Currently working on a Halloween update for #Driftking2D
Available on Steam (And 33% off during the Steam Halloween sale!).
Also available on ITCH.IO - DriftKing 2D by LolindirLink *
& Google Play: Drift King 2D [Free] - Android Apps on Google Play **

* The version will likely be a no-drm local download only. (Only Windows for now, Mac & Linux might come sooner by demand)

**The Android Google Play version will get Google play Achievements and leaderboards, But will lack and run behind on most updates compared to the Steam version.

* ** Both the & Google Play version are cheaper, But with some compromises like the lack of Steams community features And possible use of Ads. 
With a target focus on player enjoy-ability and ability to play without spending money or grinding too much.
Ads will not happen on every crash for example But there's no definitive structure planned yet. Suggestions are always welcome!