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Outdoorsman, Gold Prospector & Miner, Metal Detectorist, Treasure Hunter, Dreamer, Humanist, and Video Content Creator.
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New #gtaovlogs video scheduled for Sunday morning release... I know you're excited! Stay well friends! #gtaovlogssubscribestar,

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3 April 2019: Most recent blog post on the new website... Cheers all!

Gold, Treasures, Adventures, & Outdoors Vlogs,, has practical destinations nearby and dream destinations for all kinds of treasure hunting afar! Being based in the Southwestern United States offers all kinds of various gold prospecting, metal detecting, meteorite hunting, gem and mineral hunting, relic and treasure hunting, and camping, off-roading, hunting, foraging, and fishing destinations and opportunities. We love them all and particularly being away from the cities and crowds, most of the time, wherever we are. A sense of wonder, adventure, and calm grows as you drive farther away form the cities and the cars, people, and hustle diminishes. We love that feeling of discovery and adventure and plan for many practical destinations nearby and, as we can arrange for plan and pay for, amazing destinations around the world. As it has been from the beginning, our goals and dreams must be paid for along the way. Toward this end and from the start, we have some products to sell, more in development, and a new store, we will probably continue to sell on Etsy (click Etsy link) and Ebay (click Ebay link), we will be offering our services, and we are grateful for the viewers, subscribers, supporters, and sponsors who have helped and continue to help in their own ways! We know that our content needs to remain unique and family friendly, we need to recruit more sponsors, we need to improve on our video editing skills, and we need to formulate and stick to a more regular schedule for our videos and shared digital content. So, we continue to learn, improve, continue, and grow. This blog entry begins a general category named “Destinations” where we will be detailing and documenting the various locations and trips, as often as we can, to share these adventures and links to more content about them. Thanks for finding us here, please subscribe to follow our posts, and add your feedback, requests, or questions in the comments area. We appreciate your support and involvement. Please share with your friends and let us know if you know possible sponsors for our channel? Stay well and happy hunting! Aaron –

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Hello friends! As you know, recently, I have not been able to get out and create new videos. There have been a series of expected and unexpected reasons and I will explain some of them. Always a primary friend or foe of the prospector or miner is the weather not only for the living conditions but for processing of material effectively ...or even at all. Lately, we have had a lot of heavy rains here in the Southwest and most of the desert and semi-desert areas I visit and prospect have been too wet. The mountain areas are fairly far from me and some of the areas are still covered with snow. So, there are always the weather issues when you're working out in the wild spaces. Secondly, myself and a close family member have had a couple medical issues which are "on the mend" I'm very happy to report. Also, I had to be around to sell my old Subaru, that I had listed on Craig's List, to the new owner and I have been working (and learning) on setting up and creating web sites for our new website
Previously, I had difficulties with the video software and lack of computer memory so I have been looking into new video editing software and these type of things. Lastly, for financial reasons I have been working on establishing additional sources of income and funding to help pay regular expenses before funding time and trips for new videos and content. These are the realities we all face and you all and I are doing the same ...doing the best you can with what you have right? Ongoing, as it has been from the beginning, our operational budget will be tight.
Things, including the weather, are changing for the better friends! We have a new secured website and soon a new ecommerce GTAO Vlogs' Store for our products and more. We will have a flexible and vibrant and feature rich website and GTAO Vlog's News Blog! We are going to have three to four regular video series of videos year round and we plan to develop new and unique series involving more distant travel and new adventures!
We have added and edited our support levels on Patreon, added new alternate sources of funding for supporters like Subscribe_star, Ven_mo (coming soon), and we are working on some key others. Opportunities for product and or service sponsors of GTAO Vlogs are taking shape and we are seeking five main sponsors initially and other sponsors as well. These sponsors will, we hope, be a regular and important part of GTAO Vlogs into the future and we look forward to working with great companies and using and featuring their products and services in our adventures. Also, we plan to, as we can, offer some of these sponsor's products as prizes for our supporters and subscribers and gift cards to the sponsor's online shops in many cases. We may as well have some of their products and merchandise available in our online shop.
GTAO Vlogs has a number of YouTube content creator friends who have joined us in our group the YouTube Friends Ratings Club, YFRC, and we have added a couple new creators recently! The YFRC is a pretty exciting experiment and we are working towards the first fifty friendly members from all over the WORLD!
So, as I wrote earlier, the weather is getting really nice! We are eager to get back to metal detecting, gold prospecting and mining, meteorite and treasure hunting, camping, hunting, fishing, traveling, and making short and long films for our viewers and supporters.
In conclusion my friends, we are working to do the best we can with what we have, your support, and the partnerships with our sponsors and develop plans and goals for the future. For those of you who expected more videos recently we apologize yet want you to know that we are looking forward to get back into the swing of things, improving our content, and getting to a more regular schedule! Thanks again to every supporter we have and we wish you all great health, love, and good times!
Fondly, Aaron from GTAO Vlogs email: [email protected] Photo: Dad and myself running placer gold material through our hand fed recirculating wash plant in January 2018. We did recover some placer gold this trip... Cheers!

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Thank you for creating this service #subscribestar and welcoming my unique channel and passions #gtaovlogs #gtaovlogssubscribestar! My interests are freedom of all speech, Liberty, the outdoors, gold and mineral mining, hunting, fishing, foraging, good health and clean living, metal detecting on land and in shallow and deep water, meteorite and treasure hunting, off-grid living, off road travel, camping and hiking, fine art, photography, videography and content publication, clean water, world peace, Justice for all, cryptocurrency, world travel and meeting decent people, and protecting nature and our environment. I'm starting this page to provide a place for my channel's supporters to contribute funds so GTAO Vlogs may continue, grow, and pursue our dreams. Thanks very kindly for the opportunity to get started here and thanks for any support! Aaron - GTAO Vlogs


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With the goal of $250 per month we can organize and help pay for a mountain or desert metal detecting, meteorite or treasure hunting, or gold prospecting camping-hunting-fishing type trip and create a short and a longer film to share about the trip. Thanks for your support and suggestions! Aaron


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