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Bryan Rush is OUTSPOKEN
Bryan Rush is OUTSPOKEN
Freedom lover / Truth Teller / Motivator. TV Show. Podcast. Articles.
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Bryan Rush is OUTSPOKEN
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I'm Back! I wanted to thank all of my friends, family and relatives for wishing me a recovery from Lyme disease and and condolences for my mother passing away. I truly appreciate the letters, calls and texts. My wife has proven to be an unbelievable angel in my life and I'm glad we're doing life together. She makes my life so much better.

Now on to the battle we face. We are in a war for the UNITY of our homes, communities and nation. Our enemies are actively trying to divide and destroy our lives and communities. We face a media, and influential people in pop culture who are actively spreading racial division, hatred of police and love of criminals, destruction of peace and order, and a blind racist hatred of white Americans. We cannot afford to fall for their manipulations or feed from their poisonous content.

We can REBEL against it with an active campaign of UNITY. We have to fight for unity and I believe I have some direction and motivation as to how we can do it. Here's how we're doing it: -Reach out to your spouses, listen to their worries and encourage them. It's you two against the world! -Reach out to your children and do the same. They need you to anchor them. -Then reach out to your neighbor and see how they're fairing and encourage them. Ask if there is anything you can pray for or encourage them in. -Reach out to your co-workers and ask them if there is anything you can help them handle or pray for them for.
-Start a community group that meets together and encourages each other.
-Find others who are finding success in 2020 and model their behavior.
-TURN OFF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA! Online and Offline. Cut the negativity out of your life and you'll find joy right around you.

I'm Back. and Will be giving you more than ever. I will be launching my sports division of the network this week as well. If there is a specific way I can encourage you or someone you know, please reach me and let me know.

With the utmost respect,


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