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Alex Tabor
A freelance artist, graphic designer, and writer who enjoys storytelling and comics. Working on an anthology series of short story comics.
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Alex Tabor
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Update to my Subscribestar

Hello everyone still tuning in and thank you for your support. the eagle-eyed ones will have probably already noticed that I've been updating stuff on my Patreon page and not my Subscribestar page. This is due in part to subscriber feedback (as well as personal taste) that they prefer Patreon and how smoothly it functions. So for the remainder of the posts for my Anecdotes 4 comic I'll be posting the main pages mostly there. 
that being said, I do not plan on leaving Subscribestar in the dust (shouldn't be putting all my eggs in one basket right?). Once I'm done with Anecdotes 4 I plan on retooling and reorganizing a bunch of my online stuff, Subscribestar and Patreon included. 
To sum up; Most of what I'm making is going up on Patreon for now, but stick around since once Anecdotes 4 is done I'll be returning to post stuff here again. 
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