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I make truth famous.
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Tanktop Tiger

Large and muscular, loud and obnoxious, you make sure new heroes know their place.

29 subscribers
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Mumen Rider

Compassionate and brave, you throw yourself into dangerous situations without hesitation in order to save others.

38 subscribers
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A patient and wise martial arts master, your special move is the "Fist of Flowing Water Crushing Rock."

18 subscribers
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Terrible Tornado

Master of the Psychic Whirlwind, you are the top female superhero in the Hero Association.

11 subscribers
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An immensely powerful cyborg who is ready to lay down his life in every battle, you are Saitama's best friend and only disciple.

4 subscribers
per month
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Possibly the strongest being in the universe, you are a hero "for the fun of it."

5 subscribers


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David Wood

Hi Everyone! I'm trying to figure out how the Subscribestar message system works. Could you let me know if and how you receive notifications when I post a message? Do you get an email notification or some other sort of notification? Do you get to opt in or opt out of notifications? Thanks!

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