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Dave Silverman, Firebrand For Good
Dave Silverman, Firebrand For Good
23 year veteran of the Atheist Movement. Former President of American Atheists, Creator of the Reason Rally, and Author of Fighting God.
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Are You Serious?

Thanks so much for helping out! You will help my activism to stay alive and relevant. :)

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Are you a Pilgrim?

The Pilgrims didn't come here seeking religious freedom, they came to create their own theocracy. You're not like that, in any way, but the meme is funny.

You're donating $16 a month, representing the 1600's, because Thanksgiving!

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Are you a Fish?

WTF is that? Why am I a fish? I don't know, and frankly this boggles me, but thank you so much for contributing at the $25 level! I'll be adding values to these tiers as I grow, and I'll send you wonderful folks fish-tastic goodies when I can

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Are You Muhammad?

Yes, I do represent this as a depiction of the Prophet Muhammad of Islam.

You're amazing for supporting at the $50 level! Anyone at this level gets an original signed drawing of Muhammad mailed to their home (or wherever you like). :)

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Are you God / Santa (Same thing)?

No. You're like a god, except you're real. Thank you so much! Everyone at this level will get a signed Muhammad, and a signed Fighting God. Plus more!

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Are you Committed?

If you're helping out at this level, you're Committed, like me, and I get and appreciate the hell out of you. I'll do you right, and give you lots of extras when I can. You rock.

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  • I get back up again, and have things to say. Thanks for listening and supporting!

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Dave Silverman, Firebrand For Good

Here I am at Powels' for the beginning of my Book Tour, December 2015

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