❤ Hello friends! I am Elaizz
I'm the author of comics about kitten "Moti".
And also, I make videos to cheer you up.
I create videos, play different songs, in different styles and with improvisation. I create relaxing videos , reactions to music videos and songs. I am also a comics creator, and I make music.

Help develop the channel so I'll be able to release more interesting videos, music and other content for you. Because all the big bloggers, musicians, have a team supporting them. Making music, making comics and making videos, all alone, without a team - it's very difficult. So..

...So join in and be a Patron

This is, in short.

I have practically no income from what I do. I make a maximum of $ 2 per month for 2021. Your support will allow me to do a lot of things that I cannot now: buy a cool piano to play on a real piano, not a midi keyboard; to upgrade equipment for making music to be as good as producers who spend thousands of dollars on their music studios. 

And here is a photo of my studio :)

You can compare what my studio and the standard studio of all producers look like:

Yes, on my photo you see:

  • 1) Steinberg CI1 audio-interface, which I gave for many years.
  • 2) Midi-keyboard M-Audio Keystation 49e.
  • 3) Mic MXL 440.
  • 4) Mic holder and pop-filter which I bought on Aliexpress.
  • 5) And THE KING of my studio - my exhausted headphones Samson SR 850, which I wrapped with skotch-tape, because they have been with me for a long time.
  • 6) Oh yes, behind the scenes there is a 
  • 7) laptop from 2015
  • 8) Standard LCD display LG, and 
  • 9) lapel microphone Boya BY-M1 .
That is for those who wandered what equipment do I have.

Now you know why I don't really like to speak about my studio. Of course, no any soundproof cabin for vocal recording or not even a sound absorbing foam on the walls.

So all the echo is left in a vocal that I am recording for my songs... sgh...


Also, to continue creating comics, I need a professional drawing tablet Wacom and software for comics creation and for animating it, all of it to increase the quality of the comics, and to make the creating process comfortable and quick.
So, as you understand, I have no any extra-finances, and I need your support to be able to spend all my time on creating all kinds of interesting content for you!

For those who likes to read long text :)