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Come, city slicker! You may not have the legendary Hawken fifty-cal, but git your gear and you squirrel-slayer and head out WEST!
ENTER the uniquely American Bible doctrines that freed our land...re-discover the pioneer spirit and the CREED of those brave men and women (many only skinny teenagers). LEARN HOW THE WEST WAS REALLY WON (AND HOW TO WIN AGAIN IN THESE DARK LAST DAYS)!

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Here alone is access to my Latin America War Report. This valuable news blog, with many references to Spanish-language news articles, is restarting here after being lost in a server crash. Prescient commentary only published here, many facts reported in English exclusively here. Journalist subscribers may report or quote from this material with proper reference/footnotes and a link to the paywall-shielded article.
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Further teaching. What the Bible says about slinging iron, the WHEN, the WHY, and the HOW.

For the price of a range fee, or a couple boxes of shells, you can study the law of God as pertains to drawing down. The help of God in the dark day would be nice, right?

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Further instruction beyond the free YouTube introduction to Leviathan and Tanniyn. Exploring the 28 Hebrew Old Testament references to Tanniyn (DRAGONS), compound references, Greek NT references, and my opinion of Apocryphal texts. https://www.biblestudytools.com/lexicons/hebrew/kjv/tanniyn.html Also introducing Biblical cryptozoology, nephilic (human-angel) hybrids, and basic demonology. This information is not available anywhere else! Free introduction link: https://youtu.be/vlYzho2DW6o

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RIP, MS-13! El Salvador Abandons Maduro, Declares USA "Strongest Ally", Signs Migration Agreement, Allows OAS To Eliminate Public Corruption.

Salvadorean President Nayib Bukele came on board with the bigger plan yesterday in a shocking reversal of policy. El Salvador has long been the bad apple of Central America, openly allied with Chavismo (Venezuelan Communism) and hostile to the USA.  All that changed in one big day Friday, and El Salvador appears overwhelmingly behind their president in doing so (his approval rating is 93%).  US DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan (whose wife is Salvadorean) and Salvadorean Chancellor Alexandra Hill Tinoco signed the migration agreement and then took questions.  There is uncertainty as to specifics of the implementation but Hill Tinoco, speaking Spanish, stated the first priority is to take down the violent gangs.  Gang war has stifled the Salvadorean economy, terrorized the populace, and driven human trafficking/caravan formation.  Salvadorean gangs, or maras, are some of the most notorious and violent in the world, including the 18th Street Gang and famed rivals MS-13, often referenced (and vilified) by Donald Trump.  These gangs will be crushed immediately by US armed action and their extortion schemes terminated with extreme prejudice.  

Chancellor Hill Tinoco signed another agreement of great import earlier yesterday with the Organization of American States.  This body of American nations, which has taken a turn toward convervatism under Secretary General Luis Almagro of Uruguay, will be overseeing the CICIES anticorruption oversight commission rather than the Globalist and Left-leaning United Nations.  CICIES, or the Commission International to Combat Corruption & Impunity in El Salvador, will oversee prosecution of corrupt public officials and organized crime, including Salvadorean and trans-national gangs.  A similar OAS delegation (including a US delegate) was turned away by authorities in neighboring Nicaragua on Sunday...it appears that dictator Daniel Ortega was not open to transparency into his government or investigation of his latest (highly suspect) election.  All of these nations agreed to such inquiry in the OAS Interamerican letter of 2001; they agreed that a rupture of democracy in any member nation is a threat to the stability of the region and will be investigated in this way.  On Monday, the electrical grid blew out in all of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and portions of Guatemala and Panama...a strange coincidence.  

At the televised signing of the migration agreement, Secretary McAleenan repeatedly stated that the USA will "build asylum capacity" in El Salvador.  I perceive that to mean sufficient infrastructure, housing, power, water, and sanitation to shelter returned migrants, and the court/police capacity to process and assimilate them peaceably.  There will also be provision for legal immigration to the USA, especially farm-worker visas (as in the Guatemalan agreement).  The disposition of undocumented Salvadoreans living in the USA is still undetermined, but the Chancellor argued that those without criminal records, those that have paid taxes and contributed to Social Security should receive leniency.  Trump has spoken in favor of this position before.  

Simply stated, the OAS CICIES is going to root out the criminals in El Salvador, and Uncle Sam will prosecute/eliminate them.  This is a fundamental sea-change and shocking policy reversal.  It was presaged by a letter of intent a month ago and further hinted at on September 11th, when El Salvador voted with the USA and ten other nations in favor of activating the Interamerican Mutual Defense (Rio) Treaty against Venezuela (see 9-11-2019 article).  I am in disbelief, just as when I watched the Berlin Wall come down on live television!

References were made to Bukele in the Latin America War Reports of June 26 and July 2, 11 and 24. www.subscribestar.com/GospelGunslingers
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Trial Begins Monday For Tomas Yarrington, Mexican Fugitive Governor & Accused Drug Trafficker In Houston Federal Court

Heralded as "El Chapo Chapter 2", the Yarrington trial will be closely watched both in the USA and Latin America.  Yarrington's image was used as the face of public corruption in the Mexican presidential debates as the four leftist candidates competed for votes.  More likely than his guilt is the possibility that Yarrington (as the singular center-right candidate) was falsely accused of cartel complicity and thus removed from the running ahead of the 2012 elections.  If exonerated, Yarrington could walk out a free man and fight extradition to Mexico.  If freed, Yarrington may find great support as a president-in-exile from his nation, now under communist control. 
20 years ago, I was preaching in the state of Tamaulipas, (northern Mexico) when Yarrington was Governor (and allegedly granted state protection to drug gangs), and I observed that the cartels hated him.  He also built roads, improved education, and generally advanced the standard of living during his term.  The people of Tamaulipas look back on his term as a golden age...a time when they were advancing...before the cartels took over.  In numerous interviews they tell how much better life was in those days, that they love Governor Yarrington, that they do not believe the accusations against him. (See attached video interviews).

For a solid decade, there has been a new trend in Latin America. Conservative candidates are being elected. They are friendly towards Trump (several predate him), are rejecting globalism, are putting their own nations first (and making trade agreements to stimulate commerce), are cooperating for hemispheric defense (as shown by this week activating the Rio Treaty and the recent UNITAS joint military drills). Their economies are growing. They are prosecuting corrupt officials (Odebrecht scandal and others) and fighting ruthless gangs. But the trend has another side, a darker one: these conservative presidents are being brought up on charges in their own nations, the USA, and international courts. This is political persecution. Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori was convicted in absentia for “war crimes”. The guerrillas of the Sendero Luminoso or “Shining Path”, with Chinese backing, had grown so strong that they assassinated 200 judges and officials. There were no courts to try criminals in, and no witnesses against them survived to testify. Fujimori mobilized the military against the “delincuentes”, and suspended the constitutional rights of insurgents. Peru is free today because of this, and Fujimori was later pardoned after serving half of his 25-year prison sentence. Today, the new round of politically motivated charges is either for “war crimes” or complicity with drug traffickers. Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez and his brother Tony are facing such charges in the Southern District of New York Federal Court. Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales has been harried throughout his term by the UN-run CICIG, which even executed a SWAT raid on his presidential palace, the Casa Crema. Perhaps Governor Yarrington is a common crook…perhaps he is the one honest and viable Mexican presidential hopeful in the world!
Latin America and the world awaits the trial of Governor Yarrington. He is widely hated, and much beloved. In the trial of El Chapo Guzman, names were named (including Mexican former president Enrique Pena Nieto, to whom El Chapo claimed to have paid a 100 million dollar bribe for protecting the cartel). Now Yarrington will have his day in court and the chance to clear his good name. He will be able to name his adversaries and those truly guilty of corruption before the authorities of the United States, perhaps reaching the highest levels of the Mexican government. The Latin People of the world are watching also, many of them residents (and even citizens) of the USA. They are watching to see if the trial is open and fair, if the accused can freely speak in his defense, if his family will be granted visas to attend the trial or left in Mexico at the mercy of the cartels and corrupt officials.

UPDATE: After discovery of a conflict of interest regarding Judge Hilda Tagle,  continuance was granted.  The trial will be held at a later date.

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Today's Three Huge Steps Toward War In The Americas 9-11-2019
1. Trump's Supreme Court victory eliminates for the time being any legal resistance to his policy of deportation (see details in July 29 report and Foxnews article below).
2.  Venezuela moving 150,000 troops to the border with Colombia, to "defend our sovereignty", and the Trump administration pledging unwavering support for Colombia if it is attacked.
3.  Today's passing vote by OAS & Rio Treaty members to "Activate the Interamerican Mutual Defense Treaty", and the same voting down Costa Rica's attempt to block such action.  This basically amounts to an international declaration of war against Venezuela!

Deportation is now the law.  Flights of deportees are being made to Guatemala, African migrants are rioting at the Guatemala/Mexico border (Mexico is denying them transit visas), and migrant caravans are a thing of the past since the signing of the Guatemala Safe Third Country Agreement six weeks ago.  Today's Supreme Court decision struck down the challenge in the liberal 9th Circuit (which contains the border states of California and Arizona), allowing implementation of Trump's deportation policy nationwide.
The "Rio Treaty" is a North & South American mutual defense treaty which binds members (including the USA) to assist any member which is attacked.  While many commentators think RIO (along with the Monroe Doctrine and Roosevelt Corollary) to be antiquated, it was activated by George Bush in 2001 following the WTC attacks (prompting Mexico's withdrawal). Venezuelan interim President Juan Guaido called for a vote to activate the Rio Treaty and specifically referenced Article 6 of that Agreement as to the grounds for its activation.  The vote was held today in emergency session, and passed with 12 votes for activation (10 were required), 5 votes abstaining, and one nation absent. The USA is treaty-bound to remove Maduro!
The Organization of American States (OAS) has historically been a globalist organization.  Since the subsidence of the "Pink Tide" ten years ago and the subsequent election of numerous conservative presidents in Latin America, the pendulum has swung the other way, and the OAS has presented a clarion call to remove the "threat to democracy" posed by non-representative governments such as that of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.  The conservative swing in the OAS, led by Uruguayan Secretary General Luis Almagro, has been so pronounced that he has become a man without a nation. (Historically leftist Uruguay has proclaimed him persona non grata for his support of military action against such oppressive regimes and his affinity with Donald Trump and conservative Latin presidents).  

Maduro's deployment of his military to the Colombian border is reasonable for both attack and defense.  The community of American nations has clearly decided to remove him, as his regime is a threat to the democracy & stability of the Americas as defined in the OAS Interamerican Letter of 2001.  The only way out at this point is for Maduro to step down and acknowledge the legitimate interim government, which will then shortly hold elections.  This is unlikely given Maduro's megalomania, the promise of support from Russia and China, and the presence of many members of their respective militaries.  Soldiers of the Americas, sleep with your boots on!

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Chase The Patriot & Pastor Sam Break Down The G7 Summit, Amazon Fires, Trade Wars, Macron's (Ignoramus) Iran Proposal, & The Busy Weekend Of Political Developments

Topic starts at 46:00
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July 29, 2019
U.S. and Guatemalan officials sign "Safe Third Country Agreement", enabling mass deportation of migrant caravans. 

"So if [migrants] arrive in the U.S....they'll be RETURNED TO GUATEMALA." -Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan.  He also stated that "this is a return to the appropriate approach under international law..."

The historic agreement has sparked protests and a challenge in Guatemala's highest court.

President Trump prefaced, "This landmark agreement will put the coyotes and the smugglers out of business.  These are bad people.  These are very, very bad, sick, deranged people who make a lot of money off other people’s miseries.  It’s going to provide safety for legitimate asylum-seekers, and stop asylum fraud and abuses....For Guatemala, it signifies the incredible bright future for their country.  This agreement will usher in a new era of investment and growth for their nation....Today, we’re sending a clear message to human smugglers and traffickers that your day is over.  And we’re investing in the future of Guatemala, the safety of migrants and their families."

As of today, the migrant caravans have a new, safe place to wait while their claims are processed...and it is WAY South of the Rio Grande.

emphasis added


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Trump & The Tenuous Guatemala Migrant Deal—
One Last Attempt To Shoot The Moon And
Keep The Migrant Battle Off US Soil
Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales (a friend of Israel, Trump, and Christian America) has cancelled his planned trip to Washington, where he was expected to sign the “Safe Third Country” migration pact.  Lame-duck President Morales is the last security partner and conservative leader this side of the Panamanian Isthmus.  The Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA) would significantly limit migrant passage from points south and authorize increased financial/security cooperation between the USA and Guatemala.  It has been widely reported that Trump “cancelled” half a billion dollars in aid to the Northern Triangle.  This is not really true.  Trump did sign the “Build Act”, which reforms the aid transfer mechanism to those and other countries.  The Build Act prevents such aid from falling under control of anti-American NGOs and communist deep state bureaus in the destination countries (making aid once again dependent on its use for the construction of free markets, stimulation of industrial/agricultural production, security of our common hemisphere, and suppression of foreign-backed narco-communist insurgencies.)  The whole of the Morales presidency has been a bitter fight against communist elements, the most visible of which is the UN-run CICIG prosecution which has harried Morales constantly under the guise of “anticorruption”.  The CICIG even made illegal armed entry into Morales’s presidential palace, the Casa Crema.  Ultimately, Morales used armed military vehicles in a clear threat of force against CICIG and deported some of the leaders.  Sadly, Morales and Guatemala are our best and strongest friends in the region.

Mexico-has a brand new communist president.
Belize-is a beautiful gem that could be conquered by a troop of monkeys, were they to rampage out of the Peten Jungle.
El Salvador-has a brand new ethnically Palestinian ultracommunist president.
Honduras-has a conservative president, weaker and even more embattled than Morales.
Nicaragua-is in open civil war; Daniel Ortega (a radical communist and thorn in the side of the west since the 1970s) is president.
Costa Rica-is a pacifist slave state with a long-abolished military.
Panama-has a brand new communist president.

Guatemala is the only place on the isthmus where the US can enact real security agreements without an actual invasion.  The current (STCA) proposition has been stymied by an ambiguous ruling by the Constitutional Court (Guatemala’s highest).  The court has also failed to prevent communist candidate Sandra Torres, the clear frontrunner going into the runoff election, from pursuing her run (by delaying her corruption indictment until her immunity from prosecution as a candidate was active).  The court also stated in their ruling that any agreement reached by Morales would need congressional approval (effectively legislating from the bench and invalidating Morales’s presidential authority).  The ruling is a gross perversion and a blatantly unconstitutional ploy to prevent the signing of a mutually beneficial security pact with the USA while a conservative president is still in power.   Hopefully, President Morales will come to Washington to hammer out a deal; hopefully Trump is willing to roll up his sleeve far enough to lift Morales like Biblical Jeremiah out of the mire!
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Emerging Threats Subcommittee Meeting SOUTHCOM Commander Admiral Craig Faller Senator Joni Ernst René Marino

July11, 2019
Begin at 17:00

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A Great Sucking Sound: Today’s simultaneous passing of H. Ross Perot and his South American counterpart, President Fernando de la Rua.

July 9, 2019

Perot warned in his 1992 presidential campaign that, if NAFTA became law, American jobs would migrate across the Rio Grande “with a great sucking sound”.  That warning, among others, proved to be prescient, as the Mexican side of the border is now peppered with gleaming factories (where Mexican workers log 60+ hours weekly for one US Dollar an hour).  Perot is widely blamed for the election of Bill Clinton; he is also widely credited with starting the global conservative revolution now headed by Donald J. Trump.  In the last year of the Clinton presidency, the global conservative wave was building in South America, and Fernando de la Rua took the Argentine presidency.  De la Rua’s victory at the polls was the first electoral defeat of the Peronist dynasty which had for fifty years only been interrupted by military interventions.  The US champions of freedom generally live long and prosper; Latin heroes have generally died for daring to struggle since the 1811 execution by firing squad of Mexican revolutionary Miguel Hidalgo.  De la Rua narrowly escaped this fate when he famously evacuated the Casa Rosada by helicopter in 2001, only halfway through his four-year term.  After his resignation, socialist policies continued and the Argentine Peso fell from parity with the US Dollar under de la Rua’s predecessor to 42 Pesos/ Dollar today.  Argentina was also abandoned both financially and as a security partner by US president George W. Bush after the 9-11 WTC attacks, causing their economy to shudder and bank runs to begin.  This strategic nation was then courted by the Chinese and the Communist bravado resumed, with Peronist president Fernandez de Kirchner repeatedly threatening to re-invade the Falklands.  As ex-President in exile, de la Rua was indicted for public malfeasance.  The charges persisted (in a classic example of double jeopardy) until 2014 when de la Rua was finally cleared by Argentina’s highest court.  

De la Rua’s death was confirmed today in a condolence message by Argentina’s conservative President Mauricio Macri, a staunch Trump ally both in the hemisphere and globally at the G20.  Macri, and Argentina as an allied conservative power, are doubly embattled economically (by pension debt and years of socialist waste) and politically (as Macri is facing a bitter reelection campaign against Peronist ex-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner).  De la Rua lived long enough to clear his good name, but the courts have so far been unable to condemn his rival Cristina Fernandez, despite consecutive scandals running the gamut from the “notebooks” bribe case to lethal Hezbolla-linked bombings of two Jewish centers, which she allegedly covered up during her presidency.  Macri’s government has progressed to seizing US$38 million of her assets and partially stripping her senatorial immunity to investigation, yet today she is a free woman and viable candidate in the looming election.  If Fernandez were to be caught up by US authorities in the widening net surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, as her close associates Bill and Hillary Clinton are expected to be, it would be a great victory for the Americas and freedom worldwide. 

The world should take notice as Perot and de la Rua, these corresponding heroes of North and South American conservative policy, both passed away on the same day…perhaps as final exclamation of their correct policies and their warnings, which have proven prophetic.

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The "NARCO" In Anarcho-Terrorism.  Smugglers Busted Supplying Weapons To Criminal Subversives Ahead Of G20 Summit.

June 30, 2019
Trump left the last G20 seven months ago with battle lines clearly drawn, the several conservative presidents of South America joining the USA to resist the spread of European, Chinese, and Russian influence in the New World.  In that short time, unarmed independence movements and nationalistic fronts have been brutally crushed in France and Spain, African migrants have continued their drive to destroy European culture and rule of law, and the same formula has been rolled out on the American Continent.  Subversive groups have been operating against conservative Argentinean President Macri and Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro, the former facing a hotly-contested election this year.  Never content with street demonstrations and riots, the Communist opposition to these allied presidents has increased lawlessness, with assassinations and kidnappings on the rise.  The film, "Manda Bala (Send a Bullet)" glorifies the rise of kidnapping in Brazil as a popular revolt against oppression and injustice, painting the thugs as revolutionaries resisting tyranny.  The cause of the nationwide blowout of the Argentinian power grid is still officially unknown; often successful strikes by terrorist groups are not officially acknowledged.  In this case, not even a Red Herring has been brought forward, leaving the world to wonder what fiend or fault may have caused the massive blackout, or "Apagón". 

These militant, Marxist, criminal anarchists are causing more and more chaos, and now their illegal weapons pipeline has been discovered, coming through Holland from Germany and Spain.   Many weapons parts (internally unregulated) were procured in the United States, but their international shipment suggests complicity inside the US Postal Service and Argentine Customs.  Over 2500 firearms were seized, plus ammunition, explosives, grenades, launching tubes, and at least one anti-aircraft "cannon".  These weapons are part of the subversion/sapper preparations  for hot coups and opens wars to destabilize the Americas and flood the USA with weaponized, criminal migrants.  Do not be fooled by the G20 "family photo", the world is at war, and the goal is to topple the US and the Americas!


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