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Creator of the Supernatural Fantasy webcomic, Inerudite Hills!
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Toss Me a Dollar Change

Wow thanks!

Now that we have connected let's prove it by giving you:

-Access to the subscriber-only posts where I post details, WIPs, misc. art/animations, and anything else to supplement the comic!

-Votes on what I should draw when I get about 9+ patrons, including a monthly wallpaper!

-HD+Textless PNGs of the comic pages whenever they are released! Most Recent Comic Updates and Comic Updates tags cycle through the 5 and 10 most recent pages respectively.

-Whole Chapter PDFs of completed chapters! Chapter 001. out!

-Early access to comic pages, misc. art/sketches/WIPs before they are published anywhere else by ONE WEEK! All art here will be in higher quality as well!

-Access to the Discord I will make after we get at least 5-10 other people so it's not weird! A place to talk about art, the comic, etc.!

0 subscribers
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Five Dollars for Fnibble

Hey! I appreciate you! I'll draw a shitty sketch of a SFW character or background as a one-time welcome gift!


For this wonderful 5 dollar tier, you get access to everything in the $1 tier, but you ALSO get to have a place on the Supporter-Thanking Page on the main site that I can edit and credit all of you with your name/internet handle/whatever you want to go by, linked to your social media or whatever!

I'll try to let you know if the name is the same as someone else... then we can have the both of you duke it out somehow.

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Seven is More than Five

That's a whole lunch for me AND my favorite number, thanks! That's why this tier is just going to be a small upgrade from the previous one!

Your one-time welcome gift will be a cleaner and more advanced sketch of whatever you want! Backgrounds and multiple characters.. anything! BUT NO NSFW! Details will be discussed via Discord if it is up, otherwise through a PM!


Your monthly benefits include:

-Being able to request art on Streams when I do them! Keep it classy!

-A monthly shitty sketch commission! See previous $5 tier for examples

-A place on a 7 Dolla Club special part of the Subscriber Thanking Page for as long as you are a patron where you get a cartoony blingy rendition of what you want to be represented as! And of course, a link to your social media or whatever!

Limited (0 out of 20) subscriptions
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Twenty Money

Wow thanks so much you lovely person you! You get all benefits of the first tier, of course, + the added benefit of stream requests.

And for your one-time welcome gift you can commission line art of a character or limited background! Whatever you want! Tasteful NSFW included!


Your monthly benefits:

-A clean sketch commission of whatever SFW thing you want each month you stay on! See the $7 tier for examples.

-Put to the top of the the Subscriber-Thanking page.. for a special Patron Board on my websites where instead of a cartoon sketch from the previous tier, I will draw a lined + flat colored icon for you of what you want to be represented as (along with your name of course)! Link your name to something? Sure!

Limited (0 out of 10) subscriptions
per month
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Thanks so much! Holy cow! On top of the first tier + the added benefit of stream requests, you get a one-time fully colored + background (to some extent) commission, of, you guessed it, whatever you want! Limited to 2 characters, or one character and a fully detailed background! Tasteful NSFW included!

Examples: https://imgur.com/a/aewXpc8

You will also get a monthly line art commission from the $20 tier! Plus optional flat colors! See the $20 tier for examples, but ALSO imagine optional flat colors!

You will also get exclusive sneak peeks of:

-Deconstructed comic pages (sketches to lines to flats to fully colored)

-Stories/bonus comics before they are published

-WIPS of Animations/Videos

And lastly, this tier will also offer an optional cameo of a character of yours added to the comic either in the background or as a supporting background character (like a barkeep for a scene or two) etc., all discussed via Discord! We will of course reasonably mutilate that character to better fit into the lore of the world. If you're in this tier for a while, we can talk about additional cameos ;)

Limited (0 out of 5) subscriptions


  • Early Access, HD&Textless PNGs of comic pages, and Commissions

Recent posts

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Testing how these posts work! Patreon had a size limit, so I hope these get posted! !

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Public post
I am testing out this new site in case Patreon ends up being in danger!!

The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
  • Support your Star by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.

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$0.00 of $100
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Wow, motivation! For this first milestone, I'll post the scripts and storyboards for the chapters of the comic on all relevant sites! I will also start weekly art streams for Inerudite Hills related things + requests! I will also of course stream other art until I get boo-ed off the stage!
$0.00 of $400
per month
Now my half my bills are paid! Amazing! I will publish mini comics and mini stories to supplement Inerudite Hills! It will be nothing major to the story, but rather additional backgrounds and fun shorts to expand upon the world or the characters in it! They will be made available on all relevant sites, with patrons having exclusive HD versions of comics!
$0.00 of $1,000
per month
With this paying my bills, minus rent, I will return to a schedule of TWICE A WEEK!! That's Monday and Thursday! I will also write out some novelizations of the chapters thus far? After every chapter I will publish a fully fleshed out written piece made available on relevant sites!
$0.00 of $4,000
per month
If I ever reach this where I can be supported completely, then I can afford to post an another extra page per week! So then we can update on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday! I can also start working more on animated gifs at least once a month instead of a random sparse schedule! Perhaps I'll work on short videos too!! AND... I don't know, published books? Could this even happen? Is this a reasonable high goal or is that something I should do earlier? Who knows, I don't! Extra funds would go into making those books I guess.


The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
  • Support your Star by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.

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