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Encouraging people to think for themselves.
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Next Level "Sleepyhead"

You get access to a Private Facebook Group where we can discuss video, show ideas, and more! Also, have access to watch monthly GOOGLE HANGOUT! Plus, you get access to my Patreon Activity Feed!

  1. Access to the Private "Say Goodnight Kevin" Facebook Group
  3. Access to the Exclusive Subscribestar Activity Feed
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Kevin's Adopted Cousin

Get exciting GIFTS from SGK. T-shirts (and other fun stuff), early content AND still join in on the Google Hang out, Facebook Feed, and Patreon Feed. Plus, you basically become part of my family!

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Kevin's Adopted Sibling

Your name will appear in the credits of EVERY episode of Say Goodnight Kevin! Plus, all the other stuff from before!

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Actually Kevin's Sibling

At the end of each episode of Say Goodnight Kevin, I’ll personally mention you, your personal project, or even your dogs name. Pretty much whatever you want me to say, as long as it doesn’t offend my grandma. I don't do businesses anymore, but if you got an awesome youtube channel or podcast going on, let me know, I'll tell the world! Plus, you get your name in the credits of every episode of Say Goodnight Kevin.

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Join The Team

Let's work together on an upcoming video. I will review your content or content of your choice and you can join me, if you want! And we'll release it on my channel for the WORLD TO SEE!



  • You will get the satisfaction of knowing you're supporting great content! Plus you'll be Kevin's best bud.
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