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I need your help! I have made informative videos about history, paganism and traditional cultures from around the world for years. My channel depends on patrons to continue. As a patron, you get merch discounts and access to exclusive content! Do your bit to support unbiased European history broadcasting.
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Holy holes: Passing through and looking through

Passing through rituals involving holes in stones and trees are widespread in Europe and beyond and are related to rituals that involve looking through a hole to see spirits. In this video we look at the passing through rituals associated with megalithic structures in Britain and Ireland, and the arboreal passing through rituals associated with oak and ash trees all over Europe, known as träddragning in Nordic countries. We also look at the related customs of looking through holes among the Sami and the Welsh, the Odinic ritual of looking through an arm akimbo as described in the Viking saga of King Hrólfr Kraki, and at the hagstone or adderstone tradition from Britain and the associated magical practices.

Animations by Castor and Bollux animation:

Additional art by:

Thomas Cormack - Elf blot
Christian Sloan Hall - Odin
Graman Folcwald - Anglo-Saxon burial
Christopher Steininger - Odin


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