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Making 'Stray Alloys' a PC Co-op campaign 3rd Person Shooter Game
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Who are Co-op Legion Studio and What is Stray Alloys?

We are an indie game studio and our goal is to create a co-operative narrative driven story told through video games. Co-op Legion Studio is currently made up of 5 people and hopefully we can grow bigger to make our games a better product.

Stray Alloys is a third person co-op campaign shooter set in the far distant future where we have journeyed far into outer space and found a resource rich planet where multiple nations have their own giant space station or space cities for people to live; while the majority of its population mine and extract resources from the giant planet. Our story takes place, where the player plays as 'Raymond' who is a boy who lives in one of these space cities. You will play through his adventures either solo or with a friend.

What sets up apart from other Video game studios?

Co-op Legion Studio was founded as a result that we are unhappy with the lack of games that let players to play through a story with their friends or strangers. That said, the games we make can be played solo as we understand, it maybe hard to find a friend to play with or some people prefer to play solo.

We are also unhappy with the current state of the gaming industry as companies are focusing on mobile games, micro transaction focused business models and the lack of allowing mods to their games. Co-op Legion Studio wants to focus on the community and we want to avoid making games that treats the community like addicts by tricking or forcing them pay for online items, which later adds up to a big amount. We heard too many stories where people overspend on a game and we want to avoid that and try to make a more ethical business model even though it is the harder route.

The Future of Co-op legion Studio

For the future after we finish our first game, Stray Alloys; our goal is to continuously to create video games that are co-operative story based games. Hopefully in the future after our first game is done, the next game genre will decided by the community. But let's focus on the current project first and make it a great one! Together let's make great co-op campaign games and Thanks for your time!

Link to our pre alpha game: https://youtu.be/mnEjsATb0h8

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February 2019 01 Update - Ammo Pickup

Hey Everyone, Been busy the past few weeks, At least I can show you guys something now. So our programmer figuring out to make a chest box style inventory system similar to Resident evil 2 (2019) or Resident evil 4. So I already designed and made a 3D model for the health 'potion (health item), The Energy vial/ potion. We needed an ammo pick up so the idea since our setting was in the future so I decided to make a battery for the weapons.

There's the first design, the inspiration was looking at what I read and heard was diamond batteries and I do love phone or laptop batteries.

There's an early 3D build model for the storage for the ammo pickup but was not happy with the look.

While working on the battery and the storage container for it, I realized I needed to make the battery to look like a weapon magazine. Hence I needed to make it more streamlined.

I am relatively happy with the design on the ammo pickup where it looks like a battery and a weapon magazine. As per usual, the design may change in the future but I do like the crystal/diamond visible in the battery and I like the labels similar to laptop or phone batteries. Honestly speaking, finding references and ideas for a sci-fi magazine is hard as most are bullets or the power source or battery not usually visible.

The new design for the ammo pickup storage container. Still needs some work but for a starter, I think it will look and do it's job for now. I have done some more item designs as well some UI design but I am going to space that out over the coming weeks.

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January 2019 Update Progress 03 3rd week in and last week and a little bit of this week's progress where I sculpted one of our local patrons who put in 5K, which helped us during our development.

This is what one of our local patron looks like. Still need a bit of sculpting left and clean up but I am happy with the result, I kinda like a bit of a stylized look similar to overwatch. I just love the style for overwatch character. Just so professional looking.

First one was the base mesh and unfortunately, not a good one but I learnt something new in zbrush to help define the ears, eyes, nose and mouth. So made those changes with the base mesh and sculpted. I am not that great as I need a good warm up to get into the rhythm of sculpting. My first attempt was four hours and not that great. I might show it so people understand that got to do several tries before getting it right.

After 4-8 hour sculpting, first 4 hours down the drain as that's my warm up sculpt as I don't get things real the first time round. Zbrush has helped a lot in this progress though. Using dynamesh, zremesher and topology brush just makes my life a lot of easier and stress free. Still not 100% usable in game but we can use Maya and use quaddraw to reduce the poly count.

Quad draw the eyebrows and made the glasses as our patron wears glasses. He may not look like this in the final game as we might add different hairstyle, facial hair, scars or other accessories like futuristic glasses. But most importantly, I want to make sure the the character looks like our patron before we add other features. At the very least, we have a good base to fall back on, if we go overboard on adding too many features.

One last note for this week, I think I should say that if some patrons want their OC (Original Character) instead of themselves in our game, I think that seems reasonable request. Only thing is that the character got to be in a sci-fi setting unless we can fit in a fantasy character as a cosplayer or something that could fit into our game world. There will probably be a limit on how many people/patrons can get themselves or their OC in our game as will take time to put them in our game. Always open to suggestions.

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Raw Coop Footage with Voice chat Test (10/06/2018)

I been debating the past week whether I should be posting this or not. It's the raw recording of our co-op gameplay with voice chat on steam test. The recording was for our prototype 2018 trailer and we did many recordings. As you can tell the level just a placeholder and incomplete but want to show the gameplay with a more interesting environment. Hopefully you guys understand that. Still long ways to go.

Aside from debating if I should be uploading the raw coop footage, I was continuing modelling one of our patron's head. I will post that next week, the base mesh is done but needs to be refined via sculpting.

Aside from that, just sorting out logistics with budget and the 3D printing stuff. 3D forge studios a way to reward merchandise to our loyal followers. We recently got a vacuum pump chamber but unfortunately we didn't know that vacuum pumps need oil to work. So blunder on us.

Here's an example of our 3D prints based on a commission. It's plastic and you can tell the quality is not that great as you can see the grain or the surface isn't smooth enough; hence why we want to use resin for two reasons. We want it to look good/smooth and resin is from what I heard is good for making copies. We want to up the quality when we have to ship the statues and stuff internationally for the patrons. We might add some key-chains as rewards as easy, not too expensive to make and ship and we can gift patrons while we were developing our game. I am still debating if we should do shirts as well. I will ask these questions when we get more followers.


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January 2019 Update Progress 01

It's 2019 and first update of the year. One of our local patrons put in 5k already and aside from being an 'investor', I gave him the option if he would like to be in the game. He said would be great to be a character in the game. Here's my work in progress for this week. After making the base mesh, will need to make it more defined and look more like our patron's face and then later make it stylized to suit our game if not it'll look weird if the characters are stylized and then some of the character are realistic.

So if you want to be in our game, be a patron and you will need to email me your face, front and side view with a neutral face. I am still working on the robot boss, it's just that I needed to do a video tutorial on head modelling as well. So good time to do a patron's head for the game.

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From our Patreon page on 26th December 2018 Update / Season Greetings from us (2018)

Hey Everyone, it's Christmas and the new year around the corner. So Most people are on a break. I am still at work, last week, I made a Reddit account as well as I made a Subscribestar account as there's some political issue with Patreon and a lot of people left Patreon and move to other funding platforms. This includes patrons not wanting to support content creators on Patreon as they don't want Patreon to get their money and prefer to use different methods. I personally don't know what to make heads or tails or these matters. But just means, best to not rely on one source.

If you notice our postcard, it's the boss robot rendered in Maya 2018, real time with Arnold. I just started playing around with Arnold in Maya 2018 and I love it. I know Arnold was used to render things in Substance painter but it's nice to model things in Maya and get an instant gratification to see your work look nice.

Here's the render without the wording so if you want to make your own wallpaper etc. by all means, go for it. This week, I will be updating Reddit and Subscribestar. Reddit will just have the trailer and link to the Patreon and Subscribestar. While Subscribestar will be a second platform for crowd funding. Aside from that, we still working on the AI for that Shield minion, we are improving the animation for Ray's melee and the ostrich movements as well. Hopefully we will keep going and get more funding for 2019.

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From our Patreon page on 19th December 2018 Update / December 2018 Update 03 - Early AI progress for the Shield minion 01

Early AI progress for the Shield minion; We haven't added the new animations yet, but I think It's just good to see where we are at and what we need to work on. In terms of animation, the shield minion walk cycle is sliding. we need to think up his AI behavior more in depth with the new animation, the reaction speed needs to be faster. The shield minion needs to attempt to block projectiles of the players. Still a lot of work do to.


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From our Patreon page on 11th December 2018 Update / December 2018 Update 02 - Environment Blocking 02

I did this building and this is before knowing that building topology isn't as important and before moving to using sketch up.

Terrace housing in one part of the location of the map. It will be in the beginning of the level. Done in Maya

Another building done in sketch up. But loaded in maya

Unreal engine 4 is a wonderful game engine and epic studio is pretty awesome for letting people use their engine for free until release so we don't have to worry about cost for a game engine and unreal engine 4 is constantly changes so makes our workflow to adapt easier.

Screenshot of the early level test. We wanted to see the city level with the day time lighting and having that unique sky. We wanted to test the look of the planet from the city.

Early rendition of the test demo level

During these early test, we just using a lot of unreal engine assets

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From our Patreon page on 11th December 2018 Update / December 2018 Update 02 - Environment Blocking 01

Hey Patrons, Just going to share the environment block in and some mock ups from earlier test or using some unreal assets. I thought I posted the old environments. I am not going to post the layout of the map as it probably has too much spoilers, so I won't show that. Aside from showing block in and the old environment screenshot, I also want to announce we are currently aiming for an arena horde mode style game demo in April. This is a short term goal before the real demo comes out but it's something patrons and the public can try out.

So one thing I learnt recently that game companies are now using or been using sketch up for making their building assets as I have been told that when making building, you don't need to care so much on topology. Traditionally, I use to care about topology for everything but for hard surface modelling for games with no deformation, you don't have to worry too much about topology as when you bring 3d models to unreal or most game engines, all 3d objects will be triangulated.

Another screenshot of the block in for the city.

Using Sketch up for the buildings. The buildings are referenced from real life. Wanted something familiar but on the large scale will be different. This is just to ease the players into the game world with something familiar first as the later levels will be quite different in design to reflect the different nations mindset and ideology.

Another building done in sketch up. There's going to be a lot of these.

These buildings are done by both Mahyuddin and Matyn. They are turning out quite nice.

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From our Patreon page on 6th December 2018 Update / December 2018 Update 01 - Ostrich Animation set01

Some of the ostrich animation, Had some technically issue recording the animation as the animation kept crashing my Maya. Need to figure that out soon. The video was recorded from my animator's PC. So sorry about the quality of the footage.


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From our Patreon page on 6th December 2018 Update / December 2018 Update 01 - Ray Melee Animation set01

First off, Sorry for the late update. Had do wait for the animation to be passed to me before I could record them. Also the ostrich minion animation I couldn't run on my PC at the moment. Hopefully, I can fix that by next week. You will get to see some of the animations for the ostrich minion. So this week, Today I will be uploading two post as got two videos to show. ray's melee animation as well as the Ostrich.

Ray's melee animation are still work in progress and needs to be polished more. Might be changed if it still doesn't work out when we test the animation in game.


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From our Patreon page on 27th November 2018 Update / November 2018 Update 04 - Shield Minion Animation Set 03

November 2018 progress update 04 is here; all the animation for the shield minion is done for now, at the moment. We may add more animations for the shield minion but should be enough until we get more funding or support. We need to be flexible and adjust things as we go as we are operating on a low budget. We will be working on animations for another minion soon. We currently making the buildings for the demo level as well as still on the mech boss.

Most important thing is to keep going and keep building upon what we got until others recognize us. Every giant journey has small beginnings and part of this journey is being the underdog, starting from nowhere.


Personal Note on the industry for this month

Things that inspire me recently, was several documentaries about Rodney Dangerfield, Stan lee and Bob Ross; all giants in their own way and but their journey are all too similar. They all lived a life of hardship BUT built up what they loved, their Art. The most important thing to do is to keep at it(practice), finding a way to make it sustainable and most important lesson is to never give up even when things get really hard and things are can get really hard as that is life. That's my advice in life and art. This is what drives me and the gaming industry, the ones with money seem to be chasing things that I personally find wrong about the industry. Weird isn't it that the movie industry doesn't charge you per minute or it doesn't charge you for each act separately. The movie industry doesn't nickel and dime you every chance it gets. The movie industry charges you the movie, merchandises and that's it.

During this time, We are got news that diablo immortal for mobile at the time. Giant backlash from the fans. I can understand why people are angry as they spent their hard earned cash to go to the event, to support the people making their favorite game and only to be betrayed that the company is going to a different direction and ignoring their fan base. Other news is fallout 76, which is just a big failure because no one was asking for a striped down version of fallout 3-4 with no npcs, no real story, bad gameplay and buggy as hell.

These big companies just focus on how to make money from everyone, how to make the game addictive instead of making a good product that in turn generates good profit, sustainable and not morally wrong.

I admit; trying to find good investors, not just financially but someone who you can trust is hard. Reasons I am mentioning about diablo immortal, fallout 76 is to remember what our goal is. I love video games but nowadays I am losing interest in most games as it's all about grinding, micro-transactions, multiplayer only. Here's hoping to make this game great or good enough and that will lead us to make something bigger and better for the community, the industry. That said, it takes tiny steps to get to the big ones. Thanks if you managed to read all the way here.

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From our Patreon page on 21st November 2018 Update / November 2018 03 Update - 5th boss progress

Last week's progress, working on the back drone launcher for the boss. The idea is that the drone units spawn from the boss back launcher like missiles. Thinking whether the ammo should be turned into boosters. As per usually right now, nothing is set in stone.

Back view of the back drone launcher Top 3/4 view of the back drone launcher Back 3/4 view of the back drone launcher


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From our Patreon page on 12th November 2018 Update / November 2018 02 Update - 5th boss progress

This was last week's progress. Built the rough of the arm and the hips and a bit of the back launcher for the drones. Still work in progress and certain parts can and probably will change over time.

Inspiration from armored core(mainly armored core) and a bit of gundam. This mech is quite big in terms of scale. tall as a building but not as big as the original armored core were.

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From our Patreon page on 6th November 2018 Update / November 2018 01 Update - Energy pickup

Hey everyone, Just done today, but worked on it since less week. The design based on the old design of the potion.

I like the design aspect of it and didn't want the concept to completely disappear so implemented it into the energy pickup. The concept of the energy pickup is pretty much fuel for the arm or the jet pack. It's treated similar like a syringe.

Here's the close up of the display for the energy pick up. the label was just taken from energy label for European AC. Probably in the final game, I don't think the display will be so clear or hi res as we need to think about performance and optimization with the textures. All the images are for high concept. They are 3D models and these are textured but not designed for final game assets as the mesh is not optimized just yet.

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From our Patreon page on 29th October 2018 Update / October 2018 05 Update - Work in progress Concept Art

Hey patrons, This was done few weeks ago but it's down time for me as nothing to show right now. Last week, was working on the mech boss. Got the rough blocking done for the entire body, legs and arms and pretty happy with it but I don't think it's ready to be presented yet; so do be patient on that bit. We are working full steam ahead with what we got. getting the assets built for the level demo for the patrons and later released for the public. We are rigging and animating the enemies/minions. A lot of things to do. Hopefully we can pick up more patrons soon for the future.

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From our Patreon page on 24th October 2018 Update / October 2018 04 Update - Health pickup(potions) & Item pickups

First 3D concept mock up for the health potion. want to pay tribute to classic game potions. Only issue is that potions with a cork lid doesn't spell futuristic. looking through water bottles, sodas and pretty much any containers design that look different. I saw a Luso water bottle, which was unique and look futuristic. I love the hex shape and design. Other reason to use this style and design was because in space, would be nice to drink something while wearing a suit. So I imagined that the drink can be poured or injected into the suit through a nozzle and it gets vacuumed into a bag inside the suit and the person can drink through a straw in the helmet. That's the concept and idea. Just realized after that our health bar was green and a red thick opaque liquid looks creepy and weird, like blood.

Side note: The health potion was modeled in Maya and textured in substance painter.

So some new changes with the health potion. change it to green similar to the health bar. Decided to give a green apple flavor to the drink due to the color and did some simple quick labels, which we probably will improve in the future. The so called random letters and numbers are not actually random but the scientific formula compound of the flavor for 'green apple'. The green apple drink will have a glow just for visual sake. In games, it's usually fun to see things glow.

Other thing, we designed was the drop pod that hold items for players to use.

Hopefully the arrows clear enough to understand the animation sequence. The drop pod/drop pads 'drops' down; sticking to the ground, the legs rotate down and the legs extends out as the fins on top go into the top head as the top head goes up. After the pod's top casing goes up, it reveals the item, in this example, it's the health potion.

So I was working on the robot boss but the arms didn't turn out well and decide to work on something else, in this case, the health potion and the drop pod/drop pad. Also due to working schedule changes, I typically update on Monday but I may update on Wednesday. Local time doing this is 1:25 AM. I will be working on the robot again and hopefully I get over my mental block in building it. I will not work on the arms but the legs this time round. Worst case scenario is I will build and design another item for the game.

Edit: 2:59 AM, Just also want to show the old concept for the potion, we might make this as it looks cool. who doesn't love beakers.

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From our Patreon page on 15th October 2018 Update / October 2018 03 Update - '5th level boss update No.2'

This was last two week's progress that i manage to do. The head for the 5th level boss. Quite different from the concept. I didn't like the head being too small. Did some experiments as well but nothing is finalized so again when i build the other bits and put it together, I will see if i need to make more changes.

All the post are open for public for now. Once we hit several more patrons I might lock the post as want to make the patrons feel special; also trying to increase a few more patrons so we can start a discord server, hoping to reach 10 patrons some point soon. Even if the other patrons just put 1$ per month, that would be great to achieve.


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From our Patreon page on 8th October 2018 Update / October 2018 02 Update 'Mini Drone'

Not last week's progress but I want to space out the progress with some filler content like the mini drone. Close up of the mini drone, it's animation and color variation.
There's also some archived footage from 4th May 2018. Sorry for the quality of the video as it was taken from my co-worker's com and technically not meant for public to see.

The archived footage just to share within the dev team on the progress of the mini drone but I thought it would be interested to show regardless. The archived footage also shows the shield, the HUD and the drone behavior as the drones are programmed to flank the player.

*The drone design is subjected to change as design can always be improved on but depends on budget and time.

New logo with no background, nice and clean.


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From our Patreon page on 1st October 2018 Update / 5th level boss update progress

So here's last week's progress. The torso for the 5th level boss update progress based on our concept done awhile back. The torso done in zbrush isn't final but the idea is to spend one day per body part and then refine it so all the parts seem as one. But I am expecting I might have to spend more than a day per part depending on the complexity.

Technically the 2nd boss that players will meet when the game comes out. Previously, thought this would be the 3rd boss you meet, Last week, I was also planning out the story structure. In terms of story structure, Act I is done, Act II is half way done and Act III needs a lot of work. Script and story structure are two different things. Script is the detail in the story and story structure is the meat of the story, what is the general direction or the grand plan. This helps so we don't get lost thinking about the detail later on. I would like to share the current story but I know a lot of people don't like spoilers; so you guys got to wait. That said, it does suck as I have to restrain myself from telling as well. But I do want people to get the big surprise for certain things that will hopefully be worth the wait.


Concept art 01 for 5th level boss Concept art 02 for 5th level boss

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From our Patreon page on 28th September 2018 Update / Minor updates for this week

Just updated some pf the post on the rewards. The idea is now to get 2 figure/statues for patrons/ supporters. One before reach and another one for launch. There's a reason for it as the second figure/statue has a spoiler in it and I only want to show that on launch, why we decided to go for 2 figures/ statues. The first one will be given to patrons the moment it's done and painted: it'll be first come first serve basis so people who put in 500$ total will get the statue once it is ready and will be done before the game is released as a reward for supporting us at a very early stage. More details to come soon.

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From our Patreon page on 24th September 2018 Update / Shield Minion Animation Set Compilation

Mixing the previous week and this week's animation set together in a compilation. Missing a walk cycle and couldn't get to upload the backward hop. Enjoy!


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From our Patreon page on 24th September 2018 Update / September 2018 Update Progress 02

September 2018 progress update 02 is here and just showing off the shield enemy minion with few more animation sets for our game 'Stray Alloys'. The recording is a bit choppy though, not sure why I had some issue with the recording aside from that, there was suppose to be a backward jump animation but kept crashing on my machine. I will see if I update that at some point.

We also did some tech research with great results, we successfully made interior cubemaps that can project a room on a plane with parallax(Parallax is when you move your eyes around an image, the perspective follows giving the illusion of depth), good for windows in buildings similar to the ones you see in the new PS4 spiderman videogame. The resolution quite nice as well as the resolution is only at 256x256, which really small considered that the images are quite clear.


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From our Patreon page on 12th September 2018 Update / September 2018 Update Progress 01

September 2018 progress update 01 is here and just showing off one of our new character minion, the shield enemy minion with animation set for our game 'Stray Alloys'. We don't have any cool call-signs for most of them. We definitely need to think of some at some point. So the past few weeks, this is what we were busy with. Build the mech, with uvs, textures, rig and animate. We still need to rework his animation as this minion might be too fast. These minions are twice as tall as the main character so these things are relatively big. So we might have to slow them down just to balance the difficulty as seeing a giant rushing at the players might be scary. There's some clipping with the shield but we will fix that in due time, for the time being, the animation is great.


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From our Patreon page on 6th September 2018 Update / 3D print statues or figures for our patrons for the future

So recently made a 3D printing studio, you can visit our instagram:


The idea is to 3d print some statues or figures when we release our game to our patrons just as a way to thank people who support us. At the moment, our goal is that if a patron who puts 300BND than they will get a statue/ figure. I didn't put it in the rewards just of yet as at the moment, we are trying to get the silicone and resin and we haven't perfected the process yet; but the moment, we do I will add that to the things patrons can earn. At the moment, I don't want to promise things unless I am 100% confident that I can deliver a quality product.

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From our Patreon page on 30th August 2018 Update

Thanks for those who are supporting us. At the moment, I am just sorting out all the social media stuff such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and sending out emails trying to promote our game and such. It's not something I like to do but it's important to be active as how can people find out about your game if they don't know about it. In terms of update, we are going to aim for a weekly or bi weekly update depending on what we are working on, worst case would be a monthly update because it might not be interesting to show or not that presentable yet, so hopefully people will understand. In the future, we're hoping to be able to hire a dedicated script writer, dedicated level designer, people who know their stuff; and just finding more 3d modellers and animators to speed up development process. I will be posting up some images very soon either this week or next week.

Subscription Tiers

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Community Level 1 Star

Every dollar counts and it's the thought that counts; we understand if you want to support us and don't have mad cash. Don't forget to check our post to see what rewards you unlock. Gain early access to everything and our demo before the public. *Refer to our reward post to see what you can earn by supporting us

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Community Level 2 Star

Along with early access, you get to vote on certain things when we put things to vote for. Gains better rewards. *Refer to our reward post to see what you can earn by supporting us.

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Community Level 3 Star

Along with previous reward, Gains even better rewards. *Refer to our reward post to see what you can earn by supporting us.

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Unlock all previous tier rewards + Involved with development team and contribute ideas. Gains Even more and better rewards. *Refer to our reward post to see what you can earn by supporting us.

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Intermediate Co-op Partner

All perks from the junior co-op partner + Gains EVEN MORE AND BETTER rewards also get medium share of profit after game is released. *Refer to our reward post to see what you can earn by supporting us.

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Senior Co-op Partner

All the perks from the intermediate co-op partner. Includes 2 digital copies of games, soundtrack, two physical artbook, figure statues, have the option to in the game as a villain or an npc (non-playable character), along with also get large share of profit after game is released *Refer to our reward post to see what you can earn by subscribing to us.



  • Gain early access to our development for our game. Videos, images and concept of what we do. End of game product, get artbook, digital copy of the game and merchandise such as figure statues.

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This helps us keep the place running, pays the bills such as internet, electricity and rent.
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the goal
After paying the bills, reaching this goal, 2,300 will like everyone on the team to earn $250. Everyone will be happy enough to work on the game project.
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the goal
With an extra 4k, we can hire more people/freelancers to produce our work better and faster. Ideal goal for best outcome. Anything after this, will just be used to hire more people.
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the goal
Additionaly to paying the bills for the studio, this will raise everyone's pay to $500. Core team will appreciate this so much.


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