Well, here's a big dose of reality: I can only do so much and parts of my big plan for "Pivoting" didn't pan out. It's been yet another year since I posted here... I will keep this account and maybe some day I'll be more engaged here. I'm still posting regularly on Instagram (@annranlett), and keeping busy with pet portraits and other projects. Currently, I'm working on some illustrations for my former veterinarian (he moved out of state), who's putting together a book of his experiences as a vet. I'm also in the middle of the long-term process of image clean-up (scans of scratchboards) and page layouts for an artist friend's book.

Keeping two local galleries stocked and working shifts at one of them is an ongoing part of my life, studios tours are in the mix, and I'm creating a number of miniatures for a show at a local hotel. Springhill Suites Auburn is kind enough to provide pedestal and wall space for members of the North Auburn Artists' group to show work on a regular basis. And in a "stars align" situation, 3 of the drawings for the vet book will go to this show, which runs September 1st through the end of October.

Acorn Woodpecker is going to Springhill Suites. I think I'll have about 15 mini pieces of art in total. This one's on a 2.5" x 1.25" Ampersand Claybord Art Tile™.

Raccoon is another piece for Springhill, it's ink & watercolor on a 1.5" square Ampersand Stampbord™. 

Llama #1 is one of 2 llama drawings for the vet's book, it's pen & ink techniques on Claybord, also going to Springhill.