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Making videos & so much more. Make the planet a better place project.
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Official patron status. My endless appreciation for joining my team. Make The Planet a better place project member. Just 1

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Want to weigh in on my work? Your comments on my posts may be picked as the subject of my next piece of content, plus all previous rewards. Achievable. Help me make the planet a better place. One person at a time. Times many be the change . rEVOLution rolls on.

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Liberty Birth Continues.

Obvious reasoning behind this dollar amount. 17.76. Hold the line and fight always . Immense thanks in growing the cause of liberty. " New birth of freedom " Plus get your name at end of one of my videos. Subscribe star rounded number off.

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  • My endless appreciation for joining my team. Make The Planet a better place project member. Just 1

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Orwell reference. In these uncertain times from 2018 and beyond. We all should ponder Orwell writings and how they might be prophetic in the future realms of imagination and reality of our human existence. Hope and pray and well wishes that the visions of his writings never become fully reality in our homo sapien wanderings on this earth. Portion of proceeds of this goal will go to a Non profit. As we all approach the goal we will determine which non profit that the proceeds will go to via discussion via email, in person to some, social media feed-backs etc from patrons. Every day.


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