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I research and write about my European cultural heritage. And I am not afraid to stand up to defend what I love.
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Micro-support to toss a tip for all the stuff I have done and continue to do for free over the years. Thanks! I appreciate that!

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Your support for my work helps me work for our folk. Every month will be different depending on intensity of projects, leg work on my end, and how much I'm able to bang out. $5 supports the ongoing work. I will be sure to provide something each month not freely available online! It might be a pdf, it might be a sneak preview of a work in progress. Any streams or videos I produce will be added her in MP4 and MP3 for easy download :-)

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Full restoration of the Ethnos or BUST! You are fully on board, and you'll get MORE than whatever I give to $5ers! Every month will be different! You know what I write about ;-) you'll like it. Don't worry.

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Fairies' Dance!

You really believe in cultural revival so for your support you'll get whatever the $5 and $10 supporters get plus a special Q&A for this tier only every month.

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Wind Beneath My Wings!

You're a generous benefactor supporting the regeneration of our culture. You'll get everything plus a digital copy of the final copies of any written works to be published. And my sincere gratitude for helping me leave important cultural work for posterity.

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  • European history, folklore, myth, pertinent historical mysteries!

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Oak-Wise Reikja

Hello, please see the lette...

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Oak-Wise Reikja
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Hello everyone! I've got a bit of a late start due to a medical delay but I'm raring to go! I have in mind several topics to dig into and give you exclusive DLs to work that won't hit the bookstands until it's all been compiled later. I'm hoping to revive my Fairy Tales Series. And I want to work on the Caesar to Charlemagne (Charlemagne's Mosque) project. You'll get research as I go along. 

To kick things off, if you'd like to ask some Q's below, I'll do an exclusive Q&A for supporters within the next couple of days! Then the research/writing binge begins!

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