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Chip in a Buck!

Can you believe it!? You really CAN donate a dollar per month! It's true!

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Cup of Coffee - Newsletter

You can buy Patriot Nurse a cup of coffee each month. You'll also get access to my monthly newsletter!

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Research Material

With your $10 monthly donation, you allow me to purchase medical research materials, including valuable information that goes into my videos. You will also receive my newsletter each month.

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Medical Journal- Thank You Card

For $50 per month, you can pay for my access to medical journals, including valuable information to process and distill into quality videos that help your family stay well and prepared! For your generous contribution, I will send you a hand-written thank you card!

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For $100 a month, you are a paying for my continuing education, seminars, and professional education. This enables me to bring the absolute best information out the public.

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