Multinational Search Locates Chilean Air Force C-130 Lost Near Antarctic Peninsula--Destroyed By Missile?

Human remains have been recovered from the icy Drake Passage where the Antarctica-bound  aircraft lost radio contact Sunday.  Waiting families were confronted with grim news:  there would be no survivors, judging by the condition of the remains found.  This event is a national tragedy for a small yet modern country of 17 million people.  It is also the biggest whodunnit, perhaps since the carved heads of Easter Island (a Chilean territory).  Chile is an important strategic ally of the USA, OAS, and TIAR nations,  headed by conservative President Sebastian Pinera.  Military conflict over the Drake Passage,  surrounding island groups, and access to Antarctica itself was predicted here on the November 7 2019 edition of Pastor Sam's Latin America War Report.

The recent disappearance was suspect because 1. The craft disappeared from RADAR screens as well as voice radio and transponder contact, without any sort of a "Mayday" message, distress call, or activation of the emergency locator beacon.  2.  There were high ranking military and civilian officials on board, who have been involved in controversial events of late.  3.  It was bound for Antarctica, that windswept land of terror and mystery.  4.  It occurred hours before the switch to communist governance in neighboring Argentina, traditionally a rival power, especially concerning Antarctica, the Drake Passage, and Cape Horn.  5.  Rampant speculation, partisan reporting, and deliberate disinformation.

I believe this was an act of war, that the aircraft exploded in-flight due to a missile strike.  If so, open war has begun over control of strategic naval passages and Antarctica, a reality worse than most of the spreading theories!  The C-130 is an extremely robust aircraft able to withstand numerous engine/system failures or extensive battle damage.  The pilots were both experienced command pilots trained for military missions, including specific drills for hydraulic system and other failures, and a water landing "amarizado" if necessary.  Any failure aside from an instantaneous high-order detonation would result in emergency pilot procedures and radio distress transmissions. 

Rumor Control:  1.  Blogger Mario Esquivel (Twitter user @MekWarrior21) has been a source of numerous conspiracy theories, all intended to accuse/discredit conservative President Pinera.  Esquivel is a radical leftist and jihadist sympathizer who has reported on the Chilean riots, always giving them the appearance of a grassroots movement (they are really a foreign-backed 5th column communist insurgency).  2.  Brigadier General Daniel Ortiz Vidal, the highest-ranking passenger of the flight, is the subject of speculation.  As head of martial law in the Chullan-area October riots, the left may have wanted him destroyed.  Perhaps the right wanted him killed because his riot repression was not brutal enough.  The mundane reality is that Ortiz V. was the lowest rank of general officer, newly promoted one year ago as President Pinera fired numerous generals implicated in a corruption scandal (holdovers from his socialist predecessor's administration).  3.  Shootdown by USAF F-35 fighters from the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln:  This was widely circulated and quickly denied by the Chilean military.  The Abe Lincoln transited the Strait of Hormuz today, on the far side of Africa.  However, in-flight refueled aircraft from Russia, China, the USA, or any modern nation could have done the deed without a carrier present.  A ship- or submarine-launched antiaircraft missile is far simpler and far more likely, and China has famously built modular launchers disguised as shipping containers (making a launch possible from even small maritime vessels).  4.  Circuitous route of the aircraft:  The craft was located in the search area on the assigned vector where it was expected to transit en route to the Antarctic Peninsula.  Again, evasive or emergency maneuvers would have included radio correspondence.  5.  Fabrication of the passenger manifest:  The civilians on board were Antarctic researchers with previous experience on the continent;  the military contingent is appropriate in size and rank for a routine mission.  Each member is known and their families have been waiting for any word (in a nation smaller and less populous than several US states).  6. Sabotage by Chileans:  Previous acts of sabotage and vandalism were intended to fracture and divide this most stable of Latin nations.  This tragedy is uniting the nation and healing the rift within it. 

Historic rivals Argentina and Chile had enjoyed something of a reconciliation during the two-year concurrence of their conservative presidencies.  They participated together in the US-led 2019 UNITAS military exercises (which focused on anti-submarine warfare to defend against a very real Chinese submarine threat).  East of Argentina, Uruguay just elected Luis LaCalle Pou, a strong conservative.  He lost the first election, but a runoff was triggered and LaCalle P. narrowly won in the second round.  The Uruguayan capital is the famed port city of Montevideo, where World War entered the Americas in 1939.  World communism requires that Argentina (and the new communist presidential team), dominates the South Atlantic, Cape Horn, and the Antarctic Peninsula militarily.  Fernandez, as president-elect, and his officials boasted publicly that they would do this!  Vice- (and twice former-) President Cristina Fernandez made extensive agreements with both China and Iran which Mauricio Macri was unable to deconstruct in his four-year term, including the 50 million dollar Chinese satellite surveillance antenna on the Patagonian Plain.  Macri also confronted Chinese hedgemony in 2016 by sinking a trespassing Chinese factory fishing ship (the 8,000-ton  Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010).  The next year a distressed submarine of the Argentine Navy mysteriously exploded and sunk, a disaster eerily similar to the current C-130 crash.  The wreck of the submarine ARA San Juan has been located, but under contract provisions of the strictest secrecy.  Only limited photographs have been declassified, confirming the wreck and giving some closure to the families--but NOT identifying the cause of the explosion, which may have been an act of war!  Clearly there is something to hide, and anyone but a diehard coincidence theorist must ask:  Is China openly bullying US-allied conservative presidents in Latin America by firing on their ships and aircraft, even as they (obviously!) incite, fund, and arm violent riots and destabilizing communist insurgencies?