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Manifested Well-being podcast
Manifested Well-being podcast
I create freely available content aimed to help people to fulfill their potential. I will be interviewing experts in the fields of psychology, nutrition and mindset and I will also be creating content related to well-being, mindset and health
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Manifested Well-being podcast

Dr. Susan Wolf is the author of the book Meaning in Life and why it Matters and in this podcast she talks about meaning and morality.

Susan Wolf is the Edna J. Koury Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she has taught since 2002.  Wolf works chiefly in ethics and its close relations in philosophy of mind, philosophy of action, political philosophy, and aesthetics. She has made contributions to our understanding of the nature and plurality of value, the importance of moral virtue, the conditions and varieties of responsibility, and the pursuit of meaning in life.  Some of her most notable works include “Moral Saints”, “Sanity and the Metaphysics of Responsibility,” “Happiness and Meaning:  Two Aspects of the Good Life,” Freedom Within Reason, Meaning in Life and Why it Matters, and The Variety of Values: Essays on Morality, Meaning, and Love.
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Manifested Well-being podcast

In this episode Dr. Bill Campbell talks about refeeds and his current research on diet breaks. Dr. Campbell also talks about the best strategies for fat loss programmes and post workout carbohydrate intake for combat sport.

Dr. Campbell is a Professor of Exercise Science at the University of South Florida. He
received his Ph.D. in Exercise, Nutrition, and Preventive Health at Baylor University.
As a researcher and author, Dr. Campbell has published more than 150 scientific
papers and abstracts (in academic journals) related to sports nutrition and physique
enhancement. In addition, he is a paid consultant to sport entertainment
corporations and is a litigation consultant and expert witness related to dietary

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Manifested Well-being podcast

John Vervaeke is a Cognitive Psychologist and Cognitive Scientist, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and co-author of the book Zombies in Western Culture:  A 21st Century crisis. 

Dr. Vervaeke talks about martial arts, the flow experience, meaning in life, the meaning crisis and the pursuit of wisdom. 
 He has been teaching at the University of Toronto since 1994. 
He currently teaches courses in the Psychology department on thinking and reasoning with an emphasis on insight problem solving, cognitive development with an emphasis on the dynamical nature of development, and higher cognitive processes with an emphasis on intelligence, rationality, mindfulness, and the Psychology of wisdom. 

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Manifested Well-being podcast

For the first episode of the Manifested Wellbeing Podcast I spoke to Dr. Eric Helms about intermittent fasting and protein intake. 

Eric is  Research Associate Strength and Conditioning at Auckland University. 

Eric has been a trainer and nutrition coach since the early 2000’s, working in the military, studio, gyms, medical and S&C sectors. Currently, he coaches a handful of drug free strength and physique athletes through 3D Muscle Journey LLC which he co-founded in 2009. Eric spends most of his time producing video and written content on nutrition, resistance training, and coaching psychology specifically for the drug-free lifting community.

He is the co-founder of and regular contributor to the Monthly Applications in Strength Sport research review and he is the author of the Muscle & Strength Nutrition and Training Pyramids books. Additionally, he is an active researcher in the areas of maximum strength development, fat loss, hypertrophy and competitive physique and strength sport.


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