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Producing Videos That Question Our Reality - The Great Awakening Vs The Great Reset - Blow Up The Narrative - Search For Truth In A World Based On Lies
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I sincerely appreciate all the support and hope to continue improving my capabilities, spreading truth, and releasing high-quality content. With these donations, the goals of purchasing new equipment, maintaining editing software subscriptions, and having the ability to pursue more ambitious projects, such as full-length documentaries, is much easier to accomplish.

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  • You will be directly assisting in the creation of all content and keeping the process moving forward. As I am just starting out, there are improvements to be made and plans to carry out. In the future, together, we can start a live show and begin producing full-length documentaries. I sincerely appreciate all the support and hope to continue improving my capabilities, spreading truth, and releasing high-quality content.

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The next topic will take some extensive research so it will take me a couple extra days to get it done! In the mean time - Tonight will be a little overview of the CIA classified book entitled The Adam & Eve Story: A History Of Cataclysms https://youtu.be/LipHnBtetVc

In 1963, Chan Thomas wrote a book called 'The Adam & Eve Story' which would almost immediately be banned and classified by the CIA. Mr. Thomas went into detail in this book regarding past civilizations, the truth about religion, truths of the Universe, and world cataclysms that came in cycles. This book contained so much detail that it took decades to be sanitized and declassified to the public; after being banned and classified.

Why was it classified?

Some believe it is because we aren't supposed to know our true history. We aren't supposed to know the reality of anything - because that would give us power. We aren't supposed to know that we live in a plasma Universe, which is something else Mr. Thomas talks about in his book.

Upon being declassified, all of the important parts had been scrubbed out.

'The Adam & Eve Story' discussed "missing time" and "history falsification" theories. He also claimed to prove that many technologically advanced ancient civilizations existed before us.

"There is insurmountable evidence that we are the 6th advanced civilization to exist upon this earth, each time getting wiped out by a calamity.

Some believe we are heading towards the 7th calamity…so we may as well go over what may be in store for us.
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