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@AlienOvan - Magic Window Studios
@AlienOvan - Magic Window Studios
MWS is a Comicbook and Content Creation group that aims to provide entertaining fiction and new IPs. Brand by @AlienOvan. Main website: https://www.magicwindowstudios.com || Minds: https://www.minds.com/alienovan/
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Subscription Tiers

Window Spotter

Suitable for supporters who prefer to wait-and-see.

0 subscribers Spotter
per month
Window Watcher

An affordable tier for those who want to help support Magic Window Studios reach its goals.

• Access to content and posts of content yet to be released to the wider public. Including sneak-peeks and early-access to content or information that would otherwise be released later.

• Additional rewards may be granted at certain intervals and milestones. Those of Watcher-Tier or higher may receive these when due.

0 subscribers Watcher
per month
Window Gazer

Higher tier support for MWS to support ongoing projects and creators.

• Gazer-Tier and above will gain free access to select digital comics sold under MWS. (Implementation to be determined). And help fund the production of open webcomics for all.

• Gazer-Tier and above may appear in the credits of comics and projects funded by subscribers. (Alternating sort methods will be used in the event of an overabundance of names to credit).

0 subscribers Gazer
per month
Window Dreamer

Highest pledge tier to support MWS and all its projects and creators, the highest tier rewards will go to Dreamer-tier subscribers.

• Dreamer-Tier will always get priority when it comes to supporter credits.

• Dreamer-Tiers will have the most influence in Subscribestar polls on subjects that are strongly influenced by subscription capital. (Other polls will not use subscription price weighting.)

0 subscribers Dreamer


  • Support new comic projects and creators at MWS.
  • Higher tiers of support grants free access to select digital comics normally sold at cost.
  • Subscriptions can help fund 'Open' webcomics that can be available for everyone, even after your subscription ends.

Recent posts

@AlienOvan - Magic Window Studios

It begins!

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@AlienOvan - Magic Window Studios
Public post

Magic Window Studios' website has finally gone live! There you can read about the new comicbook anthology project called COMIC-COMICS!


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