***Liberated interview with Walkabout - How “Liberated” came to be, cyberpunk pop culture and plans for the future***

I still remember when I spotted Walkabout and Atomic Wolf’s action-adventure/visual novel game “Liberated” for the very first time, because I got really impressed by the game’s very first trailer as it contained a lot of the things that I enjoy in an action/adventure video game (such as it’s cyberpunk/authoritarianism theme and neo-noir graphic visuals). Anyways, I think you get the idea.

So if we fast forward to the now and current year. I’ve kept my eyes on “Liberated” for quite some time now. That’s also the main reason why I decided to reach out to Walkabout about doing an interview with us. Well, I’ve got some good news to share with you all =) Because Walkabout accepted our interview request!

So just recently I got a chance to sit down with Piotr Gnyp (head of BizDev at Walkabout Games) from Walkabout, and we ended up talking about everything from how “Liberated” came to be, cyberpunk pop culture to Walkabout’s plans for the future.

 So with that said, please enjoy our Liberated Interview with Walkabout!

***Liberated interview with Walkabout***