Osrc.rip was created in the hope that I can provide value to the world in forms of free ideas, free software, free plans, free education, and free entertainment, while having a pretty colorful job, that is not necessarily easy, but one that I like doing, relying on community support, and sponsors. Later as I was working on it but before I even started, I had the idea to make a discord channel for connecting creative people from many different fields, globally in an attempt to maximize everyone's productivity providing a fast and easy way to get help, and share your experience. It's sort of like a cloud computing platform for people! ;) Unlike many open source enthusiast, I'm not against closed source derivatives! I deliberately use BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" license or CC-BY license unless I'm forced to use something else(by another license), as it does not require you to make your work open source, and they are short enough for everyone to read it! I think everyone should have the freedom to make his/her work open or closed source, and give it for free, or sell it at will. If you can make a living based on one or more of my projects, I'm totally fine with that! Add your own improvements to it, don't use my name to promote your product, nor deny that you've built upon my project! Praise God, get payed and donate generously! ;) Of course these licenses also allow me to do the same and make closed source derivatives of my own projects any time, so just beware of the competition. :P If you're new to OSRC, get connected! You can get notifications of new content, project updates, and help even with your own projects! Also check out the OSRC youtube channel!

For the time being I'm working alone, however expanding it is within my goals if and when the income allows it.