***Lust from Beyond interview with Movie Games Lunarium – LFB, lewd game development, and thoughts on censorshipby***

As some of you might remember, not so long ago we wrote about the Warszawa-based (Poland) indie games studio Movie Games Lunarium (the makers of “Lust for Darkness“) and their upcoming erotic first-person psychological horror game “Lust from Beyond”? (don’t miss out on “Lust from Beyond: Scarlet”! which is the free prologue for “Lust from Beyond”).

I mean, sure. I don’t know about you, but at least I’m very impressed by what I’ve seen so far from the “Lust from Beyond” project. That’s also why I simply couldn’t stop myself from reach out to Movie Games Lunarium for an interview. Well, guess what? Movie Games Lunarium accepted our interview request!

So, long story short. I got a chance to sit down with Michał Ciastoń (head of studio, producer, and game designer of Movie Games Lunarium) and we ended up talking about everything from “Lust from Beyond“, “Lust from Beyond: Scarlet“, lewd game development, horror, to Ciastoń’s thoughts on censorship and Movie Games Lunarium’s plans for the future.

So with that said, please enjoy our “Lust from Beyond” interview with Michał Ciastoń =)

***Lust from Beyond interview with Movie Games Lunarium***