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Formerly chronically homeless disabled veteran who grew up around old folks & the Amish in Middle & West Tennessee. I was discharged in 2002 and became homeless. In 2013 I got on disability and my annual income is $9822.77 per year. I bought a house with the back-pay. Homeless to Home Ownership! Now I can show you how I grew up in a manner very close to the Great Depression Era. My house is a fully working Depression Era home with all furniture, appliances and fixtures (other than my computer and mobile phone) coming from the Depression Era. Almost nothing in my home was made after 1938. And I did it all for under $9,000 total investment, including the purchase price of the house! I'll show you how to really LIVE on a ultra-shoestring budget and still end up living in grace and style. That's the gift of old Southern Women! They live in style whether it's in a mansion in Savannah or a cottage with no modern conveniences in rural Tennessee! I'll show you how!
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Temporalia House

I'm in the final stages of planning and setting up a month-long "Temporalia House Goes to War" marathon honoring the struggles and sacrifices of ordinary American and British families on the homefront from May 8th, 2019 (V-E Day Anniversary) to June 6th, 2019 (D-Day Anniversary). I will living off of nothing but WW2 rationed amnounts and types of food and will be doing an extensive series of "make-do and mend" videos as well as recipe and food preparation and preservation tutorials in my kitchen, which is exactly like most US kitchens in the working and lower-middle classes had through the Great Depression and WW2 and even often well after the Wartime era.

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Temporalia House

I have two videos uploaded to my YouTube Channel. You can view them both here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSpEaDWOdMBBND63CFsx2sQ

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I'm trying to raise $12,000 to deal with a corrupt City system that is trying to take my house away because they don't like my garage, or the paint on my house. Neither do I, but the City's hoops they keep making me jump through keep from dealing with that because I only make $771 per month. Fixed income means fixed income. The city seems to think I can just magically make money appear to deal with the massive amount of damage that my ex-tenant did to my house before I could finally evict him in March of 2018. It took me a year to rebuild my house's interior from the hoarded up disaster that he forced me to live in for almost three years before I could evict him with the City making the eviction process virtually impossible because I'm the "evil landlord" and he was the "innocent renter victim." The $12,000 will fix the damage that he did to my home and catch up on my expenses that I have had to triage as a result of his destruction. See shocking photos at https://www.temporalia.org


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