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Chrome Gear Illustration
Chrome Gear Illustration
Working hard to be a badass mecha artist 🙂!!!
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LV. 1 tier

Full access to my high quality illustration. Perfect for wallpaper :)!!!

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LV. 2 tier

While having my high quality art available is cool, I’ll also have my very detailed line drawing available for this tier in original resolution. You can color, retouch, etc, whatever you want :)!!

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LV. 3 tier

For the extreme mecha fan such as myself 🙂🔥!! Free 2 11x17 artprints every month, with free shipping within US. LV. 1 and LV. 2 tiers are also available :)!!!

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  • Access to my high quality digital artwork.

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Chrome Gear Illustration

Barbatos Lupus Rex wallpaper.

Posted for $2, $5, $15 tiers
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