Oh, my, where to begin?

We've been having conversations since C2E2 (see our videos here) about what it takes to adequately provide coverage of events in the way we'd like. It takes a lot of resources behind the scenes.
We also talked about having transparency in letting our supporters know how we spend the money we have set aside for such endeavors. So...here we go:


~ Travel & Lodging expenses: it would be nice to have the event pay for us to be there, but sadly this is not the case. Hotels are the biggest expense of these two
~ Meals: protein, lots of protein
~ Parking: several times we've been hit with the fact that parking -- even at the hotel!! -- costs extra. Big cities are expensive...
~ Camera gear: this includes memory cards, cables, tripods, monopods, clips to hold cables in place, lights, brackets for lights, and lenses
~ Sound gear: microphones, cables, headsets, headphones, earbuds, digital audio recorders, intercom gear, and mic flags (those are the boxes with our logo wrapped around the microphones)
~ Computer equipment: our main computer, the Dark Tower, is thirteen years old, so we're saving up money to build a custom tower to suit our needs for both video production and live broadcasting. This includes three monitors, hard drives, power, and LOTS of USB ports...
~ Promotions: let's face it, if we're covering an event, you need to know we're covering an event. We need to be able to get the word out by advertising our content via social media and other platforms.
~ New Shirts: when we came back in 2019, we updated the brand. Now we have a new logo, which means we need to get new shirts with the new logo
~ New Business Cards: same as the shirts; the site URL and social media haven't changed, but the logo is new. We need to get it out there more.

~ Coffee. Lots of coffee.