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Tapeworm profile
Body horror art, gore, fascination in anatomy, flesh
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Larva slime

essentially a tip jar, but you get to see all the sketches I do, no matter how rough they are, digital or traditional. These are uploaded at the beginning of each month

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Mycelial pupa

Early access to finished pieces, monthly WIP shots, depending on what I have. WIP’s are from the previous month and uploaded at the beginning of the next. Early access is posted as it’s finished.

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Emerging fungus

Everything from the lower tiers, plus you get to see NSFW art that I’m too shy to post elsewhere. There’s also more detailed sculpting processes, whatever that may mean.

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Realized worm

All the goods! You get to experience everything, plus you get shop and commission discounts!

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  • Depending on what I work on for the month, you will get: monthly sketches, early access, Exclusive goodies, time lapses, sculpture process etc. Higher tiers are able to see more of my processes and get tips and help in the mediums I work with

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November 2021 sketches! The goods are in the attached file⬇️I need to figure out how doing a comi...

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