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I am a retired old coot in a home shop keeping busy and sharing what I know.
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  • A little machining, a little electronics, a little fabrication and other handy skills.
  • Centered around the use of the mini mill and an 8x12 lathe. Most often we make improvements to one or the other


Build a Dynamic Balancer part 2This is a series of videos that show the build of a small dynamic ...

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Build a Dynamic Balancer
This is a series of videos that show the build of a small dynamic balancer without blowing the bank account.. Most will be video and at the end there will be a list of materials used and maybe a drawing or two.


My first post on each project is PUBLIC, the rest of the posts on the project will be available to subscribers only. I make between 2 and 6 posts per month, sometimes more.
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Public post
I am here to share my odd projects. I get out of the ordinary and into the strange one off things that you don't see everyday.

Most of my projects have a electronic or electrical component and most of the remainder are tools and fixtures.

Up coming I will be restoring some older woodworking machines as I am putting together a cabinet shop so in the future there will be projects with wood and metal.

I may not be Diresta but I will turn out some projects that he has done or that might be something he would do.

That said there should be a little something for everyone as my interests are varied and a bit off. I may even get into some late model auto diagnostics and repairs as I spent most of my life as an automotive technician with a smog inspector license. But my main thing is machining and fabrication of smaller projects.

I am also the guy behind the X2 tachometer seen all over the internet. I may produce other products as time goes on ans I am thinking about producing some steam engine kits.

I try to keep it "family friendly", but I was a sailor and n automotive tech so once in a while a colorful metaphor might slip out. Even at that my mom knew bad words that even I didn't know about.

Most of the content will be in delightful videos but sometimes I just have to resort to extremes like text, drawings, blueprints and schematics. There will be the occasional Grandpa Simpsonesq story as I am an old geezer that has been around.
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