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MOHO animation and compositing
MOHO animation and compositing
Hi, you may have seen me in a Facebook group or Youtube, but here you will only find animation content. I am interested in bringing you files and videos that will help you on your journey in art. I have learned allot and that will not stop!
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per month
Videos and how-to-dos

I will be sharing my process on current work and talking a bit to give you insight into my methods. I work mainly in MOHO, Natron, Blender,, and occasionally in Krita. Thank you.

per month
Video plus files

In this tier I will also provide files from many projects, excluding character art I use in production (I will modify files for sharing where I can). I will do this as often as possible. Thank you for your support.
PS: Please do not use, sell, or otherwise replicate these files for use in other places. Displaying/sharing of these files will result in cancellation of your subscription and other actions taken.



  • Hey, join me in animation and compositing. The majority of my work is done in MOHO. I use Natron to composite and Blender for 3d and video editing with sound. I use for my photo bashing and rarely use krita but when I do I'm using it to paint. Audacity I use for sound editing and recording. I will try to answer questions quickly when you have them, I will also provide some beginner tuts but mostly this is for advanced MOHO users wanting to getting better and animation and rigging. Thank you for your support.

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