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Leon - Unreal Engine Framework Developer
Leon - Unreal Engine Framework Developer
Greetings! I am an Unreal Engine Developer that is aiming to create Extremely Detailed Frameworks that people can use to create games, even if they don't know how to code or never used Unreal before!
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Leon - Unreal Engine Framework Developer

Current Release: Alpha 9.1 - "Stage Documentation and Tutorial"
Current Unreal Engine Version: 5.1

Download link is in the related post about the release and in our Discord!
(Need to link your discord to Subscribestar to see the "download links" channel in "Subscriber Corner" in our Discord.)

Post about Release:


Welcome to my SubscribeStar page!

This SubscribeStar page was created so people that wants to make game(s) with my Unreal Frameworks can support me financially. Being a subscriber in the end is a good thing for everyone!

It's good for You because;
  1. If you are artist, hiring a programmer even for a short job can be costly depending on the quality you demand. If you can't afford/find someone for your dream project, then my Frameworks will help you.
  2. If you are a programmer, you already know how painful and time consuming it is to make something from scratch. Let my Frameworks deal with the backend while you focus on more important stuff.
  3. If you have any sort of team, feel free to enjoy the Framework to focus on your game instead of developing the internal parts of game!
  4. If you are a hobbyist or likes to create stuff such as Stages, Fighters or Code, you are free to do so and share with the community!

It's good for Me because;
  1. I would like to have a community for each of my Framework so we can always be in touch. That's why all I ask is 5$ per month payment for using ALL my Frameworks.
  2. I would like to do this as a full time job so I can be with everyone all day. Having a day-time job will just make things harder for all of us.

    Now let me answer some possible questions that you might have!

I never used Unreal Engine before!
Then I got good news for you; my Frameworks are developed exactly for people like you. Knowing how Unreal Engine works is a plus but NOT a requirement. I know you can just be someone who wants to make a Game of your dreams. Frameworks themselves include all the systems required to make the game itself. I coded all the stuff that is needed, so you don't have to.

But how easy the Frameworks will be to use?
This might be the question you might be asking. They are as easy as linking nodes to make things happen as you will be using Blueprints (Visual Scripting Language of Unreal Engine). Here is a small example from Unreal Fighter 2D, an upcoming Fighting Game Framework.
Idle Stance for Fighters.

As you noticed, Frameworks will contain hundreds of those Nodes that you link and change their values. There will be also a large amount of tutorials and explanations to help you! ^-^

What is the currently focused Framework?
Current upcoming one is Unreal Fighter 2D. An 2D Fighting Game Framework that you can use to create your own fighting games. 3D Stages and effects are supported as Unreal Engine itself already does.
Your Fighting Game, your Story.

Here are some of the features;
1- UF2D contains all the functions needed for Character Swapping or Assist Calling which are needed to make games such as Marvel vs Capcom.
2- Total of 4 Teams are supported.
3- Fully Detailed Arcade Mode and Versus Mode. Story Mode which allows Fighter(s) to be able to freely roam around maps(s) and trigger events/fights is there too!
4- Palette System where colors are automatically indexed so all you need to do is just providing the Palettes as image files, or create the palettes in Unreal Engine!

And much more! In a few months Community-Beta will be open as well!

How will UF2D be released?
At Release UF2D will include everything that is showcased so far. However not all the parts will have tutorials and explanations in Early-Beta Phases. Subscribers will gain access to these. Each Phase will focus on different parts of the Framework.

For example, First Phase (0.1.0) will focus on Character Creation. We will focus on developing Fighters as I clear bugs, add missing features if there is any etc. As this Phase gets very stable, I will be preparing tutorials and explanations for Second Phase which is about Stage Creation and so on.

Surely other parts I deem "untested by community" will be there. For example curious minds can check how Arcade Mode works but they need to know that the time to test it will come at a later date. Eventually version 1.0 will declare "Stable for Game Creation" and Framework will become ready as time goes on but development will last forever. ^-^ (I am looking at you, Rollback Netcode.)

What are the future plans for the Frameworks?
  1. Unreal Fighter 3D - 3D version of the Fighting Game Framework, with 3D movement and characters supported.
  2. Unreal Beat'em Up 2D - Framework for creating games such as Streets of Rage.
  3. Unreal Hack and Slash 2D/3D - Frameworks for creating games such as Castlevania and Dark Souls.
  4. Unreal Commander 2D/3D - Frameworks for creating Real Time Strategy Games.

Stay tuned and thanks for your time! ^-^

Subscription Tiers

per month

Thank you my friend. As promised, this is the minimum I kindly ask for you to give per month to use the Frameworks I make.

41 subscribers Subscribestar - Supporter
per month

You really want this to be a reality. You waited for a certain Framework for so long. No worries, it arrived and it's staying alive thanks to your generosity.

2 subscribers Subscribestar - Follower
per month

You are leading others. Being an example. This is a burden you do not need to bear yet you still do.

Use this tier if you really have a serious plan about any Framework I am developing and I will see to it personally that what you need will be there as long as it fits the said Toolkit.

4 subscribers Subscribestar - Partner


  • All Frameworks are open-source. Everything is accessible to the User with explanations included.
  • There is no Royalty Payment needed after you publish a game with any Framework.
  • Incase the Communities of the Frameworks go "subscription-only", you will survive. ^-^

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Leon - Unreal Engine Framework Developer

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Leon - Unreal Engine Framework Developer
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--- UF2D Netcode Project ---
Hello everybody! As you probably know I told that the next stage of UF2D will be about.. Stages. However after a long week of work I had another week off so I wanted to focus on something special. Netcode

This is a separate project so we won't see this functional for a while. However I do want to actively work on it and share it soon enough so everyone can see the progress on it!

We got 3 Netcodes implemented. The video linked shows only Rollback one but let me briefly tell you about what all of them are!

Detailed explanation is both in our Discord and in this tweet;

-Delayed Netcode -
This is the one that almost every game has and almost everyone hates. However it starts with making sure it works.Β  When P1 wants to do a Taunt, it has to wait until P2 gets the data.

- Rollback Netcode -
This is the one that took ages to implement and still rough on the edges. However the proof of concept is there. In this version there is zero Input Delay.
As the video above shows, when P1 Taunts, he does so on his screen immediately.Β  However since P2 will get the data in 13 frames, same amount of Rollback happens on the "P2 on P1's screen" so it catches up.

- Mixed Netcode-
This is the one that almost everyone's going to use once ready as it combines both Delayed and Rollback. Since the rollback amount is smaller, there is less of an animation jump.
That's it for now! I will now work on a release version and gotta figure out how to do movement stuff etc as well.Β  Please note that this gonna take its sweet time as almost everything I am doing is different. Multiplayer is a literal beast by itself.
Thanks for your time and reading!

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Leon - Unreal Engine Framework Developer

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