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Pixelpia Lifelong Learning
Pixelpia Lifelong Learning
A teacher with over 30 years of experience from both Sweden and USA. Create YouTube videos all on the topic of teaching & learning and everything remotely connected to that field

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Friend of Pixelpia

The starter tier for you who want to support my channel without breaking the bank, At the moment I can only offer you a shout out in an upcoming video and a Thank You!

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Close friend of Pixelpia

For you who want to help me to invest and improve in my channel. For $5/month you will get early access to my videos. I will also give you and your social media of choice a shout out in an upcoming video

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Best Friend of Pixelpia

If you chose this tier you will get the same as the other two tiers. You will also get a pixelpia mug with the text; If you can read this thank a teacher seen here in my merch store https://teespring.com/if-you-can-read-this-than-6539?pid=658&cid=102908 if you don't want me to mail it to you just message me where you want me to send it. You will also get a one time 10% off promo code at my store

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  • I create videos about teaching & learning, alternative teaching methods, alternative assessments, and hot school topics. Most anything that has to do with education, with a focus on K-12. Thank you for supporting me.

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