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March on the Pentagon
We are a women-led coalition of activists, professionals, military veterans, and everyday citizens of the world with one thing in common: we are anti-imperialist.

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We understand not everyone can dish out money every month and sometimes those that can have spread themselves thin over numerous movements and people. That's why we welcome you to support March on the Pentagon for only $1 a month. Because we understand. We've all been there. Heck, that's where some of us are right now!

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Your contribution of $5/month will help March on the Pentagon continue to grow! Anti-imperialist, women-led organizations like March on the Pentagon are needed now more than ever!

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We've got bills to pay and a movement to build and at $20/month YOU will help us reach our goals including more livestreams, a War is a Women's issues online forum, and our big annual event this October!

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Join the March on the Pentagon family to help us with everything listed in the previous tiers, but when you support us at $50 and above you'll also help our board members attend and participate in important national and regional events like the upcoming United National Antiwar Coalition conference!

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Badass Activist

Support March on the Pentagon at the $250/month level to help us reach all of the goals already mentioned but at this level you're on par with our trusty mascot Badass Billie! You laugh in the face of war mongers and you're not afraid to tell the war machine what you think of it! Contributors at this level can rest assured that our annual October event planning will get off to an early and productive start. We can't wait to get to work and see you in October!

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  • Your monthly contribution will help us grow our movement, cover regular costs like our website subscription, allow us to reach more people, and host a great and much needed event every October.

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