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I'm an Author. I go by two pen names: William D. Arand and Randi Darren
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You're part of the whole.

The backdrop on which everything is made and where every single person starts.

Without you, there would be nothing at all.

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You know that the world isn't quite right.

That it isn't real or what anyone thinks it is.

But you know the truth.

You're cognizant of this and you're working to bring others into this awareness.

per month

When the call went out to join the forces heading out to war, you volunteered.

You fight against the rising tide and strive to bring about order. You work in hostile servers and struggle to bring them back into the fold.

You're one of the chosen few who not only know the truth but fight for it against the forces of Zeus.

per month

From the ranks of the Moderators a few elected to become more.

To become something that would set them apart and be forever changed.

Leading the Moderators in the defense of core servers or carrying out assaults on those that were lost are the Administrators.

per month

You're one of the few who participated, and succeeded, in the Guardian trials.

Now you're responsible for leading and guiding the rest of the forces as the war continues to escalate.

When everything goes wrong, you're the person everyone else turns to for guidance.

And that's when you're expected to step up and lead while sheltering everyone at the same time.

Because you're a Guardian.



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  • News and planned releases

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