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Bonnie Wright
Hi! I'm a singer-songwriter and pianist. I love composing and am producing many original songs right now, in a wide variety of styles.
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Tier 1: the Nostalgic

All the feels. With this tier, you get to hear the end result of my songwriting sessions - especially exciting when I'm writing one a day! I will release between 4 and 28 recordings of songs I write each month. Much of my music is nostalgic in sentiment...reflecting wistfully on times gone by. Live a little in the past with those uploads.

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Tier 2: the Classic

I love to connect and to enjoy life at a high level. You lovely souls who would like to be a part of my songwriting process are welcome to join me in scheduled Zoom sessions each month, at least 4 of them, as I spin a song out of thin air within an hour or two! You'll also have access to all of the recordings if you can't make it for the live session, and access to all Tier 1 benefits.

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Tier 3: the Passionate

For those who are as passionate about music as I am! Enjoy access to all Tier 1 and 2 benefits! YOU PICK A TOPIC FOR A SONG (or a word/idea to use in a song) AND JOIN ME IN THE WRITING PROCESS! Best during 30-day songwriting challenges. And, I will send you a personal musical birthday gram 2x per year for you and a loved one (for every month you bless me with your support in this tier. Yes, that means up to 24 per year:)

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Tier 4: the Feminine

Is the feminine a little mysterious? Somewhat chaotic and unpredictable? This tier will yield some pretty unbelievable prizes. I'll write YOU a song for sure after 4 months. After one year in this tier, I'll even get it recorded professionally for you (don't want to wait? Use Dropp here on Subscribestar or head to my website). You are the wind beneath my wings, dear friend who subscribes to this tier of support. Expect merch discounts, personal gifts, maybe a lunch visit in our future. Thank you, from the bottom of my melting heart.

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  • Access to TONS of songs that I will mostly never release elsewhere. Influence over which ones I will produce. Genuine human connection over music that we love.

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Bonnie Wright
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I am gearing up for a 30-day songwriting challenge in celebration of the launch of my debut album, Skirting A Romance ♥

What to write about? Songs for a best friend, a family member, a wedding, a road trip, the "worst song ever," a dance song, a religious song, a song starting off with background vocals, a song in every major and minor key, a song for a happy day, a song for a sad day, a eulogy, a lullaby, a song on an instrument I don't play...

Tier 1 subscribers will have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of each songwriting session!
Tier 2 subscribers will get to join me on the Zoom calls of the songwriting sessions! See the process in action. Maybe even contribute some ideas.
Tier 3 subscribers will help me pick song topics/ideas/phrases to use (one time per person per month) and contribute in the songwriting process on one special song.
Tier 4 subscribers has access to the benefits of all previous tiers and more. :)

Join me for this songwriting adventure for just $5 or $10/month!
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