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Seriously, I appreciate it! Everything helps!

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I'm so grateful for you!

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You are so generous. Thank you so much!

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For those who want to give more. I will write you a personalized appreciation message. This really refuels my tanks.

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You are the real MVP. I'll make a video just for you, letting you know how much I respect and appreciate you.

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Rally this Saturday in Lansing at the Capital Steps.  Here's how you can help if you aren't able to make it.  thank you guys!
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This would allow me to travel to events all over the country, hire a crew of patriots to record video, help edit, and upload to social media sites. I will create my own website, host my own videos so they cannot be banned, and reach millions while showing people footage from the front lines. This could easily cover my expenses and allow me to create a real media organization so we can overcome the censorship and fake news media.

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