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With 100,000+ km driven and decades of 'modern nomadic' experience in 30 countries, we know a thing or two about independent travel. We have genuine, self-produced travel photos and videos to help you find locations you like and want to see more of.
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Like Travel, Outdoors, Touring Videos? Watch This!

If you really love to do self-directed travel, if you love touring videos and/or everything-outdoors, you’ll likely be inspired by our collection of travel-writing pieces, destination videos, and camper van diaries. We have decided to include all touringAV premium content here on SubscribeStar for our supporters along with the public content which is visible for everyone.

To start off on this move, we uploaded an improved and re-edited AP/V clip (or aerial photo and video piece) we brought home from a tour last summer. The short video features Lake Väner in Sweden’s Värmland province, images shot using DJI's Phantom 3 Pro. Enjoy the views flying over beautifully-colored woods and rocky shorelines of Western Europe’s largest lake.

There are also related stock images in our Shutterstock portfolio to obtain RF imagery for re-use, which also reveal another view shot on our way there.

The featured video will be used as the Channel Trailer for touringAV over on YouTube, but there’s going to be more — i. e. usually extended versions and Premium or enhanced stuff — available here on SubscribeStar as well as on D.Tube, Vimeo and/or Lbry in order to support these platforms more than Google’s less-than-wonderful own video site.
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What Our Content Is About

Travel videos, touring and overlanding in VW T3 Vanagon/Bus and VW T5 Eurovan and other suitable vehicles, off-roading, outdoors activities, self-directed travel showcasing locations for digital nomads, couples, and families respectively. We have been there in real life, and you can watch here as we show you what works and what doesn't when traveling off the beaten track! With 100,000+ km driven and decades of 'modern nomadic' experience in 30 countries self-explored, we know a thing or two about great places for independent travellers. We have genuine, self-produced travel images and videos you can watch to find out about locations you're interested in and we covered in our videos.
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