***Interview with Running with Scissors – Postal Redux, Postal 4, plans for the future, and thoughts on censorship and cancel culture***

Yep, 2020 is over, and the very first day of 2021 has now arrived. So I only find it suiting to start off the new year with a brand-new interview (don’t you think?).

Well, this time I got a hold of Vince Desi (the CEO of RWS) and Mike Jaret (the Chief Bidet officer at RWS) from the Running with Scissors camp (I didn’t even have to wave a gun at them either! As both of them agreed to the interview out of their own free will. I swear, it’s the truth!).

Anyways, during our little sit-down interview section (don’t miss out on our 2016 RWS amd 2019 RWS interview!) we talked about everything from the history of how RWS came to be, the rise of the original “Postal” game, “Postal Redux“, “Postal 4“, RWS plans for the future, and their thoughts on censorship and cancel culture (I even managed to squeeze in some info about “POSTAL: Brain Damaged” at the very end of the interview).

So with that said, please enjoy our interview with Running with Scissors boys and girls =)

***Interview with Running with Scissors***