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 63 2023.11.20.mp3
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LIVING BY THE SWORD Archive "B" Shows #31-58

With Pastor Sam & The GospelGunslingers
Worldwide Radio Show - Archive of older shows.  DOWNLOAD THEM ALL!
Archive "A" Shows #1-30 available HERE <--Click!
The latest shows are available HERE <--Click!

Living By The Sword Wk31 2023.04.10.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk32 2023.04.17.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk33 2023.04.24.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk34 2023.05.01.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk35 2023.05.08.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 36 2023.05.15.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 37 2023.05.22.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 38 2023.05.29.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 39 2023.06.05.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 40 2023.06.12.mp3
Living By The Sword WK 41 06.19.23.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 42 2023.06.26.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 43 2023.07.03.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 44 2023.07.10.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 45 2023.07.17.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 46 2023.07.24.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 47 2023.07.31.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 48 2023.08.07.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 49 2023.08.13.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 50 2023.08.21.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 51 2023.08.28.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 52 2023.09.04.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 53 2023.09.11.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 54 2023.09.18.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 55 2023.09.25.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 56 2023.10.02.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 56.5 2023.10.03.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 57 2023.10.09.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk 58 2023.10.16.mp3
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A Globalist Candidate For Mexico's Presidency 

Could Cement Control Of The Continent

The US Deep State is perturbed that Mexico has been escaping its orbit during AMLO's presidency, and is determined to install a puppet president in 2024 to head their southern neighbor. The many political parties have mostly aligned into two opposing camps, but an independent backed by CIA money and propaganda machinery could upset a fair contest. If such an independent could get the blessing of Donald Trump, even better. All that has now occurred.

In the first half of AMLO's presidency, an insurrection against him was attempted. Bushite warmongers in the CIA would like to have exploited the bitter feud between Trump and AMLO. The head of this insurrection was Governor Francisco J. G. Cabeza de Vaca of the northern State of Tamaulipas, bordering Texas. Accusing AMLO of being a communist soft on crime, he presented himself as an alternative. He counted on the support of other narco-governors and sympathetic military officers. Standing by were his militarized state police, a veritable private army, likely built with CIA money through the Merida Initiative that he requested personally from George P. Bush. Cabeza de Vaca would continue the war on drugs that had cost so many lives while trafficking only increased. He would fight against AMLO's purported communism and be the security partner the USA desperately needed. Providentially, Trump didn't take the bait. He backed away from Cabeza de Vaca, eventually becoming a friend and close partner of AMLO. 

The truth of Cabeza de Vaca's corruption gradually became known. He was stripped of his immunity to prosecution by an act of congress and became the most wanted fugitive in all of Mexico. When his party was voted out of power just last year, he went into hiding to escape imminent arrest. Four months later he appeared publicly in Houston, Texas. His good friend, Bushite Governor Gregg Abbott, apparently shielded him from prosecution, extradition, and even immigration law! He made a bid for the Mexican presidency from beyond the Rio Grande. His tweets, news appearances, and billboards were having an effect, but he would have to set foot in Mexico to file his candidacy, risking arrest. His brother, Ismael Cabeza de Vaca, a sitting federal senator, requested the ex-governor's identity documents at the municipal palace in Reynosa. He was turned away by the MORENA controlled local officials. Clearly, the ex-governor would be apprehended should he come in person; he thus could not file as a presidential candidate. 

Francisco Cabeza de Vaca tried one “last trick” as governor, according to news outlet CodigoMagenta. He hand-picked a candidate to succeed him as governor that he and his PAN party could support...someone that he could count on to protect him as he ran for president from within Mexico. He decided to bring out of the shadows an official that had been nearly invisible, Cesar “El Truco” (The Trick, or Trickster) Verastegui. Truco held the position “head of government” in Tamaulipas, a powerful law enforcement official. Not hardly seen in his official capacity, the rumor was that Truco was a notorious drunk, put on the payroll as a henchman for the governor and not expected to work. In a 2022 jailbreak where cartel members were freed from custody in an armed assault, El Manana faulted Truco, stating that he controlled the mayors of the surrounding cities and other public officials. Nevertheless, Truco ran for governor that same year. Despite voter intimidation by menacing gunmen, locked polling places, and other attempts to the contrary, Truco was defeated at the polls. A warrant was then issued for his arrest. Clearly, the insurrection needed a new face.

In 2023, The “Sound of Freedom” movie made its debut, bringing into the spotlight the true, dark underworld of child trafficking so prevalent in Latin America. Free from political encumbrance, the Mexican-born producer took the reels on tour, screening the movie for the governors of his native nation, along with their staffs. He far exceeded the success of Cabeza de Vaca, who traveled in the height of COVID-19 quarantines to meet with almost half of Mexico's governors—15 out of 32, inviting them into his insurrection. The Producer met with nearly all of them, introducing them to an area of crime they must stand firm against. As law-enforcement officers, a crackdown on trafficking would be noble in some respects. For a Bushite warmonger, this could be the new gravy train, just like the ongoing war on drugs. The Producer then went truly international, screening the movie for presidents of sovereign nations like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Chile. It was at Mar-a-lago where he privately screened the movie for Donald J. Trump, who introduced the Producer as “my friend and perhaps the next president of Mexico, Eduardo Verastegui.” Yes, VERASTEGUI, the nephew of Cesar “El Truco” Verastegui.

“He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers...” -Daniel 11:24a

Like Cabeza de Vaca and his uncle “Truco”, Eduardo is from Tamaulipas, Mexico. He started performing while still in his teens before his breakout as a heartthrob in the “telenovelas” (soap operas), then transitioning to film and directing. His young start and meteoric rise in showbusiness parallels that of US Disney stars, and Eduardo shares the same indicators of sexualization and Monarch programming. Shadowy elites desire persons under mind control to perform for them; perhaps the greatest role of all is as a marionette president. Often the survivors of horrific abuse are the ones bold enough to battle against it, and their efforts are to be lauded. These are things that should not be in modern, civil, or Christian nations. Nevertheless, those victims with suspicious associations and ongoing signs of mental fragmentation should not be trusted in positions of political or military power. 

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Healing The Fractured Soul: MPD/DID In The Bible

Interviews With Monarch Programming Victim Holly Baglio

This is series of seven interviews with Holly, a real-life "Sybil" and her pastor, a jungle missionary versed in all the aspects of the demonic that modern Christianity denies. (Part 2 was lost; most of the material is repeated in later broadcasts, some of which are separated to A & B for upload to this platform.)  The conversations were broadcast live on the Fringe Radio Network in 2022.  

This series is breaking new ground in the ministry of deliverance and mental recovery.  Holly achieved total integration of her 169 alters and substantial healing in the course of these broadcasts.  They begin with Pastor Sam explaining Holly's condition to her with the example of someone else...Pastor Hope Carpenter. Hope's husband, Pastor Ron, describes his initial confusion:
'For 14 years they had a blissful marriage. He called it a fairy tale and said they didn’t even argue. But in 2004...he discovered a “very different woman....I went home to a person that for the next 10 years I did not marry and I had not known," he said. "Many of you were here during that time, and you saw erratic behavior. You saw changes. I tried my best to hide them. I did not know what was going on, and I did not know what to do...” -Charisma News
"There is a sickness, there is a whole other dual life that I am finding out that has been created," [Pastor Ron] Carpenter told the congregation. "Hope is not well. You need to know that. We don't know what's wrong, but these are not the actions of anybody that is right."
Ron, a minister who had seen devils cast out since his childhood, was understandably perplexed and deeply hurt.  Perhaps these recordings will provide answers even for him, and divine healing for Hope and the many thousands like her.  
Holly Sam No.1A MPD.DID In The Bible.mp3
Holly Sam No.1B MPD.DID In The Bible.mp3
Holly Sam No.3A The Divided Soul.mp3
Holly Sam No.3B The Divided Soul.mp3
Holly Sam No.4A Incest In Arkansas.mp3
Holly Sam No.5 Sam Background.mp3
Holly Sam No.6A The Pedo Industrial Complex.mp3
Holly Sam No.6B The Pedo Industrial Complex.mp3
Holly Sam No.7A Pitfalls On The Road To Reintegration.mp3
Holly Sam No.7B Pitfalls On The Road To Reintegration.mp3
Holly Sam No.8 The Fractured Inner Man Bible Study.mp3
Holly Sam No.4B Incest In Arkansas.mp3
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Remembering Mexico Missionary Ron "Ronaldo" Walicki

I got a call one Sunday from the responding officer at the scene of a fatality crash, who informed me that this brother had died.  The call was a miracle, as news of his death would be hushed due to cartel involvement, even though it happened the same weekend as the much publicized kidnapping of four Americans in nearby Matamoros.  Pastor Walicki was an alumnus of Rhema Bible Training Center (1983), considered the sister school of my alma mater, Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Despite our common roots and both of us working in many of the same areas of the jungle south, mountainous Huasteca, and especially the state of Tamaulipas on Mexico's Gulf coast, I had never met Brother Ronaldo. On both sides of the border he preached in small country churches, never desiring the limelight.  Booklets of his own authorship like "2022--Year of The Beast" were self-published with no ISBN numbers to give away.  Since his tragic death on March 5th, 2023, I have met some of his fellow workers, and would like to tell a little about this tremendous warrior of the cross.   First, Ronald was ageless.  He died at 65 years of age but was known to hike up and down mountains and balance on the catwalks of churches under construction like a thirty-year-old.  Here are some of the things his native fellow pastor told me: 

"Tocaba guitarra, batería, y baja electrica" (He played the guitar, drum set, and the electric bass).  This hermano used to love traveling to events deep in the jungle or distant villages and jamming out in worship with Ronaldo, who was an accomplished and diverse musician.  Beyond the technical aspects of song, he knew how to stir up the anointing.  He was a true minstrel, able to bring a refreshing to beleaguered congregations weary from constant battle with territorial demons, poverty, and the tragedies of drug war.  A lot of bad guys got saved over the years, and the cartels would like to have been rid of Ronaldo.  Threats from such actors have prevented a proper investigation into his death, or even the publication of a proper obituary, even four months later.   

"Puso atención cuando vió gente reuniendo bajo un árbol" (It caught his eye when he saw people gathering [for worship] under a shade tree).  Ronaldo is known for building some 35 churches in Mexico.  Beyond the block and mortar, he raised up congregations of precious people.  Sometimes he won the first souls in a place that would be the seeds for a new fellowship.  Other times he observed budding works that were pushing forward despite challenges and lack of facilities.  He would come alongside them and do apostolic work, discipling leaders and laying the foundation of sound doctrine.  He broke denominational barriers, teaching the full Gospel and the deeper truths of the power of the Holy Ghost.  He pinched his Pesos to buy gravel and cement for those small groups, and that without the financial backing of big-name American preachers.  Al contrario, he often had to unravel bad doctrines and worse behaviors that had floated across the Río Grande and infected native churches.

"No permitió nadie acompanarle en la troca...dijo, en el caso que salgo del camino" (He didn't let anyone ride in his truck with him, he said, in case I run off the road some day).  Mexico is very safe for foreigners staying on the cuota superhighways and out of bandit strongholds, but Ronaldo wanted to go where God's light was dim.  The majority of his work was in Tamaulipas State, which currently carries the highest warning from the US State Department (Level IV--Do Not Travel).  This valiant preacher was not content to leave his fledgling congregations to vie for themselves when they were beset with dangers.  He continued making his rounds to encourage the faithful, sensing that the tide was turning in Mexico.  The nation was becoming more civil and less corrupt; the values he had been teaching were taking root and bearing fruit even in the darkest recesses.  The pastors close to him knew that he had narrowly escaped cartel gun-trucks in the past and that he would run if he had to.  He would risk his own life in this way, but nobody else's.  He drove a gunmetal grey Nissan Titan pickup with a V-8 motor.  It was rated at four hundred horsepower. 

"Hasta doscientos...y MÁS."  (She'll do two hundred [kph]...and MORE!)  The speed limit on the federal highways is 110 kilometers per hour.  That is almost 70 miles per hour, plenty for a narrow two-lane that's bumpy and a bit rough.  I have broken 150 (and broken a nervous sweat) a time or two when overtaking and the traffic was bearing down.  200 kilometers per hour is raceway speed that most super-stock drag cars will never exceed in the quarter-mile.  It is a velocity for the wide and modern banked roads of Germany's Autobahn, and that in ideal weather.  Ronald confided in his friend that his Titan had broken 200kph more than once when he was hotly pursued on those rustic roads, and that he was yet to find its limit.

"...[T]he driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi; for he driveth furiously."
-2Ki 9:20b  March 5th was a sunny Sunday morning, blistering hot by 9 O'clock.  Walicki was traveling the notoriously dangerous Gulf coast route of the Matamoros/San Fernando highway alone.  Little is known about the cause of his accident.  What is clear is that his Titan left the highway at an incredible speed in a rollover crash, coming to rest in a field of sprouting sorghum more than 100 feet from the pavement.  The driver's door was torn completely off and Walicki was ejected.  Landing among the seedlings, he was killed instantly.  Dozens of his pamphlets were scattered in the field beside his spare pair of blue jeans.  A few months after Ronaldo's death, the Mexican Marines including aviation assets surrounded a group of terroristas very near to the site of his crash, killing ten (among them was a sicaria, one the famed lady assassins of Mexico).  This cartel cell had two new high-speed pursuit trucks and military weapons.  They had been under observation by Naval Intelligence drones for weeks. A México Codigo Rojo article stated that the successful operation would "prevent future episodes of violence in the region".

The GospelGunslingers further commemorated Brother Walicki on the Living By The Sword worldwide radio show, on March 6th, the day after his death (Week 26 show) and again on July 3rd (Week 43 show).  He will be missed by the many thousands of villagers he brought to the Lord.  I will make a point to continue his work and visit as many of those remote churches as I am able...if I can find them!
-Pastor Sam Honnold
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LIVING BY THE SWORD Archive "A" Shows #1-30

With Pastor Sam & The GospelGunslingers
Worldwide Radio Show - Archive of older shows.  DOWNLOAD THEM ALL!
The latest shows are available HERE <--Click!
Living By The Sword Wk2 2022.09.19.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk1 2022.09.12.mp3
Living by the Sword WK3 2022.09.26.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk4 2022.10.03.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk5 2022.10.10.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk6 2022.10.17.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk10 2022.11.15.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk9 2022.11.06.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk8 2022.10.31.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk7 2022.10.24.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk11 2022.11.21.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk12 2022.11.28.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk13 2022.12.05.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk14 2022.12.12.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk15 2022.12.19.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk16 2022.12.26.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk17 2023.01.02.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk18 2023.01.09.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk19 2023.01.16.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk20 2023.01.23.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk21 2023.01.30.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk22 2023.02.06.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk23 2023.02.13.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk25 2023.02.27.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk24 2023.02.20.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk27 2023.03.13.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk26 2023.03.06.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk28 2023.03.20.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk29 2023.03.27.mp3
Living By The Sword Wk30 2023.04.03.mp3
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OPEN MY NEW DOJO! Aside from rebuilding conservative journalism from safety in Mexico, I have taught street self-defense for 30 years...and I just got published in BlackBeltMagazine. https://www.discountmags.com/magazine/black-belt-april-3-2023-digital/in-this-issue/9749 The rural building I rented got sold out from under me, and I had to move out. I think the time has come to open my new school in Nezahualcóyotl focused on police and security training. I have had the building picked out for two years, right on the border of Neza and the Federal District. It is all glass, high above the street, with a view of the smoking volcano in the distance. This amount is for the facility only, and there will be an equal amount of ancillary expenses (including a paid instructor from my lineage to manage and teach daily) in addition.
Good news, there is actual traction at the US tent revivals and our nation has begun the long process of turning back to God. I, however, have caused so much trouble for the globalists and their anarchist minions that I AM NO LONGER SAFE IN THE USA and have made FORMAL CLAIM FOR ASYLUM before the president of Mexico. Staying alive out of the reach of the alphabet soup and continuing to broadcast is the best way for me to effect positive change at this point. The world is on the verge of real, kinetic, global war. I live humbly but I have lost many avenues of supply in making this break and leaving the USA. I have my ministry work in Mexico and feed a lot of hungry kids. It takes about $3,000 a month plus travel expenses to stay above water. Your donations are much appreciated. Subscription on this platform is a great help, but it takes a long time to get the money. PayPal donations may be made to [email protected] or checks mailed to Pastor Sam Honnold 7107 S YALE AVE Suite 434 Tulsa, OK 74136. My crowdfunding page is GiveSendGo.com/GospelGunslingers Thank you for your prayers, and for loving freedom and the USA!
SUMMER 2020 USA WHIRLWIND TOUR! Up till now, only my closest partners have known...I have historically spent a good deal of time in Mexico, but THIS TIME I BASICALLY FLED THE USA! I was heavily persecuted by numerous government agencies (and ARRESTED and my car IMPOUNDED) for visiting Washington D.C. and the 2nd amendment rally in Richmond, then caucusing in my native Iowa for Trump (which reverberated all through Latin America). My state identity documents and vehicle registrations were revoked, and I rode dirty to Mexico, entering the country with my federally issued passport (before I got stopped and jacked for that!) and a temporary Texas vehicle tag. After reaching out to the Trump White House and my Republican governor and senator, I got my DL and tags reinstated (praise the Lord). I need to spend some time in the USA and pop in on the numerous tent revivals sweeping the nation. Oh, and I need a GUN! Wanna help?

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