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I am an illustrator and a webcomic artist.
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  • One week before everyone, you'll be able to see finished illustrations, Youtube videos and finished comic pages.
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Hey guys, I decided to make an artbook with the drawings I will be making for Mermay. For those w...

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Infinite thanks to you UwU! Once we reach this goal, I will be able to cut down the amount of work to concentrate more on illustrations and on the comic :3. As a thank you to you, I will make a screen background with collective ideas you give me <3.
to reach
You are spoiling me so much <3! Now I will be able to take down half of the hours of work outside of the creative field permanently. As to celebrate that, I will send to everyone a print of any drawing you prefer that I have ever posted here :3!
to reach
I don't deserve you X3. Now I will be able to work outside of the creative field to the minimum amount of time and concentrate even more on what I do best. To celebrate that, I will give you a full document of one of my illustrations so you can look through every layers of it as you wish (=°w°=)!
to reach
OMG! THANK YOU! Now I am fully able to work in the creative field full time! To celebrate this, I will send to everyone a pack of stickers with a print of your choosing =0w0=!

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