My little corner of the inter-webs. I plan on using this channel to show my love for the sport of riding, to help educate and interest new riders and current riders, to show some motorcycle maintenance, vehicle maintenance, gear and tech reviews, Vlogs on various platforms (moto, car, snowmobile, and ski just to name a few), as well as my thoughts on things. I'm also going to be adding some video game content, Tech reviews and builds, and much more to the channel. I'm hoping to put up at least one video a week, on Monday morning at 8 am Eastern Time (either EDT or EST depending on the season), and at least one game stream a month, hopefully one a week. If you've got thoughts, questions, comments, or ideas for more content please leave a post in the Discussion tab, send me a message, or leave a comment on a video, I'd love to hear from you.