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Sitch and Adam Show
YouTubers PSA Sitch and Adam Friended host this weekly Sunday show. Each week Sitch and Adam debunk crazy people on both sides of the political aisle from an evidence based political perspective.
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I'm Glad I Could Help!

Thanks for staying at it so long. Great job!

5 subscribers
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I Respect Your Commitment

You guys are at it every week, confronting the lies and nonsense all around us. This is a valuable service I can respect.

4 subscribers
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You Help Keep Me Sane.

The media insanity has reached epic proportions. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who has noticed this. Thanks for confronting the madness every week!

2 subscribers
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Sitch and Adam for Congress!

I'm serious. Can two candidates run for one office? Maybe they should run in separate districts, at the same time. This money should help you clean up Adam's degenerate past but Sitch, please keep him away from AOC. We don't want him falling for her evil magic.

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Sitch and Adam Show

Huge shoutout to Gary! ! ! Our very first subscriber. 😎

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