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New writer who's honing his skills writing fanfics. I'm currently writing the crossover story "Typhon's Legacy"
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Wow, my writing made this kind of impression? Thanks a million mate!

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You're a little crazy... But I'm okay with that. Thanks for the confidence!

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Okay, 10 dollars is one thing... but you have this much confidence in my writing? Wow. Here's hoping my writing matches up. Thanks!

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  • Nothing I write will be hidden behind a paywall. That said, if you subscribe, I'll start listing your name at the end of my chapters as a big "Thank you!" for backing me

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This is a merely a means to supplement my income. If you back me, it is because you chose to do so, and as such, have my thanks for every penny you throw my way. So, thanks!
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We hit this, and I'll quit my job and start writing full time. That's right. Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day. Here we go!

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