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 下载 / 更新 Download / Update:

所有的工具 下载 / 更新 地址: 下载
All tools can be Download / Update at: Download
Supporters should also check their keys from the personal link in the private message to enable the supporter feature.

若你打不开网页可使用该链接下载后在工具内优化网络 (该链接不跟随版本更新):
If you can't open the page, you can use this link to download it and optimize the network in the tool (this link does not follow the version update):
我正在为 同人游戏引擎 创建 游戏修改 / 一键翻译 工具。
不像 VNR,它完全是内部的,游戏窗口外没有文字漂浮,游戏时不需要网络,没有翻译延迟。

目前已实现: RPG Maker 2k / 2k3 / XP / Vx / VxAce / MV / MZ / Wolf RPG / TyranoBuilder / SRPG Studio

I'm creating a game cheat / one-click translation tool for the Doujin game engine.
Unlike VNR, it's completely internal, no text floating outside the game window, no internet required while playing, no translation delays.

Currently implemented: RPG Maker 2k / 2k3 / XP / Vx / VxAce / MV / MZ / Wolf RPG / TyranoBuilder / SRPG Studio
The tool is now free for everyone to use most of all features except translation, which has some restricted for non-supporters.

     一键更新工具, 不需要手动.
     可以翻译更大的文本数据 (根据支持者等级).

Supporter features:
     One-click update tool, no need to do it manually. 
     Some translation engines available only for supporters. 
     Ability to use the translation function during high demands. 
     Ability to translate larger text data (depending on supporter level). 

Subscription Tiers

per month

Please do not subscribe!!! Currently testing platform availability! 请不要订阅!! 正在测试平台可用性!

1 subscriber SubscribeStar $3.00 tier


  • 额外的支持者专用翻译引擎 一键自动更新工具, 无需手动操作.
  • Extra supporters-only translation engine One-click update tool, no need to do it manually.

The subscription gives you:
  • Access to Star's profile content.
  • Ability to support your Star by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Star directly via Instant Messenger.
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