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No gimmicks. Everything has overhead and takes time, working hours. Paying me for time on research and making videos for the BitChute channel, will enable me to research more for you and buy dedicated equipment.

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No gimmicks. Everything has overhead and takes time - working hours. Paying me to research enables me to set aside dedicated time and to buy equipment. If you want to send me a message, this is the way to do that.



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1. My channel is designed so that you can quickly cut through the theories, egocentric posturing, click-bait, and other news and especially online distractions that make up the "fog-of-war" in this spiritual, global, national, and local effort to orient us to deceptions... Every individual man, woman, and child.

 2. I will stick to fundamentals, tools, beliefs and methods that are old to ancient and proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Some faith is required to to do what most are not! 

     I hope that my personal beliefs, choices and findings are helpful to you. They may even challenge you, in a good way.

Know that wisdom is thus for your soul; 
If you find it, then there will be a future, 
And your hope will not be cut off.

 - The Scriptures, Book of Proverbs, Chapter 24

     I quote this book also called The Word, more often than any other corroborated source on wisdom, because much like gold and silver to economics, it has proven out more than any other written material. That is, gold and silver have been real money for something like 6,000+ years!

     I am of the Frankfurt School of economic thought, in case you can't tell lol. I am definitely of contrarian and USA Constitutional views. These are my personal beliefs. Meaning, these are my convictions, established within me to my last breaths on this decaying Earth, as well as in the battle for my mind. I will defend them as such. 

   As always, I encourage you to do your own research and thus work out your belief so that you can carry out a good plan!! I do this in hope of supplementing or augmenting your individual research, to the benefit of your household.

     What do I gain from this? I have considered putting a payment option on here as I see no crossroads of ethics when asking to be paid for a labor. We will see.
     Mainly though, The Teacher once famously said, "it is far better to give than to receive". Selfishly, truly enjoy the reward, I Enjoy giving information that i actionable..Just as many wise men, have done for me. 
     As the forefathers of my nation gave much to establish Liberty here, to give any who are legal citizens of The United States of America, myself and all our countrymen in stewardship, according to the will of the Almighty God. Who, was testified even by their enemies as having miraculously blessed them.
     I am no greater than you or anyone. I am no better. I am simply a vessel attempting to pour out to people in such a way as to encourage and be a help to my fellow Americans, along with people in other nations, that each man may do more and more in knowledge and understanding of the truth, discerning what is wisdom. I believe that discerning wisdom does clarify to a person what is truly right and truly good; and thus, that man, woman, or child will deal (and think!) in true equity and justice more and more. May you be prepare for the unknown for yourselves and through to your children's children.

My subscription design is based on the ancient maxim "do not muzzle the oxen while it treads out the grain."
I have a way for you to unmuzzle this one ox. Lol. But seriously, fund me so I can put more into this!

I don't currently have a way for single payments for my work. I leave this sifting/research, if you will, available at no charge because I have enough to get by. Also, I would rather know you can put even your last $5 towards preparation for a time of want, and real money, if your budget is that close to 100% reliant on currency cash flow.

May your thirst for wisdom be increased, may your heart be in self-control to your mind, and may your will be as steel in your hand.

Thank You,

DISCLAIMER: if what I am doing here is still unclear to you... I am not a financial advisor or any type or kind of a life coach, or professional analyst. These are my views, opinions, and choices.
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