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Reviews of high end audio gear, and audio science explanations
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If you enjoy my content and just want to say thanks.

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This tier gives you access to the private Telegram and Discord groups for you to talk to me and other audio enthusiasts.

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This tier gives you access to all videos a few days early and ad-free, plus access to shorter videos that won't be uploaded to youtube.

You also get a golden role colour on discord and your name included in the end-card of all videos during your subscription.

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All previous benefits plus: -The diamond only role on discord -Your own custom role if you wish -Verbal shout-out in each video

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Absolute legend going the extra mile.

Limited (1 out of 10) subscriptions
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Crazy Summit-Fi Person

I honestly can't thank you enough if you're subscribing at this tier.

Each month you're subscribed at this tier allows you one 3cmx3cm space on the analyzer to put an image/icon of your choice. (Will remain there even after you stop subscribing). As well as all benefits from previous tiers.

If there's anything else I can offer in return please don't hesitate to ask.

1 subscriber Crazy Summit-Fi Person


  • Access to videos early (And exclusive content)
  • Private telegram/discord access
  • Personal thank-you in videos

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