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Just finished a new video! Check it out if you have some time & are interested in the topic! https://youtu.be/ffIEmwDIyCc

I will be discussing the insidious nature of journalism and the news media. We will also contemplate the broader ramifications of rampant fake news & having our nations “free press” transition into state run media.

As a whole, they have done incalculable damage to the country and every step of the way their lies have paved the path forward for this tyrannical take over.

This is my point - the insidious nature of our media right now - What are people going to reference as history, 20, 30, 50, or even 100 years from now? They are going to look up these propaganda pieces, the news stories we all know are lies, and they are going to be held up as the actual evidence of historical events. The media so wrong on so many different fronts and their lies are cemented in print. This is what is logged in the history books, we know it’s all lies now, but decades from now, it won’t be that easy to disregard. This is where the dark reality of our situation really comes into play.

History is written by the winners - so we better make sure we don’t lose.

The power of propaganda and psychological warfare is truly a sight to behold. The naïveté and cognitive dissonance needed to believe the political establishment is seemingly apart of human nature and very prevalent.

This truth is a sad revelation and one that is hard to accept.
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