Greetings, SubscribeStar visitors!  This is my inaugural post for my SubscribeStar page.  This page is devoted to radar searches for dangerous near-Earth objects (NEOs) and SETI, the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence.

NEOs are mostly asteroids, but comets can also be NEOs.  Earth-based optical telescopes can't see all of the dangerous NEOs that may hit the Earth. Radar can fill this gap.  At the moment, about half of the NEOs that pass by our planet do so undetected.  We must do better.

SETI: Are we the only intelligent species in the universe?  Maybe, maybe not.  U.S. Navy aircraft have encountered strange flying objects.  The origin of these mysterious objects is unknown.  Aliens?  Who can tell?

What is certain is that we have not yet detected any radio transmissions from alien civilizations.  One reason for our failure to date is the ineffective search methods we have been using.  The NEO radar receiver will also be able to scan for alien broadcasts in a region of the electromagnetic spectrum that may be favored as a possible frequency band for interstellar civilizations to communicate with us.

The NEO radar and SETI projects can be adventures for us all as we travel down a new path of knowledge together.

Please view three important videos about NEO radar and SETI at my YouTube channel "Matthew Senay."

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Thank you.  Goodbye for now.  I'll see you in the future!