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My Second Universe
Novels, short stories, articles, vlogs, role-playing campaigns, editing, critiquing, and teaching ESL.
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Support my work. Gain access to novel chapters as I draft them.

Share some information about yourself, and I will write a personalized limerick for you as a one-time reward.

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Super Fan

Upon request, you can have access to my fiction setting notes or anything that I'm working on.

Share some information about yourself, and I will include a character based on you in my next book.

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I will be available to critique a chapter of your work every week. (Limit of 5 people)

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ESL Tutor On-Call

Available for one on one ESL lessons up to 2 hours per week/8+ hours per month. (Limit of 5 people)



  • Upon request, I will write a limerick based on information you share about yourself.