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Tactical gear reviews/history, camo, firearms and airsoft.


  • Hi folks, If you are viewing this page, first off thank you very much for considering me. A couple of points I have to make about this SubscribeStar account: -Unfortunately, I cannot offer extra content behind a paywall as many full time content creators do as an extra thanks for your pledge. I am currently full time in the military (have been for quite some years) and TheFull9 is just a hobby in my free time. I already put out as much imagery and knowledge as I am able to so additional stuff for subscribers sadly isn't a possibility. -All funds will go towards paying the hosting bill for so that I can continue to keep the site totally free for anyone and everyone without a pay wall or ads. I have done this myself since 2015 and will continue to do so either way as I just enjoy putting the information out there for folks, but any assistance is of course very gratefully received. -If, far in the future, the donations exceed my hosting costs that money will only be used for things that help bring more content. Good value gear to review, subscriber exclusive patches, recording equipment etc. Again, thank you very much for viewing this page and considering subscribing.

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