Energy Science of Living Buildings

A presentation of two halves from our recent conference.
Part 1 Biologic architecture science and real application: A shared panel with Juan Schlosser and Dan Winter,
Juan Schlosser –
Juan Schlosser is a bioarchitect and the founder of Bio Arc. The theme of his work is nature energy in all its forms and manifestations.

Part 2 Integrating bio-architectural small budget dwelings in natural environments: Since 2007 Alosha Lynov has been crafting geometric affordable individual and village level eco habitats.
Alosha Lynov –
Since 2007 Alosha Lynov has been developing a living habitat that merges nature with curvilinear interactive play space into one cohesive Living Bio Shelter organism that protects and nourishes the people living within whilst being able to withstand the extreme cold weather without conventional heating.