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We compile and organize all info, videos and documents exposing the "virus" Hoax at - We are fighting for and defending American Federal Civil Rights.
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Everything helps. Throw us a bone each month. Your $5 just might put gas in our car to get us to the Mayor's office to file more complaints against him and put him on Notice. Thanks!

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Become a helping hand and fund our efforts at $10 per month. Thank You!

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We will send you any magnetic bumper sticker of your choice!

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We will send you a T-shirt. Help us spread the Truth about the "Coronavirus Global Pandemic" HOAX and the general "virus" HOAX. Your support will help us tremendously. Thank you!

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We will send you a magnetic bumper sticker and a T-shirt. Your support on this tier level helps get us that much closer to hitting the road and meeting up with you in your town to go maskless in a few "places of public accommodation." See you soon!

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We will send you a magnetic bumper sticker of your choice and a T-shirt. We will bring the law to your State Governor and city or county Mayor and Sheriff or Police Chief when we have more PAW's like you and finally hit the road. Help us spread the Truth about the "virus" HOAX and to fight for the Federal "Civil Rights" of all Americans. Your contribution of $100 per month will enable us to visit the offices of mayors, Governors, Senators, Congressmen/women and other government officials on behalf of all True Americans and Patriots. Thank You!



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