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This is Pastor Sam. Come along with me and the Gospel Gunslingers as we explore what the Bible REALLY says about self defense and self-government! SCROLL DOWN for Pastor Sam's Latin America War Report & Migrant Invasion News
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Come, city slicker! You may not have the legendary Hawken fifty-cal, but git your gear and you squirrel-slayer and head out WEST!
ENTER the uniquely American Bible doctrines that freed our land...re-discover the pioneer spirit and the CREED of those brave men and women (many only skinny teenagers). LEARN HOW THE WEST WAS REALLY WON (AND HOW TO WIN AGAIN IN THESE DARK LAST DAYS)!

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Here alone is access to my Latin America War Report. This valuable news blog, with many references to Spanish-language news articles, is restarting here after being lost in a server crash. Prescient commentary only published here, many facts reported in English exclusively here. Journalist subscribers may report or quote from this material with proper reference/footnotes and a link to the paywall-shielded article.
The migrant crisis, drug wars, foreign elections, assassinations & intrigues...all found here...ONLY here!

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Further teaching. What the Bible says about slinging iron, the WHEN, the WHY, and the HOW.

For the price of a range fee, or a couple boxes of shells, you can study the law of God as pertains to drawing down. The help of God in the dark day would be nice, right?

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Further instruction beyond the free YouTube introduction to Leviathan and Tanniyn. Exploring the 28 Hebrew Old Testament references to Tanniyn (DRAGONS), compound references, Greek NT references, and my opinion of Apocryphal texts. https://www.biblestudytools.com/lexicons/hebrew/kjv/tanniyn.html Also introducing Biblical cryptozoology, nephilic (human-angel) hybrids, and basic demonology. This information is not available anywhere else! Free introduction link: https://youtu.be/vlYzho2DW6o

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  • This is the new home for the Latin America War Report and the Bible teachings for Gospel Gunslingers.

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Trump Crosses China's Line In The Sand Re:Taiwan

Today much has happened to push the world closer to global war.  In the past, world powers have jostled one another in hot regions, then apologized bashfully afterward. Today's events were not a bump or jostle, but an unapologetic, clear push...the pushing of a center pawn straight into conflict after careful years castling and building a battery of rooks on the open center file!  Today US Navy Admiral Michael Studeman visited Taiwan (officially the Republic of China), the free and technologically advanced nation of 24 million on the island of Formosa.  Communist Red China sees Taiwan as a renegade province and has bullied most of the world into withdrawing official exchanges of ambassadors.  Specifically prohibited by China's belligerent and unilateral demands are open military exchanges such as happened today. 
The US has for decades been treaty-bound to intervene should China invade Taiwan, but faith in that agreement has waned considerably in recent years, even though Taiwanese conservative President Tsai Ing-Wen has supported independence and bolstered US ties. The Chinese embassy levies a formal complaint every time Ing-Wen stops in California en route  to Taiwan's allies in the Americas.  She spends the night, fuels her plane, and shops a little on Rodeo Drive.  She is the president of a sovereign nation, and China wants her to ask permission to go shopping and stop for gas!  Then she goes on to Guatemala, Honduras, or Paraguay, to make deals trading technology and manufactured items for raw materials and agricultural products that the island nation desperately needs.  Red China is furious that any allies are left; they have tightened the stranglehold though years of "One China" policy.  Chinese-backed anarchist mobs have harried these allies as well, this weekend setting fire to the congress building in Guatemala's capital, Guatemala City.  Three days ago, US Undersecretary of State Keith Krach visited Taiwan ahead of the Admiral, signing a five-year agreement on many subjects including security (mutual defense).  This meeting alone was perhaps enough to provoke invasion or missile bombardment by Red China...but there was much, much more.
Today the leader-in-exile of Tibet visited the White House For the first time in 60 years.  Much of the world sees Tibet as a sovereign nation illegally occupied by China, and now China has fortified the Tibetan Himalayas in their ongoing feud with neighboring India, a nuclear power.  The USA just wrapped up military exercises jointly with India and Japan as part of the QUAD, or Quadrilateral Security Dialog, a growing counterbalance to China's power in the Indo-Pacific.  Australia joined the exercise at the last minute, infuriating China (which had assumed Australian subjugation was complete).  The provocation of the naval exercise was today exceeded by the announcement that Japan has refitted their military with US F-35 Joint Strike Fighters!  This completes the Japan Self-Defense Forces' transition to a blue-water navy capable of force projection WITH TWO AIRCRAFT CARRIERS! (Scroll down to June 16th article on these carriers and the global jump-jet-carrier arms race-which today was won by the USA and allies!) 
The United States' moves to bolster military ties with Taiwan have truly come at the eleventh hour.  China is scrapping the last vestiges of freedom in Hong Kong, showing that this is their intent in every place: the Pacific, the Americas, and even in these United States.  The historic "free world" is reuniting and preparing to make a stand.  Will China back up their bluster?   We dare them to! 





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Cashless Payment Firms Blitz Into Latin America Under Cover Of Covid-19

Following a years-long groundswell to eliminate cash in the Latino world of small proprietors and open vegetable markets, big tech firms from around the world are making a united, final push to digitize all transactions.  For years before the pandemic, it was common to see twenty people in line at an ATM on the "quincena" or semi-monthly payday in Mexico.  The informal-economic-sector (cash economy) has long been a problem for globalist planners; the first step to topple it was the ATM queue.  Workers at medium- to large-sized and government employers were issued an ATM/debit card to receive their pay electronically--after taxes. Learning to make debit payments with the same card omitted the lengthy queue, and workers were gradually weaned off the tax-evading, free informal economy.  Internet sales such as "MercadoLibre" (ironically translated "Free Market"), all electronically paid and centrally tracked, have increased during recent years at well.  This also caused the growth of Amazon-esque private shipping companies to deliver purchases outside of Latin America's notoriously slow and unreliable "correos" (post offices).  Covid-19 shutdowns have caused economic crises much worse and starvation deaths far exceeding those from the disease itself, opening the door for big tech to finally extinguish informal cash economies.  Massive investment (see Reuters article below) from Chinese and US payment juggernauts has built a new economic structure poised for the final elimination of cash.  Buenos Aires has been touted as the new Silicon Valley and is now under totalitarian government in Perónist Argentina.  This nation has been China's main proxy and stalking-horse to implement this move amidst (and concealed by) brutal lockdowns.  Neighboring Uruguay is a major software exporter and has been pulled in to assist this "advancement" despite their new conservative president.  The infrastructure is now in place and populace conditioned to accept sweeping away not only physical cash, but the various pesos, coronas, and quetzales--the once-independent currencies of proud sovereign nations!
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Mexican Border States Intentionally Destabilized To Prepare For US Invasion

Below is the text of my October 8 email to Dave Hodges, the same referenced in our Oct. 13 interview posted on TheCommonSenseShow.tv
As previously reported, the governors of these two Mexican states are leading a deep state- and CIA-backed effort to destabilize the border region which has gained new momentum in the last 48 hours in both Tamaulipas (above) and Chihuahua (below).
Tamaulipas Governor Cabeza de Vaca (now under investigation in both nations) has an extensive private army to include armored vehicles, heavy weapons, and aircraft, as reported with video by BBC reporter Simon Reeve.   A meteorite visible even from distant Mexico City just impacted Victoria, the capital of Tamaulipas state.
Mexican President Lopez "AMLO" has begun a MAJOR swamp-draining this week, releasing 70 arrest warrants for government officials implicated in the "Ayotzinapa" case where 43 young schoolteachers were murdered in 2014.  This is a declaration of war on the Chinese-backed deep state of Mexico.  Because AMLO continues putting Mexico first and cooperating with Trump, China will push the rebel governors forward to destabilize the border region. (News link in tweet:)  https://twitter.com/HonnoldSamuel/status/1314304829888528384?s=19
Chihuahua governor addresses state legislature, argues in favor of violent mobs, against ancient US-Mex water treaty today.
This "Water War" is entwined with the LeBaron family (and massacre), who, as dual US-Mexican citizens (and white) are convenient boogeymen to stoke anti-US sentiment.  Governor Javier Corral Jurado has supported armed anti-US mobs in the past, most notably supporting them AGAINST THE MEXICAN NATIONAL GUARD (which was forced to RETREAT).  Corral today defended this decision before his state legislature.  This hearing was a forum for the growth of the open rebellion against Mexico City.  In my limited observation, the legislature appeared friendly and Corral was not condemned.
This is the LA Times article about the water wars and the violent incident over which Governor Corral addressed the legislature today:  
Article: Mexican water wars: Dam seized, troops deployed, at least one killed in protests about sharing with U.S.Mexican water wars: Dam seized, troops deployed, at least one killed in protests about sharing with U.S.

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(FREE On YouTube) The Dragon Lancers Series Is Now Complete! Thanks to all for your prayers and s...

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The ANGEL Refuses To Cross The Rio Grande

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Thank you, subscribers, for standing with me as we go through this dark season as a nation. I hav...

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About To Go LIVE. Please join & Share

🔴GOSPEL GUNSLINGERS: Victory Over The Beast & His Mark & The Number Of His Name Rev 15:2

JOIN US as the Gospel Gunslingers presents (slightly belated) Sunday LIVESTREAM w Pastor Sam. Victory Over The Beast & His Mark & The Number Of His Name Revelations 15:2.
🔴GOSPEL GUNSLINGERS: Victory Over The Beast & His Mark & The Number Of His Name Rev 15:2

JOIN US as the Gospel Gunslingers presents (slightly belated) Sunday LIVESTREAM w Pastor Sam. Victory Over The Beast & His Mark & The Number Of His Name Revelations 15:2.
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GospelGunslingers.com main site is UP and LIVE!  

Thank you, readers, partners, and especially subscribers for your attention and assistance getting this site up and constructed.  Many pages will link back here to SubscribeStar where articles are archived, but in a more user-friendly format for readers.  This site is also a clearinghouse for donations although I publish more content on Twitter and YouTube/Bitchute.  Please continue to follow here and on those platforms as there are pivotal events taking place faster than ever.  We are in the very midst of world war, and this week an advanced military weapon (live) was discovered in Florida!

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Iranian General Admits To Sabotage Of USS Bonhomme Richard, Seven Iranian Ships Catch Fire In Port

For three days this mighty amphibious assault ship has been burning in San Diego Harbor.  On the other side of the world, seven Iranian ships also caught fire in port today after General Qaani (the replacement for eliminated Soleimani) seemed to take credit for the USS Bonhomme Richard fire. Hal Turner wrote: 

"Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Quds Force Commander, Major General Qaani, seems to be taking credit for the explosion and fire aboard a docked US Navy ship in San Diego, CA.
This afternoon, the Major General said publicly the Explosion and Fire aboard the docked US Navy Amphibious Assault Ship, USS Bonhomme Richard, "was carried out by an American "insider group" in response to US regime's crimes."
Insider group? 
. . . .  does he mean "Sleeper Cell?"" (Article link below)

USS Bonhomme Richard, far from being a random supply vessel, is a forerunner of a new class light aircraft carriers built or modified to carry the now-operational short takeoffs and vertical landings (STOVL) F-35B stealth attack jet. 
2012 was a key year in the naval buildup.  China finally finished the retrofit of its Soviet-built carrier hull into the Liaoning carrier and launched her for sea trials.  Rival Japan commissioned two mighty Izumo-class flat-topped "helicopter carrying destroyers".  China immediately objected, saying that the ships could be later modified to carry STOVL fixed-wing attack jets, an unacceptable (and unconstitutional) growth of Japan's naval attack potential.  Japan vehemently denied it at the time...
During the following Obama years there was belligerence also in the Atlantic.  Argentina was under the rule of leftist President Cristina Fernandez (who is back in power as vice-president today) and there was open talk of retaking the strategic Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic.  400 miles from Argentine soil, the Falklands (called Las Islas Malvinas by the Argentines) are in range of land-based airstrikes.  Great Britain would have to project air power from 8,000 miles away to defend her possession, with the added handicap of being temporarily without an aircraft carrier...
(Yes, the GospelGunslingers did sleep fitfully those years, praying "God please help solve the F-35 boondoggle and get the HMS Queen Elizabeth in the water before communist Argentina makes good on this threat.") 
Wiser observers doubted whether the F-35 would ever fly, or would be tossed in the scrap heap with the electric railgun of the Zumwalt-class.  The project had been bled for years and countless billions, this while the Chinese were building ships furiously.  Partner nations were building ships to carry the F-35B, the more complicated jump-jet variant, and even the land-launched F-35A failed test after test.  God answered our prayers and Trump waded into the swamp.  Now the F-35 is flying and battle-tested in both the A and B variants, and is being delivered to the export market.  On September 25th 2018, two US test pilots landed on the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth off the New Jersey coast.  They then made the first seaborne takeoffs from her ski-jump flight deck.  This gallant ship is in port preparing for her first deployment and still has not completed the handoff from United States Marine Corps pilots.  The concept is proven though, thanks to the USS Bonhomme Richard and her seven sister ships of the Wasp-class.  In addition to launching and recovering the F-35B, Wasp-class ships carry up to 1,894 Marines, nearly a full-strength Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU).  They also have a feature that even US supercarriers lack:  the ability to drop the tailgate and deploy or recover landing craft for beach invasions, including the 182-ton LCAC assault hovercraft.
Trump removed all doubt as to allied intentions in 2018 when, "Together with his Japanese counterpart, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump toured Japan’s largest warship on May 28 to demonstrate the strength of the U.S.-Japan alliance and to “send a message to China,” according to a Japanese government source. Trump and Abe were accompanied by their wives during the inspection....Trump in his speech, also referenced the conversion of the Izumo-class into full-fledged aircraft carriers capable of launching the F-35B, the vertical or short takeoffs and vertical landings (STOVL) variant of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, as well as Japan’s decision to procure an extra 105 F-35s from the United States.
“Soon this very ship will be upgraded to carry this cutting-edge aircraft," Trump said. “With this extraordinary new equipment, the Kaga will help our nations defend against a range of complex threats in the region and far beyond.”" -Diplomat (Article link below)
Japan's more aggressive stance is likely due to the "new imperial era “Reiwa” following Emperor Naruhito’s ascension to the throne on May 1 [2018]."
In these first two weeks of July 2020, two important strides have occurred: 1. On July 2nd, Japan began the deck reinforcement & heat shielding retrofit of the Izumo-class to carry the F-35B. (Link below)  2.  On July 9, the US State Department cleared the sale to Japan of 105 F-35 Lightning II fighters (both A & B variants) in a $23 billion deal. 
Three days later, USS Bonhomme Richard mysteriously caught fire.  No weapons were on board; the fire suppression system had been turned off for maintenance.  The fire occurred on some Achilles' heel of the vessel, some insanely flammable and unreachable spot known only to the saboteur.  This mighty ship would not be carrying F-35s into the Pacific or The Persian Gulf.  Today, seven Iranian vessels very similarly caught fire in port.  Broadcasting live tonight on shortwave to over seventy nations, Hal Turner asked "Are we already at war?"
Nearly four months ago, allied conservative President Bukele of El Salvador gave a prescient answer,
"Some people might not have realized that World War III has already begun."


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Mexico On Brink Of Civil War As AMLO Goes To Washington

“It’s a REBELLION” claimed political scientist Eduardo Huchim to BBC World.

Francisco Cabeza de Vaca, the allegedly US-born governor of Mexico’s Tamaulipas border state, has been identified before as the leader of an insidious revolt against President Lopez Obrador (AMLO).  That revolt is now open.  A known associate of the Bush crime family and rumored to be the leader of the Gulf Cartel, Cabeza de Vaca had been jet-setting around Mexico during the quarantine to encourage the growing number of confederate governors before his July 2 announcement that he has tested positive for COVID-19 (an implausible assertion, extremely convenient for PR).  

AMLO is often compared to Donald Trump for his rejection of traditional solutions; both see that government has itself been a den of thieves and a contributor to the very delinquency it purports to remedy.  AMLO has been criticized for his soft stance against criminal syndicates and initial refusal to use military force against them (a tactic which has been employed brutally and ineffectively by his predecessors).  Convicted gangster “La Barbie”, rumored to be the right hand of former President Felipe Calderon, recently stated in US court that Mexico’s “war on drugs was really a war FOR drugs.”  Governments on both sides of the Rio Grande have fueled the drug trade while claiming to fight it, greatly increasing the strength and militarization of their police forces to combat the very evil they themselves have encouraged.  As governor-elect, Cabeza de Vaca travelled to Austin to meet with Texas land commissioner and Bush family CIA-scion George P. Bush.  The purpose of the trip was to ask for money from the Merida Initiative to militarize his state police force.  AMLO had proposed cancelling the Merida Initiative, seeing it as hopelessly corrupt neoliberalism (a catch-all Latin American term for Yankee imperialism).  The Governor appears to have gotten his CIA money and, showing off all his new guns, armored vehicles, and even aircraft in November to BBC journalist Simon Reeve (link below).

Before the quarantine, Cabeza de Vaca’s proposition was to fight the drug cartels more openly and militarily.  Once the COVID-19 crisis became the hot issue, the criticism of AMLO shifted to his slack handling of that matter.  The accusations that AMLO’s response was too slow and funding inadequate strangely echo the stance of Democratic governors in the United States.  What really gives strength to the rebellion is the unification of diverse factions and their varied disagreements with the central government.  The FRENA movement against AMLO is quietly backed by Cabeza de Vaca’s PAN political party.  FRENA has mobilized significant protests in numerous cities against AMLO, even at the height of the quarantine, and has unified many streams of discontent from outside this historically weaker party.  

Anti-US sentiment is also a factor in the borderlands, and the Mormon LeBaron family (famous as victims of the November 3 massacre) is again in the spotlight.  The massacre was largely reported as a random incident in the lands of cartel violence, but it was not the cartels who barricaded the LeBaron compound shut this 4th of July weekend.  The “Barzón” group of “indigenous peasants” demonstrated outside the LeBaron compound over water rights, and brought heavy equipment to dig a vehicle barrier across the only access road.  They left “in fear for their lives”, as it is known that the LeBaron dual US/Mexican citizens have weapons and will defend themselves.  The issue of numerous irrigation wells (that the Barzón contend are illegal) was a flash point long before the massacre.  This was hardly reported in US news and has grown in importance as the region is in a prolonged drought (last year’s harvest of the critical bean crop in Chihuahua was down 86% and prices have tripled).  Julian LeBaron stated that these actions “constitute racism…against his family that has been covered by the government at all three levels…property damage occurring even with and despite police presence, with no one guaranteeing the family’s rights.”  LeBaron then named Chihuahua Governor Javier Corral Jurado as the protector of these violent and vandalous mobs ever since his taking office in 2018.  PAN Governor Corral has happily joined Cabeza de Vaca’s cadre of consiprators, lumbering into the limelight during the Covid-19 crisis as a masked crusader scolding business-opening scofflaws.  (Even as the twenty most wanted criminals in the state openly scoff at him and the very attorney general LeBaron accused of protecting criminals, and the murder rate continues to climb [article photos below]).

This complicity of law enforcement with unruly mobs is also evident amongst US authorities in the Chihuahuan border region.  The day after AMLO and Governor Corral took office, US head of Consultate-Juarez John Travenner appeared on Mexican television nationwide.  He spoke in Spanish to the migrants then caravanning across Mexico, and invited them to the city of Juarez for “assistance to get home.”  I readily understood his cryptic and Aesopean message, that he would assist migrants on the final phase of their jump across the US border.  Soon hundreds of migrants began to debus almost daily across the border in El Paso, Texas, and were then bussed to sanctuary cities across the USA. 

The latest news in the border region is the spreading COVID-19 contagion, which some Mexican officials claim is coming from the United States.  Far more likely is that the contagion is being intentionally spread in Mexico by the 800 Cuban doctors present in the nation.  The UN-trained Mexican Guardia Nacionál stands guard outside all hospitals, preventing entry to family or friends of patients under cover of contagion concerns.  This conveniently prevents any observation of the treatment given to such patients until the doctors exit with condolences and the cenizas (ashes) of the cremated patient, in as little as four hours!  The death rate in Juarez (infamous as the most murderous city in the Americas, with six killings per day last month) has been reported as high as 26% of those infected, and has stabilized around 20%.  This is 200 times the US death rate!  The head of the Organization of American States, conservative Secretary General Luís Almagro, has questioned the “intelligence” (that is, espionage) purpose of the doctors from Cuba now present in 21 nations.  This bastion of tyranny and puppet of Chinese-led world communism has dreamt for decades of the day her infiltrators could descend from a Trojan horse and smash open the gates of Latin America.  

Ten days ago (and 48 hours after AMLO’s announcement that he would meet with Trump) a brazen attempt was made on the life of Mexico City’s police chief, Omar García Harfuch.  The daylight assault in the “Beverly Hills” of Mexico’s capital shocked the city and was meant as a warning to President AMLO.  The 28 sicarios (hitmen) assembled from around the nation for this suicide mission came from states under committed cadre governors, those with the highest levels of drug crime, each controlled by separate cartels that have traditionally been rivals!  It now appears that the conspiracy against AMLO consists of united governors, united political parties, and united cartels. This is happening even as the Mexican Navy is cooperating with US and other nations to blockade smuggling by air and sea like never before.  Transnational criminal organizations are suffering as nearly every shipment of drugs, guns, and money is intercepted and the traffickers arrested.  Their only hope is in state-level sponsors like Cuba and Venezuela and the continued existence of swamp creatures within the governments of nations like the USA and Mexico.  If Trump and AMLO agree to eradicate that, the Americas may well be GRANDE again!

                Addenda: 1. List of 15 of the 32 Mexican states whose governors attended each of three meetings.  The only one present at all three was Governor Francisco Cabeza de Vaca,of the bloody border state of Tamaulipas. 2. Bibliography. 3. Original article identifying Cabeza de Vaca as the leader of a growing revolt.  This was published anonymously by Dave Hodges TheCommonSenseShow.com and is here for the first time published with its extensive bibliography and admitted as being of my authorship. 4. Photos

May 29th meeting 7 governors Coahuila, Colima, Durango, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas.
June 13-14 meeting 9 PAN governors in Veracruz : Aguascalientes, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Durango, Nayarit, Queretaro, Quintana Roo, Tamaulipas, and Yucatan.  The Governor of Veracruz, where this meeting was held, is a member of AMLO’s MORENA party and refused to attend although it was held in his own state during highest RED level of the quarantine.
June 19 meeting:  Coahuila, Colima, Durango, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas demand an audience with AMLO.
Summation of states represented:  Aguascalientes, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Colima, Durango, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nayarit, Nuevo León, Queretaro, Quintana Roo, Tamaulipas, and Yucatan.  15 of 32 states in all.  The governors vary in their level of commitment to the conspiracy, and other officials are complicit though not present at these meetings.

#BBCTheAmericasWithSimonReeve November20, 1999 Tamaulipas State Police Military Equipment   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qU8HnR25lUI


On Thu, Nov 28, 2019, 10:14 PM Sam Honnold  wrote:

This story is so dangerous for me, I want to publish it anonymously.  The documentation speaks for itself.  I broke it in generalities last night on the Hal Turner Radio Show, but this is the MAIN EVENT WITH SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION...it needs to go out TODAY! 



ABC News today reported that Governor Cabeza de Vaca of Tamaulipas, Mexico, reiterated his support for President Trump's classification of Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations.  The governor's initial statement signals a bold stand of defiance against his own president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), and was made in the most confrontational possible way on November 20, a national holiday and the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution of 1910.  Governor Cabeza de Vaca made his stand flanked by high officers of the military and Tamaulipas government, clearly mimicking AMLO's appearance in the Distrito Federal with his phalanx of military and police commanders.  Governor Cabeza de Vaca is distinguishing himself as a counterbalance to AMLO and a focal point for opposition against his socialist MORENA ruling party, even as tension between Trump and AMLO is reaching the boiling point and the United States is looking for political allies in Mexico...but a look into the history of Cabeza de Vaca casts serious doubts on the purity of his intentions and his trustworthiness as a partner! 

According to Wikipedia, Francisco Javier Garcia Cabeza de Vaca was born a US citizen in McAllen,Texas on 9-17-1967.  He would normally be referred to by his partiarchal surname (Garcia), but very strangely ran for governor in 2016 billed as "Cabeza de Vaca", the surname of his mother's house, perhaps deriving lineage from the great explorer and conquistador of the 1500s.  Perhaps he did this to avoid comparison with Father Francisco Javier Garcia, a Sacramento catholic priest who fled to Mexico in 1995 after being credibly accused of molesting 24 California boys of minority age.  Perhaps the governor has his own closet packed full of skeletons, both in figure of scandals and in fact of literal murder victims, under both the Garcia name and his Cabeza de Vaca moniker of late!

If there is even a whisper of scandal or cartel collusion in Cabeza de Vaca's past, he must be disqualified as a major partner in the drug war with the USA and President Trump...and the word on the streets of Tamaulipas is that the governor himself is the head of the powerful Gulf Cartel!  Further, it appears that Cabeza de Vaca is deliberately courting favor with President Trump as the heir apparent to represent the free world in opposing AMLO and socialist Mexico, an unholy alliance that must be immediately stopped.  
Latin presidencies are not waiting for scheduled elections, but turning over due to coups, corruption arrests, resignations of embattled officials, and outright wars.  Venezuela is struggling between the dictatorial incumbent Maduro and the conservative intern president (Guaido) recognized by over 50 nations.  In Bolivia, dictator Morales has fled to asylum in Mexico and conservative Christian Senator Jeanine Anez Chavez has assumed the presidency, control of the military and police, and renewed relations with the USA.  The same situation is brewing in Mexico, our contiguous next-door-neighbor, a much more populous and proximate nation with far greater military and economic power.  No one has stepped forward to be the interim/opposition president of Mexico and confront the powerful AMLO--until now--and the man making that confrontation may well be an imposter!  Cabeza de Vaca is using his mother's name, has criminal convictions, is reported to have different dates and places of birth, and is listed as the first US-born Mexican governor with dual citizenship...yet he may not be an American at all!  The dismissing of US Customs Agent Raul Rodriguez has highlighted a fraudulent US birth certificate aquisition ring, during the time and in the locality of Cabeza de Vaca's birth. 
Cabeza de Vaca's faux nemesis, "Nemesio" aka "El Mencho", is the head of the brutal and deadly CJNG Cartel and the new face of the "narcoterrorism" that the governor decried.  Cabeza de Vaca is governor of Tamaulipas, home turf of the Gulf Cartel and splinter group Los Zetas, and it is from these locally-based cartels that Cabeza de Vaca is alleged to receive bribes.  CJNG comes from the southwestern Pacific state of Jalisco, on the far side of the country, considered invaders to the long-standing cartel bosses of Tamaulipas.  An official sworn to protect the Gulf Cartel would be expected to ramp up enforcement against their encroaching rivals, Nemesio Ruben Oseguera Cervantes and his Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion. 

The governor's Bush family connections:  Before even taking office, he travelled to San Antonio and Austin, Texas, where he met with the half-Hispanic Texas Land Commissioner and Bush family scion George Prescott Bush, the last member of the Bush family whose career is rising (reportedly eying his uncle's old post, the governorship of Texas).  There are still a number of RINO Republicans in Texas who would like to ditch Trump-a-nomics and get back to the old two-party duopoly, and who better than the last upcoming Bush to bring their power to bear in the governor's ascent?  Many in Mexico also long to get rid of AMLO and return to their PRI/PAN two-party duopoly, where most government posts were licenses to steal, regardless of the officeholder's stated allegiance.  AMLO's soft stance on organized crime has had one notable exception, the "huachicoleros" or fuel thieves.  His military brutally crushed cartel crews tapping the state-owned PEMEX petroleum pipes, even dusting off his aging F-5 fighter jets to patrol the nationwide pipeline network.  Fuel theft was a mainstay of the Gulf Cartel, and the crackdown has hurt them badly.  Cabeza de Vaca is directly implicated in fuel theft, transport of drugs in PEMEX-badged vehicles, and receipt of massive bribes from the fuel-thieving Gulf Cartel--which would love to take revenge on AMLO.

Sid Miller, the Texas Agricultural Commissioner and advisor to Donald Trump, is the other person that Cabeza de Vaca has been meeting with in Texas.  The flamboyant Commissioner was passed over for the Secretary of Agriculture job, but still has Trump's ear.  He has been resistant to Trump's "Build The Wall" policy, but has been pushing for other border-security initiatives and the billions set aside for them.  1.6 billion (worldwide, including 22 aircraft purchased) has already been spent on the "Merida Initiative", a US program to bolster security and cut down transnational crime by US training of foreign military and police and providing US equipment.  Cabeza de Vaca came, even before his gubernatorial election, asking for Merida Initiative money.  He stated that, even with the money, it would take 1 1/2 years to build a proper militarized force.  The money was spent and the force is in place...but is its allegiance to the Gulf Cartel?

Trump's reauthorization of the Patriot Act has been criticised, as it is a draconian and gives the government significant war powers over the affairs of US residents.  This reauthorization is indicative that the president does indeed intend to go to war with the cartels, and it provides significant sanctioning power against cartel-linked businesses both domestically and abroad.  Retired Mexican General Gaytan recently expressed discontent with AMLO's soft stance toward cartel eradication through military force, a major break with tradition and decorum that received a standing ovation from other officers.  Trump's willingness to use military force against the cartels is echoed in Mexico...just sometimes for wrong or personal reasons.  Trump must find the right man to be the focal point of this confrontation.

Tamaulipas State contains all significant border population centers and crossings into Texas, with the exception of Juarez/El Paso.  Control of the overt politics or domination of the underworld of this state is the smuggler's golden goose, controlling both is like having a monopoly on Boardwalk and Park Place.  The war for control has long been intense, both legally and illegally, and Governor Cabeza de Vaca's real nemesis has long been his predecessor, fugitive Tamaulipas Ex-Governor Tomas Yarrington.  Yarrington fled prosecution for five years, was arrested in Italy, and is in now in US custody awaiting trial for bribe-taking and cartel collusion during his governorship.  Yarrington is a convenient villain, often touted as the icon of Mexican corruption, yet there are problems with that narrative.  The DEA informant "Angeles" was expected to testify against Yarrington, and instead stated that he paid a $500,000 bribe to Cabeza de Vaca!  Separate tesimony in the "El Chapo" trial told of bribes in the tens of millions to the governor's associates.  Cabeza de Vaca has also initiated civil proceedings in US court to recover property he alleges Yarrington bought with funds stolen from Tamaulipas treasuries.  The people of Tamaulipas simply do not believe that Yarrington did all those dastardly things.  They say the state did well when he was governor, schools and roads improved, and there was rule of law.  Those same poor constituents got free Cabeza de Vaca campaign t-shirts (a valuable gift in the villages) and wore them...inside out, to hide his name! 

An anonymous "Tamaulipeco", or resident of the state, said Cabeza de Vaca is an "opositor", that he will resist AMLO's policies and take the position opposite that taken by his president, who has so damaged the illegal fuel trade.  There is a trail of bodies behind Cabeza de Vaca that would rival any in Arkansas, including bodyguards, partners-in-crime, government officials...in addition to the senseless slaughter from rampant crime and turf wars.  There is a class of criminal that thrives on chaos and human suffering, that will start wars without clear objectives or goals to achieve, that lusts for power only to bring destruction on a wider scale.  This is the bully, which if allowed to grow becomes the tyrant.  This is the heart of Father Francisco Javier Garcia, this is the heart of Francisco Javier Garcia Cabeza de Vaca!  Perhaps his opposite, Tomas Yarrington, will have his day in court and be found innocent on all charges.  Perhaps Yarrington's charges were politically motivated because he governed in righteousness, and was near to winning the general election for the presidency of Mexico!  President Trump, look to Yarrington to be the opposite to both AMLO and Cabeza de Vaca, to be a real law-and-order president and rid the cartels from the face of the earth!

Photo Captions:

Mexican President AMLO (3rd from left) watches the Revolution Day parade from the balcony of the presidential palace with Alfonso Durazno (left), the cabinet head of the Secretariat of Security and Civilian Protection (which oversees the Federal Police), Luis Cresencio Sandoval Gonzalez the Secretary of Defense (over the army and air force), and Admiral Jose R. Ojeda Duran (right), head of the Navy and Naval Marine Infantry). 

Governor Cabeza de Vaca appears at the parade of Tamaulipas state, on the same historic day, similarly flanked by police and military leaders, to make his statement of defiance against his President and his intent to declare war on the cartels (as Trump previously suggested in the wake of the November 4 Mormon massacre). 

Governor-elect Cabeza de Vaca with Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller

    Original referenced ABC News article

    Cabeza de Vaca's original November 20 statement of the cartels as "NARCOTERRORISM" 

    Birth listed September 17, 1967 IN REYNOSA, Merida Initiative money, $500,000 bribe paid to the campaign of Cabeza de Vaca as revealed by DEA informant "Angeles" and reported in the newspaper Diario Reforma in 2015.  "Angeles" was an informant in the investigation of Tomas Yarrington, and was expected to testify against Yarrington, NOT his rival Cabeza de Vaca.

     30 million dollars worth of bribes (according to testimony in the "El Chapo" Guzman trial) were paid to Guillermo Gonzalez Calderoni, a known criminal and brother-in-law to Cabeza de Vaca's murdered head of security, Rene Itzaguierre

    Title: "Traces of Narco In The PAN (party) Candidate".  Breakdown naming Cabeza de Vaca's known narco associates; suspicious deaths including that of his bodyguard Rene (Itz-)Aguierre, tranport of drugs in Pemex-badged vehicles; connection to Alfredo Leal Guerra, a former police director under mayor Cabeza de Vaca, and a member of his private security detail when arrested in Texas in 2006 WITH 25 KILOS OF COCAINE.  Information on "protection money" schemes and illegal taxation of imports, and FUEL THEFT.  

6. https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2019-11-26/u-s-customs-officer-loses-job-citizenship-due-to-birth-certificate-challenge Firing of US Customs officer Raul Rodriguez highlights many "birth certificates filed by a midwife suspected of having engaged in fraud, as well as those with both a U.S. and foreign birth certificate"  in the very border areas where Cabeza de Vaca was born in the same time period of the late 1960s

    Scathing accusations of Cabeza de Vaca, his teen-aged mugshot in McAllen showing prisoner #33696 on 02-09-1986.  He was arrested for stealing firearms out of a parked car with four accomplices WHO ALL WERE LATER MURDERED IN SEPARATE INCIDENTS.  Cabeza de Vaca's friendship with Horacio Ortiz Renan, who is now CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE TAMAULIPAS SUPREME COURT; their historic favors to Osiel Cardenas Guillen, a known cartel boss, to throw lavish festivities in public forum.  More on the death of Cabeza de Vaca's personal chief bodyguard Rene Itzaguierre, whom Cabeza de Vaca later denied was on his bodyguard detail; assassination of four senior officials in the state attorney general's office in the beginning of the Cabeza de Vaca governorship; connection to Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari and his associate; connections to "El Chapo" Guzman and massive bribes paid to Cabeza de Vaca associates. 

   Cabeza de Vaca, as a Senator, comes to Texas to make deals in his gubernatorial pre-candidacy

    Other profile page for Cabeza de Vaca listing birth in Reynosa, Tamaulipas in 1969

    "Legislator Profile" page for Cabeza de Vaca with his achievements and history in politics 

    Cabeza de Vaca Meets Sid Miller and Texas Land Commissioner George Prescott Bush (Son of Jeb Bush), eyes Merida Initiative money

    Cabeza de Vaca meets again with Sid Miller 

13.https://www.statesman.com/NEWS/20170315/Texas-born-Mexican-governor-looks-to-strengthen-bridges-with-the-state         Cabeza de Vaca's pursuit of Merida Initiative money discussed further

    Can George Prescott Bush revive the Bush Brand?  Half-Hispanic politician eyes the Governorship 

    Priest of same name whereabouts unknown, fled to Mexico in 1995 after credible abuse accusations by 24 victims

    Among the accusations against Ex-governor Tomas Yarrington, he MAY HAVE helped Cabeza de Vaca into politics

    Another accusation against Yarrington, widely believed, is that he had state protection during his five years as a fugitive.  The source of this rumor (in this article) is the accusation of the same by Cabeza de Vaca!

    Ex-Governor Yarrington, the "isolated prisoner" held apart from the general population in pre-trial detention at the HDC Houston detention center

    Cabeza de Vaca "leads state's effort" to sue for possession of Cameron County, Texas land allegedly bought by Yarrington and associates with funds pilfered from Tamaulipas treasuries. May 9, 2019

    Retired general Gaytan criticized AMLO's "hugs not bullets" cartel policy, receives "standing ovation by attendees who included current and former high-ranking military officials, including Defense Secretary Luis Cresencio Sandoval"

Final Photos:  Newspaper articles from El Diario De Chihuahua on LeBaron confrontation (1) and the 20 most wanted criminals in Chihuahua openly mocking the attorney general (2).  US head of consulate-Juarez John Travenner on Mexican national television Dec. 2 2018 (3). 

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Epic Assassination Attempt On Mexico City Police Chief Omar Garcia Harfuch

I was in the capital when all this went down and Chief Garcia H. miraculously survived.  More info and links are posted below.  The attempt occurred 48 hours after Mexican President AMLO announced his intent to visit Trump at the White House.  This shocking reversal would be AMLO's first departure from Mexican soil since taking office 19 months ago.  Newscasts in Mexico City showed recent statements by Trump and AMLO supporting and thanking one another;  before there had been a media-driven impassible divide of offenses and barbs.  US forces had been positioned off the Venezuelan coast to remove Dictator Nicolas Maduro (whom AMLO has supported even in recent weeks), and I suspect that Trump postponed the assault for this meeting, which may turn Mexico away from the Sino-Russian orbit before the outbreak of military action.  The assassination attempt was an unexpected domestic hostile outbreak that shocked Mexico City and showed how effective the US-led counter-narcotics strategy has been, crippling cartels and intercepting shipments of drugs and money.  The Friday assault also occurred on the last working day before the loosening of Covid-19 restrictions in the hard-hit capital (strangely similar to the timing of George Floyd riots in the USA). 


Some assassins were disguised as construction workers, others as city workers.  The assault was carried out by 4 squads of seven sicarios each, with heavy weapons such as Barrett rifles in 50BMG caliber, 40mm grenade launchers, and belt-fed machine guns alongside numerous automatic military rifles wielded by attackers in body armor.  The Chief was struck by three bullets as well as shrapnel as the weapons penetrated his armored SUV.  Two bodyguards and a passer-by were killed in the assault.  Full breakdown of the attack, those involved, and the political implications tonight at 6 Central+/- on with Brandon Gray on justanotherchannel.com. https://youtu.be/JsAL2GL9KT4
This attack thrust the city into a fury of kinetic cartel and anti-cartel violence; I MYSELF HAD TO TAKE COVER FROM SHOTS FIRED WITHIN 100 METERS OF MY BED FRIDAY NIGHT IN THE MEXICO CITY SUBURBS.

Reports (by El Proceso) that Garcia Harfuch appeared in the Wikileaks dumps incorrectly suggested that he was implicated in corruption.  The cable (link below) was a standard US request to clear Garcia H. and eleven other Mexican federal and state police commanders before their attendance at a US-funded 2010 anti-gang tactics conference in San Salvador, El Salvador.  The US "Leahy Law" requires that foreign military and police operators must be cleared of Gross Violations of Human Rights (GVHM) before receiving US equipment and training. 

The Seattle CHAZ/CHOP insurrection of recent weeks was modeled in part on the Mexican Tlatelolco uprising of (Red) October 1968.  The rebellion was crushed by 5,000 Mexican soldiers with tank support, under Secretary of Defense Marcelino Garcia Barragan, the grandfather of targeted Chief Omar Garcia Harfuch.  This tough cop's father Javier Garcia Paniagua was also a key figure in suppressing communism as head of the Federal Security Directorate (DFS) during the 1970s era known as the "Dirty War".  There were so-called dirty wars all through Latin America while the USSR existed, as communist backed narco-armies led rebellions and criminal syndicates in almost every nation.  They were defeated, sometimes at the final hour as the government tottered, by heroes such as Presidents Alberto Fujimori (Peru), Augusto Pinochet (Chile), and military governments in Argentina and Brazil.  Che Guevara T-shirt-wearing anarchists even today cry foul that these insurrections were put down militarily, insisting that they have the right to be traitors to their nations and the West, traffick drugs and people, and bear arms against their duly elected leaders and the civil authorities prosecuting their crimes.  This ongoing conflict is the reason Latin America still struggles to develop, and only now is there a true coalition of fed-up conservative Latin leaders willing to take it on, beginning with the vipers' nest of Venezuela.  This is the coalition that AMLO is thinking to join as he meets with Trump.  AMLO is decidedly leftist, and this would be a miraculous turn, only now possible after this and other slights by the Chinese bloc and the transnational criminal organizations they support. 

The WIKILEAKS PAGE:  https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/09MEXICO3523_a.html

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Cuban Doctors Now In 21 Countries As Covid-19 Is Yet To Peak In Latin America

Questions are now being asked at the highest levels whether los medicos cubanos are helping the nations of their posting, or if it this is an intentional communist infiltration/subversion.  Andres Oppenheimer interviewed OAS Secretary Luis Almagro Sunday on "Oppenheimer Presenta".  In this dialogue between the recently reelected head of the powerful Organization of American States and one of the most famous  Spanish-speaking journalists in the world, the secretary raised three questions about the Cuban doctors:
1.  Are they really free, or themselves trafficked/exploited laborers (perhaps "Manchurian Candidates")?
2.  Is this effort for propaganda?
3.  Is this effort for ESPIONAGE?  Almagro asks at 32:15 if this is an "intelligence" operation, for "INTELLIGENCE and INFILTRATION, all on purpose?"
Even in the USA, the Covid-19 has been intentionally spread by contaminated test kits and Personal Protective Equipment.  Mayors and governors have ordered contagious patients out of hospital isolation and into nursing homes filled with vulnerable older Americans, causing many deaths.  Doctors have suppressed proven remedies and insisted upon ventilator usage at high pressures, killing 5 of 6 patients so treated.  These offenses have been committed by leaders and medical professionals within the United States, the nation with the strongest history of Judeo-Christian values and highest respect for human life, where doctors are supposedly bound by the Hippocratic Oath.  Conversely, world communism has always dispensed with the individual in favor of the collective and executed more than 100 million people worldwide in the last century.  Further, Cuba and North Korea excel as torturers and manipulators of the human mind.  They export their subjects for labor and only release their most successfully indoctrinated automatons on their own recognizance.  These communist doctors must be investigated, whether they have intentionally spread this contagion to destroy the economies of the Americas!

"Oppenheimer Presenta" interview with Organization of American States Secretary Luis Almagro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO5kb4lervk&feature=youtu.be&t=1881

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Author's note:  I am going to press with this report on record, although there is no photo, no video, and no link to a published article.  I trust my people on the ground in the capital.
In the early morning Wednesday (June 4,2020), a resolute group of ciudadanos poured into Mexico City's Chinatown and smashed the restaurants and businesses.  Graffiti and crowd gritos (shouts) declared the Chinese as the enemy, the guilty party for the deployment of the Covid-19 bioweapon against the Americas, and unwelcome in Mexico. 
The virus has hurt Mexico City badly.  Yesterday the people had their revenge, and made their sentiments abundantly clear.  The government has cordoned off the area and promised to repair damage and remove graffiti.  This is a developing story that is being heavily suppressed by the authorities!  The principal streets saqueados (sacked) were LOPEZ  and DOLORES (on map between #130 and #224), this is only 1000 meters west of the Zocalo heart of Mexico City and seat of government (#189 on map).  I have walked these streets myself and shopped in the markets around the famous Palacio de Bellas Artes (#150).
This blog has reported on the many riots in Latin America, especially threatening conservative presidents in Chile, Peru, and Ecuador.  Those riots are often reported as the opposite of what they truly are.  Grassroots movements working to eliminate corruption and make their nations grande again are reported as totalitarian actors and war criminals.  Anarcho-leftist riots by foreign agents (often Venezuelan "refugees" of which each said nation averages a million) are reported as grassroots movements of citizens fed-up with "inequality".  Funding for these revolts has been proven to come from Russia and China, and NGOs such as the Sao Paulo Group.   (See articles below dated 18November2019 20October2019 12October2019 9October2019 and especially 30June2019--The "NARCO" In Anarcho-Terrorism.)
Vicente Fox (Mexican president 2000-2006) wrote a booklet in Spanish that circulates today in the barrios of the USA.  It is a literal manual on how to emigrate illegally to our nation, take advantage of every loophole and gravy-train policy, and eventually swing the culture/voting bloc to Democrat Party dominance.  Presidente Fox also began Mexico's love affair with China (at least in modern times, Chairman Mao himself visited long ago), allowing massive immigration of Chinese nationals under an unofficial and unwritten policy.  Twenty years later, many inhabitants of the barrio chino are illegal, undocumented immigrants of a protected political class.  Between crashes of breaking glass yesterday, this injustice was decried in Spanish to China and the world!
The Mexican people are the most vicious freedom fighters in the Americas, having fought three major revolutions.  They have partially succeeded each time, gaining freedom and pushing back tyranny.  There is also a precedent in Mexico for suppressing the history of these violent revolutions.  Accounts of Pancho Villa were suppressed for over 50 years after his 1923 assassination.  His home in Chihuahua is a museum today, and his remains are entombed honorably beneath a monument on Mexico City's Paseo de la Reforma.  For those fifty dark years, the memory of El Generalissimo was kept alive only by oral tradition:  whispered rumors, secreted artifacts, and the corridos. These uniquely Mexican running songs are similar to those memorized by medieval bards to chronicle the legends and heroes of their age.  In Mexico, the suppressed history finally became mainstream, commemorated in museums and included in school curricula.  In Mexico City, the traditional capital of the Americas, a rumor can spread to the outer barrios in the hour it takes for the subway to transit, and in this case it has.  I have shared with you the new oral history that only fifty million people know...that a real people's revolt against Chinese hegemony in the Americas has begun...begun AND COUNTED COUP!
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A big "thank you" to all my subscribers and prayer partners who keep this blog running and the in...

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Radioactive Iridium-192 Canister "Lost" In Texas
Anarchist Riots Continue With Impact, Chemical, And Pyrotechnic Weapons 

Hopefully NUCLEAR weapons will not be added to this list!

The four Mexican states bordering Texas have been alerted by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to the loss of a "radiation source" that could pose a danger to the public.  Iridium-192 "is also one of the main lost or stolen commercial radioactive isotopes that could potentially be used in a dirty bomb" according to The Guardian.

This isotope of Iridium is used in medicine to kill cancer cells, but is also a powerful poison to humans, emitting beta and gamma radiation and focally accumulating in the spleen.  It could be used to make a radioactive "DIRTY BOMB" as was widely reported in The Guardian when a similar canister was stolen in England in 2013 (article attached below).  The "dirty bomb" is the preferred nuclear weapon of anarchist cells and rogue states which lack sophisticated laboratories for the construction of fission or fusion-type nuclear explosive devices.  A small charge of conventional explosive is used to disperse radioactive material over a wide area.  Targeted humans are then exposed to radiation, perhaps breathing in particles of the isotope itself.  Fortunately, the short (74-day) half-life of Ir-192 means that any weapon made from it would not be shelf-stable beyond this year and would not render an area permanently uninhabitable.  It would, however, retain its efficacy through the summer season of riots, which continue to rage.

The vehicle containing the radiation canister was reportedly swept away May 29 by the current of the Pedernales River outside of Fredricksburg, Texas.  The vehicle was located May 30 (without the canister or radioactive material) 11km downstream in an areal search.  The Pedernales River is a popular location for whitewater rafting and is known for sudden changes in water level.  Flash flooding has claimed several lives at Pedernales Falls State Park, and warning sirens have been installed along the river to sound an alarm in the event of rising water.  The Perdernales terminates at Lake Travis, only ten miles west of Austin, Texas.

The Spanish named this waterway for the flint rocks common in the riverbed, which they gathered to spark the flintlock muskets of their conquest.  Perhaps the weapon of a new revolution--of the nuclear age--is being sparked here  today! God help us to find this canister!


2015 article further detailing the nature of this material:  https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/mexico-on-alert-after-radioactive-iridium-192-stolen-from-truck-in-tabasco-state/?__twitter_impression=true

UPDATE: 6-4-2020 Twitter user @browntown1776 astutely suggested the low-flying Blackhawks over Washington D.C. could be radiation-detection sorties. 
Last night after this was broadcast to over 70 nations by shortwave and on the internet at halturnerradioshow.com a caller stated that the canister had been found (without referencing any source, and stating the distance the vehicle was swept as 11 miles-noticieros.televisa said it was 11 kilometers, and specifically stated that the canister was NOT located with the vehicle).
Journalist Thornton Parsons @QMN1775 reported on quartermaster.news that "A [sic] NRC spokesman told QMN that the material was recovered..."  The spokesman is not named.  In addition to several plagiarisms from this article (without quotation marks or any reference to my original authorship), QMN erroneously referred to the four alerted Mexican border states as "counties".  I thank the quartermaster for his military service but resent the journalistic throat-slitting of his article and MAINTAIN THAT NO REPORT FROM A RELIABLE PUBLICATION OR NAMED OFFICIAL HAS ASSURED THIS THREAT IS NEUTRALIZED OR THE RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL REACQUIRED.
UPDATE: 6-9-2020 **ALL CLEAR** according to CBS Austin the canister was located intact on Sunday, May 31 near the area of loss.  The LA Times (link below) describes the enormous danger of such material falling into the wrong hands, the inaction of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to put stronger controls in place, and the number of such deadly radioactive sources scattered across the nation.  Americans must be alert to the threat of modern anarchist or embedded terrorist cells which dream of causing massive death by the use of such a weapon, or significant destruction by attacking vital points of US infrastructure. 

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Shots Fired In Venezuela, OPERATION GIDEON Underway

Here is an aggregation of all the best REAL NEWS on this developing conflict:
Update: May 11, nationwide violent protests expected TODAY in Venezuela:


Friday, May 29:  List of 44 members of Operation Gideon detained so far is published (attached below):  https://twitter.com/Carive15/status/1265771744008245248?s=19. 

Sunday, May 10: Eight more members of Operation Gideon arrested in mountains 20 miles west of Caracas.  Reports state that the nephew of General Clíver Alcalá was among the arrested. [Spanish] https://www.caraotadigital.net/nacionales/capturados-8-implicados-operacion-gedeon-sobrino-cliver-alcala/amp?__twitter_impression=true

Saturday, May 9: Three abandoned Colombian light assault boats were discovered in the Orinoco River: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/10/venezuela-seizes-empty-colombian-combat-boats-days-after-failed-invasion-plot


A tidbit not reported ANYWHERE: President Trump phoned both the presidents of Paraguay and Bolivia Monday, ostensibly to discuss Covid-19 response and donate some medical supplies.  Both administrations are strong, conservative allies that would benefit from increased US military presence in many ways.  Trump is laying the groundwork for a larger military intervention into Venezuela, perhaps based from these nations! Latest (May 6th) breakdown here: https://youtu.be/p1XJoTOPYgg

Abridged reports (2 minute):
(Mirror) https://www.bitchute.com/video/Nka9TZ51AzA2/
(Mirror2) https://twitter.com/TacoPolitics/status/1257439218881740802?s=19


Full reports from today:  https://www.facebook.com/Thetruenewsnetwork/videos/2561916294063480/?vh=e&d=n


Weekend report before kickoff with TruthNotFictionMatters: https://youtu.be/N5LHHqp-eZ8

Bilingual interviews with Jordan 
Watch this immediately and prepare to have your MIND BLOWN!

Part II

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Sneak preview for subscribers only!  IgnitedInChrist.org manuals referenced are attached.
NEPHILIM Interview Part 1 Video with Dave Hodges.  This is published now, feel free to share.

Part 1 full audio:  https://youtu.be/YQBNFqeZ1y8
Part 2 full audio:  https://youtu.be/tKEiIwxomGc
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My weigh-in on the debate to re-open America:

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So It Begins: US Military Counter-Narcotics Operation Starts By Killing LeBaron Family “Mormon Massacre” Assassins!

Responding to a report of a horrific gunbattle Friday evening, Mexican authorities found 18 criminal “delincuentes” dead beside their military rifles and grenades.  The responsible party of “around 40 men, ‘fuertemente armados’ [heavily armed], had disappeared into the rugged terrain” of the Sierra Madre Mountains.  A nineteenth, wounded, delinquent recounted the tale before expiring at the hospital in Cuauhtemoc.  This remote area (aside from being the generational home of many LeBarons) is a known haunt of cartels, and skirmishes are common between rival groups.   Four police from various jurisdictions have been killed in Madero Municipality since October 2016.  The area is rarely patrolled, and only by federal authorities or the military. Here lies the “La Linea” faction of the Juarez Cartel that murdered the Lebaron Family on November 3rd, 2019, named as a belligerent in the official report.  

Official report (translation):  “The most recent confrontation occurred on April 3rd in the communities of La Nortena and Chuhuichupa in Madero Municipality, in which 19 were reported dead which pertained to the groups of ‘sicarios’ [hit men] known as’ La Linea’ and ‘The Jaguar’, armed branches of the Juarez and Sinaloa Cartels, respectively” reported Cesar Augusto Peniche, the ‘fiscal general’ of Chihuahua State.

President Trump has counted coup on the cartels and avenged the massacre of the LeBaron Family.  The president announced counter-narcotics operations in his Coronavirus briefing on Wednesday, April 1st, and HalTurnerRadioShow.com reported the same day that kinetic operations had begun in Mexico, Central America, and South America.  This well-planned firefight concluded within 48 hours of those announcements.  A later report by Hal Turner stated that Trump had attained the permission for military operations on sovereign Mexican territory directly from President Lopez Obrador (AMLO), after discussing signals intercepts of cartel intentions.  The cartels, recently emboldened by their defeat of the Mexican Army in the siege of Culiacan, Sinaloa, were planning extensive operations while Mexico battled the Coronavirus.  Their intent was, during this period of national weakness, to rob every bank, rob all chemical warehouses (for drug laboratory supplies & equipment), rob all military installations—and steal all the military weapons!  16 months into AMLO’s presidency, murder rates are at an all-time high.  He has extended patience and tolerance to the criminals as a marginalized group.  When signals intercepts proved the cartels were an imminent threat to the existence of Mexico as a nation, AMLO gave Trump his blessing to destroy them militarily.

The US has not taken responsibility for this strike, and the official story said the rival cartel did it.  Here is why I believe Trump has struck and made good on his promise:

1.       This was a military ambush by an extremely potent and professional force, moving on foot through alpine wilderness.  (Indicative of parachute or heliborne insertion.) 
2.       In 18 Madero Municipality firefights prior to this incident, 52 people were killed, averaging less than three deaths per firefight—this incident exceeds the average by over 500%!
3.       Trump said, and insider sources reported, that these operations were “cleared hot” and in execution phase.  Trump was especially sore about the LeBaron murders.  It is pointed (and poetic) that they be avenged in the very first strike of the new, largest-ever counter-narcotics push.
4.       Cartels typically attack each other in their headquarters or skirmish when they bump into one another.  This was a planned ambush assault against known persons, set in textbook fashion in a ravine chokepoint, on the last road deep in the mountains. 
5.       The authorities, accustomed to the military-grade armaments of the cartel members (including fully automatic and tri-burst rifles, grenades, explosives, 50-caliber sniper rifles, anti-aircraft cannons, and shoulder-fired missiles) described the attacking group as armed BEYOND that degree.  Also, a rival cartel would recover the weapons of their defeated foes.  The weapons were left as evidence for the authorities, proof that the killed were armed insurgents.
6.       The proximity of the incident site in the known stronghold of “La Linea”, in the rugged mountains (see map) between the LeBaron Massacre site and the Colonia LeBaron, mountains which are rumored to contain both Jihadi camps and hidden Chinese troops and materiel.
7.       The way the assailants melted away into the forest, the “zero footprint” of fit, well-equipped, American special operators.  Although the site was investigated and area patrolled by Federal Police, Mexican Army, and the brand-new “Guardia Nacional”, no indication was found of where the assailants had gone.  A statement was made that “there is no danger to the public or residents of the area”.  (These authorities have been briefed and are fully aware of the ongoing US counter-narcotics operations.)
“Does this look like ‘gang bangers’ to you?” -Al Pacino as LAPD Lt. Vincent Hanna in the 1995 movie “Heat”, while investigating the scene of an extremely professional armored-car robbery/murder and explosive breaching.

The evidence speaks for itself that what happened Friday in Madero Municipality is the work of US military forces, the operations that Trump declared on April 1st.  Promises made, promises kept.  

*Author’s note:  If any of you fellows pass through the capital while “snooping and pooping”, stop in to see me.  I would love to shake your hand and brew you a proper cup of coffee (in the land of Nescafe instant)!

**UPDATE Trump admitted today that kinetic strikes are ongoing against drug cartels and human traffickers in Latin America, and thanked the president of Mexico specifically for his partnership.  Video:  https://twitter.com/HonnoldSamuel/status/1247307145957085184?s=19

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Shifting Global Alliances - Queen Elizabeth II & Trump Both Speak As Tension Rises Around The World
(Replacement for BANNED original video)

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(This synopsis was written two years ago, when RHB was trying  another  tactic to get conservative, Christian America to wage a shooting war in the streets. Since that time, the Pennsylvania catholic clergy sex-abuse scandal came to the very door of RHB's co-author Paul Williams.  Williams teaches at Scranton University, which, being Jesuit, keeps separate records from the Scranton Achdiocese, and those Jesuit records were not acquired by the court.  Nevertheless, three priests from Scranton University were implicated.   RHB and Jesuit Paul Williams abhorr the USA and continue to incite civil war, even as major moves to drain the swamp are underway.)

Mar 20, 2018 at 6:49 AM

I was there 25 years ago when Rodney Howard Browne infiltrated and destroyed the last and the greatest Bible school of modern times, Oral Roberts University, exactly as he is now attempting to infiltrate the INFOWAR. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6D1Ei-nIJXI   <--My Video detailing RHB’s infiltration and fall of ORU and his similar attempt to adjoin himself to the Trump Train.

RHB is a master at adjoining himself to existing movements.  After infecting ORU, he moved on to the Toronto revival, which was a legitimate move in its inception started by the then-unknown evangelist Randy Clark.  Also adulterated by RHB, Randy Clark is today an apologist for the Catholic/ecumenical doctrine of pastoral control.

I attended a 1998 conference in Victoria, Mexico by missionary pastor Bobby Crow.  His church, which was originally funded by bigshot televangelist Robert Tilton, paid all expenses for missionaries on the foreign field to attend.  The secret subject of the conference was to point all Mexico missionaries to RODNEY HOWARD BROWNE and induct them into his laughing revival.  Many of these field missionaries were convinced and overcame their objections to RHB; this was a significant turning point towards the decline of the true gospel in Mexico and the descent of the nation as a whole into criminal kleptocracy.

Anglicizing the world.  England was the first Protestant nation and the first royal dynasty. The reason the thirteen colonies had to fight the British was that the Anglican church had, in 260 years, returned to tyrannical Romanism in form and spirit.  The most Catholic cities in America such as Boston were also strongholds of English Loyalists.  The Anglo-American Conspiracy is and always was a mask to cover the real and Bible-prophesied Vatican conspiracy for global domination.

RHB’s coauthor, Catholic Paul L. Williams is not only Catholic…he is an ardent, ethnically Irish, hardline, pre-Vatican II, RABID Catholic.  He believes that the error of the Catholic church was its 1960s embrace of modernism and its attempt to woo rather than outright conquer the “separated bretheren” of the protestant world.  I am beginning my study of Williams at present, but I am very familiar with the type:  University professors that run the revival circuit and author  exhaustive, excessively footnoted, thick reference books that rewrite and intentionally revise the very history they purport to document.  An excellent example (with whom I have had discourse on the revival/conference circuit) is Dr. Michael McClymond of Catholic St. Louis University.  He literally wrote the encyclopedia on American revivals, yet he is a Catholic apologist who intentionally misses the point on every issue and with subtlety turns attention always back to Rome.  This is the link to his book:  


McClymond further authored on the theology of Jonathan Edwards, a point addressed by RHB in yesterday’s show.  There is an effort to redefine the history of Protestant revolutionary America and initiate a huge, fake revival that will finally destroy the Union.  Remember, I witnessed this exact thing done in Mexico, BY THE SAME RHB!

 “The Killing of Uncle Sam” is titled to follow the momentum of Catholic apologist Bill O’Reilly.   Bill’s books of the “Killing…” series are really purposed to revise history on critical points where the Catholic church was heavily involved, especially the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations.  Mudd, Wilkes-Booth and the other conspirators convicted with them were all part of a Washington D.C. Catholic terror cell.  RHB has thrown his full and significant weight behind continuing this disinformation campaign, thus building a final, global false revival that will be the death blow to America and the free world.

Latin Pope, churches "exploding," Rome losing grip in Latin America: a skillful deception.  The Latin Pope is purposed to build a communist surge in Latin America led by liberation theology.  The rising tide in Latin America, as in the USA, is not yet religious but rather based on political ideas of liberty, free markets, and nationalism.  One by one, Trumpist presidents are being elected in Latin America as Chinese, Russian, and Vatican elements are expelled--the battle is fierce and outcome yet uncertain!  The Jesuit “takeover” of the Catholic church was not really a turnover but rather an unmasking of the true, dark heart of Rome and the final overt exposure of the Order that has led it from the shadows for nearly 500 years.

RHB blamed Satanism and Luciferianism in the corridors of power. There is a centuries-old effort to define Catholicism and Satanism as polar opposites.  For this reason, stolen communion elements are "defiled" by Satanic priests in modern black masses.  This also is a disinformation campaign, as Satanism and pedophilia have always been secret rites in the Catholic church.  Only now are the global scandals so big as to lift the leaden lid t reveal the Whore of Babylon!

Samuel Honnold
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The Mexican Peso may have passed the point of no return today, closing at over 24 pesos per US Dollar.  The coronavirus panic has caused the dollar to lose value, but many smaller countries around the world hold dollars in reserve to stabilize their own currencies--which are now plummeting faster than the dollar.  Mexico is #1 in the world in this unenviable decline, followed by the Brazilian Real and the Czech Crown.  Today all US embassies in Mexico stopped taking visa applications, including for H2A (farm worker) and H2B (which Trump announced on March 5th would be increased in number to 35,000 beyond the fixed cap, the highest number in history).  US farmers are panicking that they will lack the labor to harvest certain crops, and Mexico is panicking at the loss of the labor-export opportunity.  Embassies are continuing to take visa applications in Guatemala and Honduras, nations that have elected conservative presidents and recently become solid economic and security partners. 

I reached out to the White House today and my Iowa elected representatives who are all very attentive to the needs of US agriculture, especially as US food reserves are at a historic low.  I reminded them that the brunt of these migrant workers come from Mexico (from whence I currently write) and that our economies are interdependent. The Peso/USD exchange rate has, in two weeks, rocketed--the peso in that time losing 1/3 of its value (even against the dollar which has itself lost value). 

There are farms across this nation (USA) with dormitories built for immigrant laborers.  They are spartan by American standards, with bunks stacked tightly and communal kitchens.  American laborers do not compete for these positions in the present economy.  If a sudden change for the worse should occur, if cities become unlivable--those same bunks would be the salvation of our nation just as the camps of the Civilian Conservation Corps were in a tough era long past.  I would like to remind America that even as grocery store shelves are increasingly empty, there is still raw grain in the elevators of our small towns.  At today's price of $3.50 per bushel, a pickup truck could be filled with a ton of corn for $125.00.  Farmers everyday drive onto the scales and fill trucks, then drive to the homestead and shovel it out for their hogs.  That grain is hybridized and it is not organic, but in a famine it will be good as gold.  A man should look around at his children and unprepared neighbors, and consider taking a drive to the country for some American corn, soy, wheat, oats, or rice while the getting is still good.  That is not what Americans consider to be food, but such food saved Egypt by Joseph's wisdom in the terrible drought of Genesis. People even sold their ancestral lands, then themselves into slavery for a bit of that bare grain--and a hungry American may find himself similarly competing for a fruit-picker's bunk in the country, were he to exhaust his own stores! 

A wise old cowboy once told me before we rode horseback into dangerous canyon trails, "If that horse starts sliding, you step off uphill and let the horse go!"  That advice shocked me at the time, but we were venturing into steep country where a fall meant certain death.  Tough cow-punchers and sturdy immigrants are used to taking their life in their hands, but I had been in the city and needed to be warned that we were playing for keeps!

As I type this night, the state congress is meeting (extraordinarily) at night.  Today the newspapers published that (ostensibly) due to coronavirus fears, the legislature would meet in closed session with no public observers and no press! Juarez Avenue is packed with police vehicles of multiple jurisditions which appear to have ferried in the legislators securely for emergency session!  I made known my concerns today to the US authorities, but the fact is now clear:  THE DECISION HAS BEEN MADE AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL THAT THE MEXICAN ECONOMY CANNOT BE PULLED OUT OF ITS NOSEDIVE.  The faithful burro that has met America's labor needs for so long is being let go--to slide into the ABYSS!  

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Remaining Taiwan Allies In The Americas Bar Travellers From China To Shut Out Coronavirus

Aside from island nations, Taiwan (The Republic Of China, or ROC) maintains diplomatic relations and open trade with only four nations: Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras in Central America and Paraguay in South America.  El Salvador and Panama were lost in their last (socialist) presidential administrations as they switched relations to the PRC (Red, or Mainland, China), which will not relate diplomatically to any nation recognizing Taiwan (which they consider to be a renegade province of their own nation).  Taiwan is an important US ally, and one we are treaty-bound to defend should Red China invade to "reunite" it.  Taiwan's allies in the world have been dwindling in number, and the Red Dragon has become very adept at wooing them away by persistent effort both overt and clandestine.  An island nation of 24 million people, Taiwan is very dependent upon these few allies.  

I have come to believe that we are years into World War-China with both military and economic components besides infiltration of subversives and use of big tech to influence public opinion, dominate elections, and spy on nearly everyone.  Once China establishes even a moderately leftist government in a targeted country, that government switches relations to Red China and ratifies the pertinent treaties.  This change brings an influx of cash, but comes with a debt burden and loss of sovereignty that is all but impossible to escape.  Today the last continental ally (Honduras) slammed the door to all travellers that have come from or by way of China.  President Jimmy Morales said the details will be forthcoming.  Yesterday Guatemalan President Dr. Giammattei tweeted a hard-line entry ban one hour after neighboring President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador.  El Salvador does maintain relations with China; Bukele recently said the process of changing back to Taiwan would be prohibitively difficult.  He is, however, shunning China's allies in the Americas as part of his pro-US policy.  Belize and Paraguay had already instituted less severe migration controls on January 23rd and 24th.  Panama has instituted controls in the canal zone, which may expand to other ports and modes of travel. 

Coronavirus may well spell the end of Chinese infiltration in the Americas...infiltration which I have long seen as the source of socialist policies and insurrections destabilizing many nations.  Whether the outbreak was an accident, a deployed weapon, or an act of God...at this point it is a welcome respite.  The world's red bully has faltered,  and, whether slipped or tripped it is being shut out of our affairs in the Americas and prevented from doing us further harm.

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Ganster "El Coss" Convicted, AMLO Takes Helm Of CELAC And Threatens USA Militarily; Popocatepetl Erupts In Raucus Shower Of Sparks

The volcano "Popo" exploded violently in disapproval this morning at 6:33, as Mexican President AMLO straightened his tie before his customary 7AM press conference.  Yesterday, socialist AMLO took the helm of the multinational CELAC group.  The acronym has no English equivalent, as gringos are not allowed in this Community of Latin American and Carribbean Nations organized in 2010-11 as a leftist counterbalance to the Organization of American States.  The latest CELAC leader was exiled dictator Evo Morales, now a wanted fugitive in his own Bolivia.  As the day progressed, AMLO weighed in on the Iranian situation.  He warned that if missiles began to fly targeting their neighboring  country (USA), Mexico would fight "to defend itself".  This disturbing threat echoes AMLO's campaign promise to reduce violence and improve security by calling in the United Nations and Pope Francis.  The CELAC alliance includes conservative-led nations in Latin America, but it is historically backed by the military muscle of the Sino-Russian world communist bloc. 

The godfather of the Gulf Cartel "El Coss" was convicted today in Washington D.C. federal court and faces the possibility of imprisonment for life.  Jorge Costilla "El Coss" Sanchez, who also led the ultraviolent "Los Zetas" cartel hit squad-cum-rival-cartel, admitted to violent acts against his rivals and conspiracy to distribute more than 450 kilos of cocaine and 90 thousand kilos of marijuana in the USA.  His sentencing is set for April 14.  This conviction represents another notch in the stock for law-and-order President Trump, but also ammunition for further swamp-draining.  "El Coss" imported his drugs across the Texas border and the testimony from this trial can be expected to implicate or exonerate many powerful people.  The rise of his criminal empire coincides with the governorship of George W. Bush in Texas, and then his (43rd) presidency.  The Bush family is still strong in Texas, with George P. Bush as Land Commissioner (an ancient position atop great authority and funding) and Prescott Bush running for a vacant Sugarland seat in the US Congress.  President Bush was very close to Governor Yarrington of the neighboring Mexican state of Tamaulipas, and invited him to his 2000 inauguration at the White House.  Yarrington is also incarcerated in Texas awaiting trial for his alleged involvement with the Tamaulipas cartels led by "El Coss", the same cartels now rumored to be led by his successor (and incumbent) Governor Cabeza De Vaca!  The drug-dealing CIA-Bush crime dynasty may well come crumbling down from the testimony in these trials--and drain the RINO swamp with a great sucking sound!


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SUMMER 2020 USA WHIRLWIND TOUR! Up till now, only my closest partners have known...I have historically spent a good deal of time in Mexico, but THIS TIME I BASICALLY FLED THE USA! I was heavily persecuted by numerous government agencies (and ARRESTED and my car IMPOUNDED) for visiting Washington D.C. and the 2nd amendment rally in Richmond, then caucusing in my native Iowa for Trump (which reverberated all through Latin America). My state identity documents and vehicle registrations were revoked, and I rode dirty to Mexico, entering the country with my federally issued passport (before I got stopped and jacked for that!) and a temporary Texas vehicle tag. After reaching out to the Trump White House and my Republican governor and senator, I got my DL and tags reinstated (praise the Lord). I need to spend some time in the USA and pop in on the numerous tent revivals sweeping the nation. Oh, and I need a GUN! Wanna help?


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